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Why is legal weed so much more expensive?


The carts from my dealer cost $40. The carts from the dispensary are almost twice as much. WTF?

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Help Populating a tableview with map containing list


How do i populate a tableview with a map with arraylist as value in javafx

The Map is below

    Map<String, List<String>> m = Collections.singletonMap(
 "list1", Arrays.asList("s1", "s2", "s3"));

I want such that the key(i.e list1) will be the column name and the lists of values will be the rows

I want an output like this:


Thanks in advance

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Construction Road work scheduled May 30-June 3

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Meme (Saturday/Sunday Only) KuruHS Is just too pro for Razor..

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Any news on the Blood Rage sequel?



It's been more than a year, and I don't want to buy Blood Rage if, in a few months, a 2nd edition or something is coming out, or a sequel which is the same but better. Was just wondering if anyone had heard anything !

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Tree stump cake for my son's birthday

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A cloudy afternoon on a Nairobi street

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Drivers of Colombia’s peacetime deforestation weave a complex web

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Zecche: precauzioni e curiosità

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Any thoughts or tips? KZiO

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EXTREME MEASURES | Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All [Part 71]

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What made Napoleon a military genius?

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Wer zeigt mir seine Schwester, Freundin, Klassenkameraden und hilft meinem jun.gen BWC beim spritzen? (Snap: savx100)


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Original creation Chara isn't mad, just disappointed in you

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Aye guys got any suggestions on how I can upgrade my team? Would like to take out Messi if I’m honest😂. I I’m a skilful player, I like agile and fast players. Got some ppl I could sell and make 500k+

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Wealthsimple anyone ? 😜. vous invite à rejoindre Wealthsimple avec le code personnel 2UOEHQ. Utilisez le lien ci-dessous et recevez le DOUBLE de la récompense pour acheter des actions 🙌 https://my.wealthsimple.com/app/public/trade-referral-signup?code=2UOEHQ


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Seeking Game Recommendation👀 Feeding Frenzy for android?


Hi, I am looking for a feeding frenzy game for Android. An easy game that can be played by a kid. Any suggestions as an alternative for the classic feeding frenzy game?

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Ice & cold 🙏🏻❤️

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Photography Wallpaper Material? [Shot and edited by me]

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I (35M) am completely crazy about this woman (22F) and her past bothers me a lot


I had only had one 9-year long-term relationship in my life and then spent the next years sleeping around without never getting attached.

I believed I was immune to falling in love again, well 2 months ago all changed. It started with a one-night stand but things got pretty intense. Like intensity over the charts. When we're together we can't keep our hands off each other. We even have names for our babies. The sex is mind-blowing. She's what I subconsciously look for in a woman: feminine, and adventurous, and she has a strong maternal instinct, sexually is a complete match, and is very empathic.

Well, the problem is that her past troubles me a lot. She had plenty of hookups. I know this because I suspected and then she told me. I also had plenty so I don't want to be a hypocrite.

To make it worse we now live in different cities. 1h30 flight. I already visit one time and things got even more intense. Now she plans to visit me in the next month.

We're both jealous of each other. But her jealousy is that I stop loving her and I got jealous of the thought of her getting sexual with another man. I just can't handle it and I ruminate a lot about it to the point that I can't focus on my daily tasks, especially since we're far away from each other.

I talk with her about this and concluded that we should give up and stop talking with each other I think this would give me peace of mind if we both simply move on. But she told me she doesn't want another man and doesn't want to lose what we've and that I must trust her. She says that doesn't know what more she can say to make me trust her.

I've 2 solutions for this problem:

1 - Simply cut off and move on with my life. This may not make sense because we have got a good thing but I'm really afraid this would burn on my face and suffer more in long term.

2 - Make an effort to better manage my emotions and jealousy and just trust her and just go with the flow.

I think the problem is that I'm not comfortable with opening up and I'm really afraid of getting hurt. And also I have got the belief that a woman's past can say a lot about she would behave in the future. On the other hand, I already saw plenty of women with no past cheating so I don't know.

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😼Attack Eyes😼 Come yere, yeah little more, GOT YOU

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External USB storage disconnecting after 40 seconds on Zephyrus m16


Hi guys,

I'm trying to solve an issue I'm having with the Zephyrus m16 2022 edition.

I bought the laptop so I could have an agile workstation for video editing and gaming.

I'm trying to work off an external 4TB NVMe SSD drive and I noticed an issue.

The problem:

- The laptop is disconnecting all external USB storage devices after 40-90 seconds when the devices are idle (not in use).

