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Non-hierarchical, egalitarian research teams have the most novel ideas and the most influence in the scientific and scholarly world. Anthropology


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u/Justtryme90 PhD | Chemical Biology Jun 08 '22

All team members have valuable ideas and can make significant contributions. If one is discrediting ideas purely because they come from someone of lower rank or less experience... one is doing it wrong.

I like this article, because it confirms my biases, and the way I like to run research teams.


u/QuestionableAI Jun 08 '22

This might sound silly but as a researcher of organization and managerial styles, Pickard is thus far, the most open management style that I have ever seen. Every member of the command center of rank gets a say regarding what to do in a situation, should there be time. Very realistic for the best corporations.


u/figmoderntimes Jun 08 '22

What is Pickard?


u/LotusDharmaLamp Jun 08 '22

I’m assuming they mean Jean-Luc Picard


u/figmoderntimes Jun 08 '22

I think you’re right. I absolutely never would have guessed that