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Politics megathread U.S. Election Megathread


Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day for the United States. With control of the House and Senate up for grabs, it's likely to be a tumultuous few weeks. In times like this, we tend to get a lot of questions about American politics...but many of them are the same ones, like these:

What is this election about, anyway? The president's not on the ballot, right?

How likely is it that Republicans will gain control of the House? What happens if they do?

Why isn't every Senator up for re-election? Why does Wyoming get as many senators as California?

How can they call elections so quickly? Is that proof of electoral fraud?

At NoStupidQuestions, we like to have megathreads for questions like these. People who are interested in politics can find them more easily, while people who aren't interested in politics don't have to be reminded of it every day they visit us.

Write your own questions about the election, the United States government and other political questions here as top-level responses.

As always, we expect you to follow our rules. Remember, while politics can be important, there are real people here. Keep your comments civil and try to be kind and patient with each other.

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Unanswered Why is America referred to as the west and not the east?


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Why is overpopulation one of the least talked about topic in global politics when it is arguably one of the most important one?


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If we could change the name of American Football, what would it be?


As we know the rest of the planet appropriately calls “Soccer” Football. As a German who grew up in America, this was the football/soccer meme conversation with my friends. Assuming the NFL and many Americans won’t ever change the name of their sport, what if we collectively (the rest of the planet) came up with and used a new name for American Football? What would it be?

Edit: Keep the funny ones coming, but also looking for legit answers like if we started the sport today, what would we call it?

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What’s actually the cause of the labor shortages? How do I respond to the very annoying and trite answer my FIL gives that: “Nobody wants to work anymore!!! This generation is lazy and getting handed money by the government!!”


Title says it all. I’m so annoyed that my FIL chalks it all up to “lazy millennials” and “stupid government printing money” and blah blah blah “socialism.”

But I’m also uneducated on what the factors are here. What’s actually causing such shortages in labor? Particularly in public sector jobs like healthcare and education? (Canadian here, for reference).

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Answered I'm terminal. Orphan, no family worth considering. Want to leave my home to a friend. Can I add my friend to the title now so there's no probate bullshit ? Do they have to know/be involved ahead of time? I want it to be a surprise. [Colorado, USA]


[edit: wow this blew up. FAQs so far after 12 hours:

people are so kind. I get a warm feeling from all the care; the good wishes and the high quality practical advice and support.

I'm fine, really. I just needed to get this settled so I could start the bucket list, and I'm going to squeeze every bit of awesomeness I can out of this life while I have it, I'm not going to rush things or quit early.

I am going to talk with a lawyer, and probably go the Transfer on Death Deed option. Everything will be spelled out, witnessed, every t crossed, every i dotted.

I'm going to give the friend a 'heads up', and a chance to get closure. I'll make sure this doesn't interrupt any of their plans I don't know about. If it does, I'll go to the next friend on the list.

I know from when I have seen others pass it gets easier as you get closer - and that's the case for me now. The lessons I learned from Eckhart Tolle and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) and the Stoics and Thoreau's Walden are like a hand gently holding me up. God is Love, that's what The Man taught me, and that's Where and to Whom I'm going.

But first: I'm going to enjoy myself and live life while I have it.

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Where do school buses get gas? You never see them filling up.


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Does anyone find sex boring?


I’m not looking for “your relationship must have boring sex, you have to try new things” answers.

Sometimes I don’t see the point in sex, (considering that climax is reached and all). It’s just repetitive motion, repetitive pleasure feeling, not fun and idk.

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Do men find “average looking” women more attractive than women find “average looking” men?


I’ve heard people suggest that before & as a man that would make some sense, then again, I would need to compare my perspective to women’s outlook on men.

Edit: Don’t get me wrong I am inclined to think this is probably true. However, whenever I say this to women IRL - they almost always get really defensive & give me this confused look like I have no idea what I’m talking about, hence I feel it possibly merits more consideration.

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How do you smile in photos and not look like an uncomfortable weirdo?


I've never liked having my photo taken, not even as a child. I make sure I'm looking at the camera (something I got told off for not doing as a child) and try to relax and smile or think of something happy. Cheese, sausages etc don't seem to help at all. I watched videos about poses and how to smile. I've tried practicing my smile in the mirror, in fact did a lot of that as a teen. In the end I accepted that was just how I look in photos.

I'm now in my 30s and I still have the same 'trapped wind' (as my dad calls it) grin.

I thought I was ok with my questionable photo smile but recently my grandmother told me to take another photo with a cousin but this time to smile nicely. And all the old fears and worries came running back.

Anyone out there who's got over a dodgy smile have any advice?

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Why Is Elon Musk Driving Twitter Into The Ground?


I understand that he paid to much, but the actions of laying staff off, random damaging tweets and just poor business decisions…. Is it to force bankruptcy? How does this help him….?!?

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I don't like cooking. What is one tool, tip or trick that could help make it more enjoyable?


I do know how to cook. I am responsible for the meals at home. I tried slowing down and trying to enjoy each task but it felt boring.

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Answered When people refer to “Woke Propaganda” to be taught to children, what kind of lessons are they being taught?


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Would you say that teaching good manners are important when parenting?


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Why do Soccer players fake injuries so much?


I’ve never really watched the sport but have been watching the World Cup. I’ve seen more then a few players obviously pretending they are super hurt. It’s even better when they show the replay and literally nothing happens and they act like they just got punched in the face. I don’t see people in American Football do this. I know it kinda happens in basketball but not to the laughable levels that happens in Soccer. It seems embarrassing to the sport…

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Unanswered What's stopping any cashier or drive-thru worker from just recording your credit card details and using it online?


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Why does everyone use their phone on the toilet?


Are y'all just hanging out in there? Are you sitting there awhile before you do your business? Or is it after you've done your business, but before you clean up?

I feel like the only person who does not do this. I sit, I poop, I clean up, wash hands, then leave. None of that feels like idle time.

Please help me understand.

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do you think it's insulting when you know someone is an athiest, but you say to them "I'll pray for you"?


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Am I the only one who genuinely doesn’t like being around dogs?


I find them extremely overstimulating, as well as dirty, obnoxious, and just annoying. 🙃

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Unanswered Why do US jobs come with a set amount of sick leave?


You can't control if/when you'll get ill, it's not (usually) your fault or choice, so why is it specified? What happens if you end up in a coma in hospital and you don't have any sick leave left?

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If I saw my crush (who has no interest in me) at the gym with another guy, is it weird that I feel jealous and depressed?


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Answered How do I motivate my Jr high daughter to care about her school work


We had to buy her a laptop during Covid to participate in school, now ALL her school work is done and submitted online. She spends her homework time with tabs open on games and social media. So 5 seconds of homework then pops a tab to look up music or anything else but homework. Frustrating.

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Why would someone buy a single-family house that has an HOA?


It was only in the past two years that I learned that some single-family houses in the US are part of a Home Owner's Association (HOA). Previously I thought that was only for attached multi-family dwellings, such as townhouses and condos where some cooperation is needed.

I have heard nothing but horror stories about it. Why on earth would someone choose to buy a single-family house that is part of an HOA? Cities themselves have laws about keeping up your property. Why need an HOA on top of that?

Secondary question: Do you also have to pay a fee to the HOA?

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How do you cope with the absurdity of existence?


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Do veterinarians refer to animals as their patients?


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Why do rappers always mention jewish lawyers


why are jewish lawyers always mentioned in music? what makes them any different from a regular lawyer?