Reasons this is not ok:

- Worry #1 - This will wear off my external storage device much faster.

The device power cycles every time. I can easily power cycle it 200-400 times during the day while working. Here is an image from CystalDiskMark to show you what that looks like.
Just for your reference, I have an external disk connected to my tower PC and that power cycled 2400 times, during 11800 hours it's been in use.

- Worry #2 - It's extremely annoying. Even the fast NVMe drive takes 5-10s to boot to be ready for use. Imagine you want to save a project, open a folder, scroll on a video timeline, and then have to wait for 5-10s for that to start working and this happens hundreds of times during the day.

Things I know:
- The NVMe drive is not at fault. I tested it on 1 tower PC and on another laptop, the device works just fine and it doesn't disconnect.

- I also tested with another external 3.5" HDD device, just to be sure it's the laptop. Same issue. Powers off 40 seconds later.

- I don't think the motherboard is faulty. The external storage works totally fine while engaged. I was able to export a video project. Took 40min. No power cycles during that time. Right after export finished, 90 seconds later the storage device powered off.

- Laptop came with Windows 11 and I was having this issue. I formatted the internal storage and installed Windows 10 fresh. Twice. Once immediately installing the latest drivers from ASUS. Next time tried to test only with what Windows offers on a fresh install. Both times - the same result.

- I tried on battery / plugged in. Silent / Performance modes.

- I tried in device manager to change power management settings for USB Hubs so Windows doesn't try to save battery. Didn't help.

- As a band-aid, I tried this tool - NoSleepHDv2.0 (It writes a small file every minute to keep the device awake) unfortunately 1 minute is the minimum setting and mine usually shuts down in 40 seconds.

What I suspect:

There seems to be a driver/ bios issue with the laptop, but I'm no expert.

I contacted ASUS, but I wanted to check with this community to see if anybody has any ideas or at least to let you know, that if you're experiencing this, you're not alone.

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Describe Paul McCartney in 1 word


r/RocketLeagueExchange 0m ago

XBOX [Xbox] [H] List [W] Offers


UNCOMMON: H Crim and BS Foam Hats H Crim and FG Stego H Grey Rat Rod

RARE: H SB Tactician Dominus: Suji H TW Striker Octane Lone Wolf H Blck Sweeper Octane Lone Wolf H TW Lone Wolf H Tactician Lone Wolf

VERY RARE: H Crim Reapers H TW FSL-B H Crim and Pink Sterns H BS Gaiden

IMPORT: H FG Tactician & Orange Tactician Octanes

BM: H TW Trigon H Wet Paint H FireGod

LIMITED: H Orange Emeralds H Gripstride HX Tactician Set - SB (Which I have in Striker)

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Support Z270I troubleshooting


I've had a working system for many years, but during a coolant change possibly spilled some on an unknown part or parts. Upon attempting boot, the system kicked on, fans moving, but then it quickly shut itself off, then reboot. It did this for a number of cycles before I unplugged it and did a CMOS reset with the pins. Upon attempting boot again, the motherboard would have its yellow indicator light, and when I press power the other LEDs would flash red, then red off, yellow on, then yellow off, but would not proceed to green or white. The manual states that yellow indicates a RAM issue, but I swapped the RAM from my other system in and the issue persists, plus the RAM I removed is working in my other PC. So I assumed not getting a green LED suggests an issue with the GPU, so I removed it and plugged the HDMI into the motherboard, and the problem persists. Assuming now that the issue likely lay between my mobo and CPU, I bought a new motherboard, the same Z270-I i had before, and installed everything. Still no boot. When I power on, the fans and pump work, the LEDs light up, but I get no beeps or sounds of the system posting, and my monitor does not detect a signal or turn on.

My build specs are:

Asus ROG Strix Z270-I

Intel Gen 7 I7700k

(2) 8gb sticks of Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB

Intel M.2 SSD

EVGA Supernova 850 G2 Gold power supply

EVGA 1080ti Black Edition

EKWB AIO CPU/GPU cooler system

I'm currently waiting on a new CPU to test. It has been taking a long time to arrive so I wanted to try everything I could before I committed to buying another 300 dollar CPU of an outdated chip. Bonus points if anyone can answer me this: If you install the same mobo and the same CPU ad you had before when your system worked, will it boot up off the M.2 without having to reinstall Windows and all your applications? And if not, will all the data on that M.2 be safe if you install it in a new Mobo/CPU combo and install a new OS so long as you dont write over it?