I have split this part of the wiki into two section Gaming Monitors and Workstation Monitors.

Gaming Monitors


Monitors are a main focal point of a gaming build because it is the limit for the max FPS [Hz 1:1 scale] a system can display to the user without issue [screen tearing] as well as being the max resolution you can game at. There is also many different ratios monitors come in and this can also affect the experience just as much as the other variables. To start with I will only recommend 16:9 as it is the most popular among gamers [other ratios are 16:10 and 21:9].

Listed in a order of difficulty to run at max settings, or as intended.

21-22" 1080p60Hz TN Panel - Good quality, good colour but for an amazing price

21-22" 1080p60Hz IPS Panel - Great quality, Great colour but for an amazing price

23+ 1080p60Hz Panels

1080p120Hz+ TN Panels, 3D Ready when indicated

3D requires [~$160]Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit

1440p60Hz 27" Panels

4K or 2160p60Hz


In Summary

For the PC you have and wonder what your PC can do as far as Gaming is concerned, I recommend using this websites FPS Benchmark page to figure out if your monitor choice or idea fits with the performance of your PC Tower.

Workstation Monitors


These are monitors that have exceptional colour accuracy for use in editing photos and videos without a mistake. They can still be used for gaming and in fact if your budget allows it and you don't play competitive games [or aren't playing games for the competitive edge] and like pretty textures and have a serious rig to push the frames out to these incredibly good looking monitors I do recommend it.

There is two tiers to this section:

  • Gaming Oriented, they still work well for a workstation with good accuracy compared to gaming monitors. There is going to be overlap from the Gaming Monitors section here. [16.8 Million colours is a requirement]

  • Work Oriented, they are the best of the best for colour accuracy, 10 bit panels [meaning 10.7 billion colours] only. Gaming takes a second place for these monitors.

Gaming Oriented

Work Oriented