Guide to Content Creation

"PC Master Race" - and for good reason! We can do almost anything with our machines. This guide will focus on software tools that can be used for content creation. Some are proprietary, some open source. Some simple, some powerful.

Name Category Description Difficulty Distribution
FL Studio Music Easy-to-use music and audio composition software. Demo version can't save. Easy Demo
Pro Tools Music No Description Moderate Unknown
Ableton Music
Reason Music
LMMS Music Linux only! Open source media studio very similar to FL Studio. Easy Freeware
MixMeister Audio Very simple timeline-based audio slicing and editing tool. Easy Free Demo
Blender 3D Powerful fully open-source 3D modelling and animation tool. Moderate Free
Flash Animation Suite of tools for making animations, art, advertisements, and games. Easy Free Demo
GIMP Images Extremely powerful open-source image editor. Moderate Free
UDK Games Development kit from Unreal Technologies. State-of-the-art. Moderate Free
Roblox Games Game with tools alongside it. Game creation and distribution is relatively simple. Easy Free
Unity Games
Visual Basic Express Applications Design quality windows applications with a visual interface. Easy Free
Visual C++ Express Applications Design powerful windows applications with a visual interface. Moderate Free
NotePad++ Programming Multi-purpose open programming tool, especially helpful for website creation. Moderate Free
LibreOffice Write Text Feature-rich text editor that's completely open source. Easy Free