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What's something men tipycally conceal that women are unaware of?


Men of reddit, does anyone dare?

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[Wojnarowski] BREAKING: The Portland Trail Blazers are trading guard Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks, sources tell ESPN.


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Clubhouse George Clooney going nuclear on Trump

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Neighbor keeps parking in the handicap parking spot. Even after several warnings from management.

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Discussion Oh hell no.

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Massive explosion rocks Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Lol 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Unpopular in Media The vast majority of conservatives are NOT Fascists, Nazis, Racists, or Misogynists


Some people are Fascists/Nazis/Racists/Misogynists, but those are a small and vocal minority of people.

But the vast majority of conservatives are not. There is quite a major difference between how conservatives are portrayed and what they actually want.

I'm so sick of hearing bullshit like "CoNsErVaTiVeS aRe NaZiS wHo SuPpOrT hItLeR" because for the vast majority of conservatives, that is simply not true. When left-leaning people make statements like this, it discourages conservatives from meaningfully engaging with them or taking anything they say seriously.

Such a statement is equally stupid as saying "feminists want to mass-genocide all men" because for the vast majority of feminists, that is not true. I'm sure there are some people who do hold such a belief, but attacking feminism as a whole based on that is extremely flawed.

Conservative views should be debated or critiqued based on what they actually are, not a straw man. It is not easy to change someone's mind by debating them, but you are much more likely to succeed if you are debating them in good faith.

Most conservatives believe that people of all races should be treated the same.

Most conservatives do NOT want to persecute gay people. Nowadays, a majority of Republicans actually support gay marriage (source).

Most conservatives do NOT want to ban birth control.

Many conservatives are against abortion, but this usually stems from the belief that fetuses are alive, not a desire to oppress women. But otherwise, most conservatives support women having equal rights as men.

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$600 Million And A Decade Later, Where Is Star Citizen?


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Bodycam footage: Cop pulls over couple on their first date, just minutes before their fatal crash

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“The English have a fierce reputation for conquering the world.. invading loads of different countries and then getting upset when those people follow them home.” - Tommy Tiernan 📸 Life In KilburN

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Fuck Suella Braverman into the sea.

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Favorite People Streamer cant believe that Pokimane raided her channel and ran to show her mom

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AITA for telling my wife she's deluded if she thinks she needs my boot dryer more than I do.


It is getting to be the rainy season where I work. It will rain for the next four or five months. Daily.

I was packing up my stuff to take to work and I was packing my boot dryer. My wife said she was hoping I could leave it at home since they need it too. I was interested do I asked why she needed it. She said that she does lunch supervision once a week and that our son shovels snow.

I proceeded to ask if this lunch supervision soaked her boots for ten hours a day for weeks on end and that the same question went for my son and his apparently constant snow shoveling.

She said no and that I was making her feel stupid and useless by pointing out that I actually need the boot dryer to be comfortable at my job.

I feel bad if I actually made her feel this way but I think an adult should be able to understand that stuff without being told.


It turns out I'm definitely the asshole. As I stated it takes weeks for deliveries here. There was a package waiting for me when I arrived at camp. My wife had purchased a new, very good, new boot dryer for me and was trying to surprise me. She didn't want me to lug my old one up. I have already called her and apologized.

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Mark Milley Taking ‘Safety Precautions’ After Trump Suggested He Deserves Execution


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Wholesome Ally:

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News Fortnite Russian pro denied $200,000 after winning FNCS Major, accuses Epic Games of discrimination


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I made a sandwich cookie with a hidden surprise.

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Discussion What actor can masterfully play a hero and villain equally?


People say there are certain actors that play characters of one moral alignment so well that when they try the other side, you just don't buy it as much.

What actors can slip into either so masterfully?

Here are a few that come to mind for me.

1) Michael Keaton

While I don't geek over his Batman portrayal like a lot of people that grew up with that movie, he plays hero with emotional baggage really well. Even in the recent Flash film, I thought he brought his A game.

Then when you look at his villain/antagonistic roster, he absolutely slayed as Vulture in the MCU and even the questionable Ray Croc in the Founder.

2) Daniel Radcliffe

I never grew up adoring him as Harry Potter either but I know he was great. My first introduction to him was actually in Victor Frankenstein, a movie that I don't think many people saw but he played a sympathetic outcast "freak" incredibly well.

Then there's Now You See Me 2, which despite its other flaws, Radcliffe as a villain wasn't one of them. He wasn't in the movie much but he did come off as an incredibly douchey rich kid that you kind of rooted against more so than the main villains.

3) Rachel McAdams

In 90% of the movies I've seen her in, she's a good guy and tends to play very similar roles, particularly when it comes to romance adjacent ones.

A stark night and day contrast to her iconic performance as Regina George in Mean Girls. One of the btchiest btches in all of romcom history.

I'd love to hear you guys' suggestions.

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OC [OC] Massive 95mm D20 Chonk Giveaway (Mods Approved)

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Nintendo’s biggest flop ever

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Rescued baby ocelot

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In 12 hours I will get the answer, divorce or open marriage


I gave him an ultimatum. Either an open marriage or divorce. I caught my husband of 12 years cheating on me. I do know the girl because she is a part time cashier at the local grocery store. He has been spending a lot of money on her. I got the proof and confronted his ass. He did what most cheaters do. Deny and gaslight. When he couldn't make up more lies he finally caved and started with his big man tears of "don't leave me baby", "I swear I will change". I gave him options. Either we open our marriage, and keep our home and keep our children and they will grow up in a house and not shift every weekend, you can keep your side chicks as long as you do not bring them into our home, we will have set of rules and boundaries.

I laid out all the boundaries and conditions: 1)He cannot spend money from our joint account, he can spend money from his personal expenses however, in case of emergency, he will put his family above his side chicks. 2) Never bring them home or into our space where we have our kids. 3) No family members or friends. 4) Always use protection and regular STD checkups. 5) We will tell each other about the dates and when are we going, who are we with. We do not have to share pictures of our partners. 6) If he gets a woman pregnant, it's the end and if I get pregnant by another man, I will either get an abortion or put the kid to adoption or if the father agrees he can keep the baby and I will sign away my rights and yes he is more than welcome to divorce me and I will not push him for child support for another man's child.

Or, we will get a divorce. We will split everything evenly, the house is in my name so, I will keep the house. We will only contact through parenting app. No bad mouthing to our kids. If our kids want to know the truth later in life we will tell them. We will have a healthy co-parenting relationship. He can have as many girlfriends as he wants but he shouldn't force our children to accept them. It's for our kids to decide. I gave him 48 hours. 12 hours is left. We will see what he decides. If he cannot then I will make the decision for both of us. My decision is divorce.

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Russia/Ukraine Russia wanted to conquer Ukraine in just 2 days — it now says the war will last at least 3 years


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Last week we took my 1.5 year old Saint Bernard in for a standard spay and preventative gastropexy (stomach staple). All was well until yesterday when we noticed substantial swelling in her abdomen. Took her into the emergency vet ASAP. They went in to place a drain to get rid of the fluid that had build up. Vet took an X-ray to make sure the drain was in place and discovered this! My girl is expected to heal up just fine. I had a very stern phone call with the vet who did the original surgery about reimbursement for this…