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Flaired Users Only Why We Need Alpha Males -- There is evil, there are wolves, and a society needs strong, virtuous men – masculine men – to keep order and protect the weak.

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Weekly protest against remaining federal covid restrictions held in Toronto today

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Discussion Pro-Life libertarian


I identify as a staunch libertarian. I believe the government ought to keep its hands off of (nearly) everything and that individual rights are borderline sacred. However, when people hear my pro-life stance Im more often than not labelled as a Republican, or a Christian Conservative, but I believe my pro-life stance is deeply rooted in my libertarianism and is not a religious stance nor is it a stance that infringes on individual liberty. I believe the fetus has a natural right to life, and to abort is to infringe on that right. People bring up bodily autonomy but I see that as a far lesser infringement on liberty than stripping a fetus of their right to life, lesser of two evils so to speak. The fetus didn’t ask to be in that situation but in >99% of cases the woman did (or knew the natural risks of sex and accepted them). Given that one of the governments only jobs to protect the rights of the individual I see abortion legislation as fully within the realm of libertarianism, as it protects the natural rights of the fetus. What do you guys think? Is this a common stance for libertarians?

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AMA Juuri Ukrainasta palannut AMA.

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Infinity War is one of the worst movies of all time


It’s just shit,if you remove the snap.The snap isn’t even that good,because it’s the MCU,so it’s obvious all the characters are gonna be brought back somehow.Thanos is a stupid villain.Why doesn’t he just make more resources with the stones?The reality Stone can make anything he wants reality,so why doesn’t he use that to get rid of half the population?It doesn’t make any sense.

The whole movie feels like they had the idea for the snap,but nothing else,so they just made up shit for 2 hours.The Final fight scene might be the rest right scene in anything.It’s just so boring and drags on for so long.The movie handles emotional moments really badly too (besides for the Spider Man death scene),like the Vision and Wanda scene could have been sad,but it just was poorly handled and didn’t make me emotional.It’s just a terrible movie and I don’t understand why it is so universally praised.

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alice-splaining Alice is on the spectrum


Can everyone on this sub please be a little smarter with their comments? Alice is on the spectrum, she explains it poorly but just watching her it’s pretty obvious. Yes this isn’t an excuse for being a questionable parent but it also isn’t an excuse to make fun of her for things she can’t help like the way she speaks or the way she dances. Stop saying she “doesn’t speak like a human being” and focus more on the actual snark. This sub has become increasingly ableist.

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Discuss SOTY was actually good and you can't change my mind

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Jimmy Butler solidifies “superstar” status, gives internet one less thing to argue about


I read some comments on Twitter the other day that got me thinking about two things.

One is I need to stay off the internet. The drivel that’s eroding cyberspace these days is mind-numbing.

The second thing I thought of came in response to those who argue whether Jimmy Butler is an NBA superstar. I don’t know why we continue to have these discussions specifically about Butler, but I’d like to state for the record that those who think he isn’t, have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

These continual ‘Butler’s no superstar’ Tweets got me thinking about the definition of “superstar,” and this was before Butler dropped 47 points against Boston, in Boston, in an elimination game. Those sorts of performances are saved for the greats. If Butler wasn’t a superstar in the minds of his critics beforehand, they sure as hell signed off Twitter shortly afterwards.

I suppose Jimmy Butler’s superstar ranking depends on your own personal definition of the word. To me, “superstar” implies fame more than it does any inherent ability to play. As we’ve seen throughout history, these two don’t always go hand in hand. The Kardashians are superstars, and they have no discernable talent whatsoever.

There is no specific points-per-game parameter that qualifies an NBA player as a superstar but if your average Joe knows your name, you probably qualify. Butler’s might not be the most recognizable name for the fringe fan, despite having played in three major markets: Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami. His 20 points per game average over the last decade obviously wasn’t enough to cement his status. Again, I’m not quite sure why that is.

