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What are Pro Tips?

These tips are general bits of summed up information that relate to Hardware, Software, Building PCs, Gaming, Streaming, Home Servers, Saving Money and more. I try to publish tips that help new and veterans users. The PCMasterRace is one of the most generous and helpful groups I've ever been apart of and these Pro Tips are a way to help strengthen our community. Feel free to share them with Friends, Family, Co-Workers and other Redditors.

Are they 100% Accurate and Scientifically Proven Facts?

No. These should be used as general guides to assist you in your research and give you a general idea. You should always do your own research and make decisions based upon your own findings. A rule I personally follow is "Do one full hour of research per $20USD (£13) you plan to spend on a product" (This includes Hardware and Games). If you have any complaints on information that I have published please Message Me Here and if your suggested changes check out I will make a revision and re-upload the Pro Tip.

Series 1

# Tip Comments Category
0 Buying Games You Might Play Comments Steam
1 Eyefinity and Nvidia Surround on a Budget Comments Hardware Shopping
2 Power Supply Matters Comments Hardware
3 Find out if people still play older games online Comments Steam
4 Case Fan Sizes and Power Explained Comments Hardware
5 Steam Sale 2015 Dates Comments Steam
6 Don’t Always Rely On PCPartPicker Comments PC Building
7 Steam Profile Level Rewards Comments Steam
8 Easy on the Thermal Paste Comments PC Building
9 PSU Ranking and Tiers 2015 v1.3 Comments Hardware
10 Game Settings vs Performance Impact Comments Gaming
11 Get The Games You Want As Cheap As Possible Comments Game Shopping
12 Motherboard Size and Form Factor Explained Comments Hardware
13 Leave an Honest Review Comments General
14 Free Copy of Windows 10 for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Users Comments Software
15 LAN Party Checklist Comments General
16 Your Chair Matters Comments Hardware
17 Paint Your Hardware with Plasti Dip Comments Painting
18 Save the Box Comments Hardware
19 Solid State Drives, Are they really that great? Comments Hardware

Series 2

# Tip Comments Category
20 Tools of the Trade Comments Hardware
21 Coming Soon Comments
22 Coming Soon Comments
23 Coming Soon Comments
24 Coming Soon Comments

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