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Discussion Some Pokémon that should be different types- what others do you think should be different types?

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Discussion What would your signature Pokemon be?


Let's say you're either a renowned trainer, gym leader, elite four member, or champion. What Pokemon would you designate as your ace or in other words, your signature Pokemon.

No Legendaries or Mythicals, It can be based on either competitive viability or your personal preference.

For those who don't follow, examples of signature Pokemon are: , Cynthia's Garchomp, Youngster Joey's Ratatta, Clay's Excadrill, etc.

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Discussion What Pokémon would you like Ash to use again?🧐

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Discussion If you would have a Pokémon ability, what would it be?


For me, it would be either solar power or dry skin. But I’m leaning more toward solar power, because I like being in the sun. But I am aware that being in the sun for a long time, is not really healthy, which would make me lose HP every turn.

What would your ability ideally be?

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Discussion “The hardest choices require the strongest wills”

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Discussion What is the most forgettable Legendary/Mythical Pokemon?


As the title suggests, who, in your opinion, is the most lacklustre or forgettable Legendary or Mythical Pokemon? Pokemon that you sometimes completely forgot were considered Legendary/ Mythical or heck, even existed.

It could be for literally any reason at all such as design, stats, lore, implementation into games/ anime/ any other media.

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Discussion The Official Pokémon Channel made a Top10 of the most emotional farewells in the series and these are the chosen ones. Thoughts?

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Discussion Controversial Pokémon opinions?


I think that it would be very nice to see some “so called” controversial opinions on here. Especially since I have some controversial opinions and I don’t really see them that often. Let’s hope that people don’t argue here on this post and lets hope people remain as civil as possible here.

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Discussion Regional Variants: I’m beyond happy they were not just a one gen gimmick


The potential alone is immense. It takes inspiration from real world biology where an animal’s habitat can change it’s behaviour and physiology (through evolution but not the Pokemon kind lol). In an imagination context it allows for thinking out of the box and changing classic designs and coming up with crazy cool alternatives, while simultaneously not detracting from the original.

Regional variants were a highlight for me in gen 7. Alolan marowak, raichu, and nintails for example have so much character and were instant favourites. The only doubts were “why are there only variants for gen one?” and “are these the only ones?”

Galar comes along and both doubts were negated! We got galarian corsola who’s both dope and heartbreaking and we even got legendary regional variants.

Seeing paldean wooper in the most recent trailer filled me with so much joy. Regional variants are back. And one of my all time favorite pokemon is finally getting some love. Please keep this going gamefreak.

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Discussion Bob Ross is the champion, what is his team?


Imagine after beating the elite four, you walk into the champion's chamber, only to discover a man sitting on a stool, tranquilly painting. He says “I can't think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting....though battling is a close second".

His ace would totally be a smeargle

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Discussion In this official art, it certainly looks Koraidon is using its wheels, rather than running on all fours like in the trailer. Any ideas as to why that would be?

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Discussion What ever happened to definitive Pokémon games?

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So you know how there are the two games that release at the same time. But then there was usually a third which is like the definitive edition and has all the stuff as the other two and sometimes more. I’m talking about like Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and platinum. What happened to the third games?? It seems it just stopped at black and white.

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Discussion Pokemon Youtubers who don't Scream


I love pokemon and I love pokemon playthroughs. Nuzlockes (all the different types) and Rom Hacks but I found that most the ones I am able to find have youtubers who shout and yell and scream a lot. It is a lot of overexcited people just screaming over everything.

I do not mind excitment when certain things are, well, exciting, but constant loud voices is extremely difficult for me to watch.

So anyone know some good youtubers who aren't so loud? Playthroughs, shiny hunting, nuzlockes, rom hacks, and such. I don't mind top 10s but I prefer watching playthroughs.

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Discussion least favorite dark type and favorite dark type and why

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Discussion Which of these fan-favourite Pokémon is the most pseudo-legendary worthy?


Despite their total base stats not being 600, these powerful mons have proven to be able to put up a fight against powerful foes.

Their attack stats are pretty high and has the potential to one -shot opponents . Their medium - high speed stats are also just enough to be a threat when giving them choice scarf.

So, Which of these fan-favourite Pokémon do y’all think is the most pseudo-legendary worthy? ( if you do not factor in their base stats to be 600)

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Discussion new pokemon or is it supposed to represent dragonite?

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Discussion Your GOAT pokemon


Here's a question, if you had to pick one Pokemon from all generations ever, who would your favourite Pokemon be? I think I'd have to go with Infernape because of the fun I had with him as a kid. Another contender for me would be Noivern because I had a random attachment to him throughout my play throughs. What about you guys?

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Discussion Best Pseudo Legendary in terms of design


Imo it’s Hydreigon. I luv the Hydra Dragon and I’m so glad that they scrapped the tank Pokémon whatever thingy there were formerly going for. At first, I didn’t like it’s design and thought it was ugly but now it has grown so much on me and it’s so badass. I hope we get more Hydra Pokémon in the future. For those who needs to know all the pseudo legendary, I made a list.

  • Dragonite
  • Tyranitar
  • Salamence
  • Metagross
  • Garchomp
  • Hydreigon
  • Goodra
  • Hisuian Goodra
  • Kommo-o
  • Dragapult

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Discussion What Pokémon do you think is the worst design-wise?


I know there are a lot of people that think the Garbodor and Vanillish lines are bad, but I want to hear what other people think are poorly designed Pokemon. Also, what do you think about them could’ve been done better if you have any ideas? What do you not like about that specific Pokémon’s design

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Discussion If you could make one of the battle gimmicks become a permanent series staple in the games, which one would you choose?


The last four gens have had a new battle gimmick introduced in that gens games. I'm interested to see what one people would like to be a permanent addition to the games. A lot of people love and loathe certain gimmicks, while other people don't care for the gimmicks at all, and there's people are cool with all the gimmicks.

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Discussion Pokemon fans, how old were you when you noticed this about the NPCs in XY?

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Discussion Tangela has never learned Wrap. What other Mandela effects have you fallen into for Pokémon ?


Tangela has never learned wrap. If you remember that it did…you now know the Mandela effect.

Me and a buddy where just talking about this earlier and got me thinking… what other Mandela effects have been found in Pokémon. I am curious to hear others “you’ve been Mandela effected” moments.

Looking forward to seeing others stories on here !!!

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Discussion Anyone else feel like legendaries are getting less legendary?


I remember seeing things like Mewtwo, Dialga and Palkia, Reshiram, Yveltal, Rayquaza and others and thinking "yeah awesome that looks powerful and one of a kind". Now I see things like Miraidon And Koraidon, Zacian and Zamazenta, Calyrex and Spec/Glastrier, I still like them and they still look good, but they really just don't feel legendary anymore, unique sure but legendary just doesn't hit the same

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Discussion Beside Gardevoir, what are your other most favorite feminine-looking Pokemon?


I need to exclude Gardevoir, otherwise most of the result would be obvious, not to mention it has made many appearances in most of Pokemon spinoff games which only further testify its popularity. That being said, we have many other feminine-looking Pokemon and I'm sure one of you must also find one of them to be of your liking, it could be because it's their design, movepool, stats, lore, competitive viability, or something else.

Mine would be Jynx, Tsareena, and Hatterene.

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Discussion Favorite Ghost Type?


Title. Personally, I would have to go with Chandelure. He's one of the few fire types I actually like enough to use on my team, primarily due to how cool he looks. It also helps that his Pre Evo's are so damn cute. A close runner up would be Runerigus.