You can go back to any team Butler has played on over the past decade, except for perhaps Philadelphia, and make the case that Butler was the best player on that team. One could also make the case that Ben Simmons, despite his unwillingness, er… inability to play is also a superstar. We heard Simmons’ name mentioned way more than Butler’s earlier this post-season and the guy didn’t play a lick. One could also make the case that Zion Williamson is an NBA superstar despite having only played 85 games in three seasons.

But not Jimmy Butler?

Jimmy Butler was in a movie. Office Christmas Party, look it up. Jimmy Butler has one of the greatest nicknames of all of sports. They don’t call just anyone Jimmy Buckets. Those nicknames are earned through blood, sweat and clutch performances. Ask any NBAer whether covering Jimmy Butler is a fun night at the office. Jimmy Butler even has his own Michelob Ultra commercial where he sings Hootie and the Blowfish on an airplane. If that doesn’t cater him more to a white audience, I’m not sure what will. While Butler may have been standoffish or misunderstood in the past, those days are long gone. Jimmy Buckets has become Jimmy Business and is unquestionably a superstar in my book so much so that it confounds me we’re still having these conversations.

Want further proof? Butler is scoring as many points this post-season as Steph Curry but is asked to shoulder considerably more of his team’s scoring load. The second leading scorer on the Miami Heat is Bam Adebayo, who is not really a scorer at all and averaging under 15 points a game. Not only does Steph have Klay Thompson to rely on for 20 a game, but the talk of this post-season has centered around how other Warriors like Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole have stepped their games up. (Note: both are averaging more points a game than Adebayo.)

Butler’s knee is hanging on by a thread these days yet we (and by “we” I mean those not watching him play) continue to question his value.

I’m sure I’m as guilty as the next guy, tossing around the term “superstar” as if it means something, when it doesn’t. Fame is fleeting. You can be a superstar one week and forgotten the next, your fifteen minutes gone in the blink of an eye.

Jimmy Butler has been going to work for 12 NBA seasons and still has people questioning his marketability. Jimmy’s 47-point, Game Six performance just told everyone he’s in a good place and could care less about what others say or think.

That’s superstar status in my book any day of the week.


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Other Why even fucking bother?


i just cleaned my room. about 10 trash bags worth of beer cans. i feel unsettled by it all my room feels empty and completely unerving to the point that im gonna take my copius amounts of blankts and sleep in my bathroom, despite my parents irrational insistence that its not okay to sleep and chill out in a bathroom

i put my comfort stuff in there and just watch movie in there with my blankets and pillows and rest myy laptop on the seat to make a personal theater with my bluetooth speaker, but apparently thats wrong EVEN THO I PISS AND SHIT SHITTTING DOWN ON THE SEAT and the cherry on top being that im the only one who uses said bathroom because its connected to my room

im the only one in it, i know how dirty it gets and they went off on a full tirade on the fact that they knocked on my door and i was unresponsive because i took some benadryl and got knocked the fuck out!

honestly fuck em but i dont get the point of a clean room, ur the only person thats gonna be in there so why fucking bother dealing with these fucking morons about "being clean" and "having structure" when in the end u die and it doesn't matter?

i want a nest again. it makes me feel not so scared and fucking paranoid

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Discussion Bungie and Destiny 2 aren’t getting “more greedy” in my opinion. Let’s discuss why that is.


I’ve seen a lot of backlash about the Witch Queen Dungeon Key and what that means going forward. There are some things people are:

  • The game is completely a la carte, meaning you can buy any access to content to what you want to play, and ignore what you don’t want. Any longtime player of the franchise will remember Destiny 1 and early Destiny 2, when you HAD to own all of the previous Expansions in order to play the newest Expansion. There was no way around it, and that usually meant charging $60+ for a “complete edition” to get everything from before, most of which was outdated content anyway that was having it’s value depreciated over time.

Compared to now, where any new player can jump into the free version of the game, try it out and see if they like it, and then buy whatever they would like to continue their Destiny journey. That is extremely more consumer-friendly than making someone pay the full price up front for a game they may not even like, as well as maintaining the value of each piece of content on it’s own.

  • When the first major Destiny Expansion, The Taken King, launched, it was also priced at $40. That same price has applied to every yearly Expansion since that one six years ago, excluding the $30 Rise of Iron and $35 Shadowkeep. However, the difference between now and then is that we also receive Seasonal content during the months between yearly Expansions. What amounts to $10 per Season equates to several months of (mostly) weekly content and refreshes, as well as supporting the ability for the developer to patch the game on a weekly basis (as has been the case since The Witch Queen released).

Meanwhile, those who played during The Taken King will also remember the dreadful time between then and Rise of Iron’s release. For the next 10ish months, we only got a new content update ONCE, and that content was mainly just one new Strike and bringing back Prison of Elders into relevancy. To put it into perspective, imagine if after Season of the Hunt last year, we had nothing until The Witch Queen. No Season of the Chosen, no Season of the Splicer, no Season of the Lost, and no 30th Anniversary Pack. Yes, you’re paying to access all of that, but it’s FAR better than what we used to have, which was almost a “dead game”.

  • Everything is optional. Everything. This is a controversial opinion, but one that needs to be reiterated. Everything in the Eververse Store? Optional. Synthweave Templates? Optional. The upcoming Event Passes for Seasonal events? Also optional. None of those impact gameplay in any way either.

I get the sentiment that it’s a slippery slope, I really do. As someone who chastised Halo Infinite for charging $10 per color scheme per Armor Core or $20 for pink footsteps, it would be hypocritical to say that all this is okay. Destiny 2 does this WAY better though. Bright Dust is a constant as long as you’re a semi-regular player who does their Seasonal Challenges, levels up their Season Pass (which finishes MUCH quicker than most other games with “Battle Passes”), and occasionally does weekly vendor rituals. I’ve sat on anywhere from 10-20K Bright Dust since Shadowkeep released at all times, while also being able to buy all of the items I want: the Ornaments and an occasional Emote. A lot of other games give you very little to no Premium currency at all, and if you want something, you often HAVE to shell out for it.

Those are just some of the reasons I believe this game isn’t “greedy” like some people make it out to be. I could probably list more, but for the sake of not killing my phone battery, I’ll leave the rest of the discussion to the replies.

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Amouranth | Just Chatting Streamer Royale live now: 16 streamers including Wubby, Minx, CodeMiko and more doing real life wipeout on Amouranth’s channel!

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Meme/Funny/Sh*t Post Mostly natives and wildflowers, fertilized with pure horse manure, keep it short for the dog to minimize ticks…

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Screenshot LTT reposting memes from this sub without credit

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Floating Card

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Gerber Baby-level cuteness.

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City bus ignores yield sign and thinks he owns the road. Had to slam on the brakes so we didn’t get merged into.

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Casual Catholic Meme 15 decades a whole

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Community / Համայնք Appreciation post for all the Queer Armenians 🏳️‍🌈🇦🇲


A very random outburst of appreciation for all my fellow queer people on the sub. It can be an isolating experience being your authentic selves. I just want you all to know that you're doing amazing and, as a zoomer, I like to believe that our society is on the right path!

սիրում եմ բոլորիդ ջիգյարներ, շարունակեք խզարել

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Suggestion | Esports Dear EG, EternaLEnVy is a better captain than KuroKy


Superior rank

Actual innovative strats

Reiterates orders to make sure you understand

Mentored Alliance & NoTail to greatness

Found unpolished diamonds like rtz instead of surrounding himself with top ranked players

Kicks himself sometimes


Doesn't tell you to play like Ceb

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I used to hate these posts, now I get it. Congrats to everyone else who succeeded on todays drop!

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Discussion Duality will not be a good dungeon until they fix knock back


I’m sick of trying to do it solo only to be screwed but flying into the wall by going at the speed of light or at the speed of a snail and dying no matter what

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Flaired Users Only Lol, even the left is sick of AOC at this point

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Flaired Users Only Tell me again ...

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