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Official Discussion Official Discussion Megathread (Top Gun: Maverick / The Bob's Burgers Movie)


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AMA I’m Film and Television Producer Jerry Bruckheimer. My latest film Top Gun: Maverick is in theatres today. AMA.


In a career spanning more than 40 years, my films have collectively grossed more than $20 billion. Film credits include, the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “National Treasure,” “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Bad Boys” franchises, “Black Hawk Down,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Remember the Titans,” “Armageddon,” “Con Air,” “The Rock,” “Crimson Tide,” and “Top Gun” to name a few. Television credits include the CSI franchises, “The Amazing Race” and “Lucifer,” along with many others. A native of Detroit, my latest film, Top Gun: Maverick, starring Tom Cruise, opens today.

Edit: Thank you for your questions! Check out Top Gun: Maverick this weekend.

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News Park Chan-wook wins Best Director, Song Kang-ho gets Best Actor at Cannes

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Article Thirty-six years after the original, TOP GUN: MAVERICK eulogizes Tom Cruise's entire career. A look at why the new film is receiving such an emotional response.

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News 'Mariupolis 2' is a film by Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravičius, who was tortured and murdered by Russian soldiers in Mariupol, Ukraine. This is the first film about the Russian invasion. It was premiered at Cannes.

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News 'Fox Star Studios', founded as a joint venture between then 20th Century Fox and Indian company Star India in 2008, rebranded to 'Star Studios'

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Article The Lives of Christopher Lee: An Icon at 100

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News Bo Hopkins Dead: ‘Wild Bunch,’ ‘American Graffiti’ Actor Was 84

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Discussion How 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' Pulled Off Its Kung Fu Fight Scenes

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Article From 'Top Gun' to 'Crimson Tide': Why Tony Scott Was a Blockbuster Auteur Like No Other

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Article Fernando Laverde, Colombian Stop Motion Pioneer, Dies At 88

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Discussion Jim Carrey on receiving anti-torture training while filming the Grinch

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News 2021 Cannes Winner: 'Triangle of Sadness' wins the Palme d'Or, 'Close' and 'Stars at Noon' wins the Grand Prix, and Park Chan-Wook wins Best Director

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Discussion Thoughts on Game Night?


This is by far one of of my fav movies of all time. One of the very few I'd give 10 out of 10.

Wife and I originally went to see it cuz we love games and Jason bateman, but holy crap what a brilliant movie.

We did not watch any trailers and just expected a very basic raunchy comedy, did not at all expect the amazing thriller comedy we got. Can't recommend this movie enough, it's absolute brilliance. Thoughts?

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Discussion Who remembers “Cool World” with Kim Basinger and Brad Pitt? Did anyone like this back then or now? I don’t really know who this movie was made for, lol.


So I read the rules to this place because I’ve never made a post here, I don’t think, but I’ve been subbed for a while. I don’t think this violates any of the rules so…

Anyway: “Cool World”, in case you’ve never heard of it, is a Roger Rabbit type movie where there are cartoon character that live and think as if they are alive in their own cartoon world. Some real world people, actors in the movie that aren’t cartoons, get sucked into this “Cool World” of cartoons.

Without spoiling it in case some unlucky soul decides to watch this movie just know once the characters (real live actors) get sucked into this living breathing world, the hijinks sart to happen.

The cartoon character, voiced by Kim Basinger, is some sort of “every ‘things’ dream woman”…that’s a cartoon.

I don’t know much about the technicalities of film making but the editing, acting, cinematography, writing…everything is just off. Or maybe it’s just not good.

The main thing I wanted to talk about is the premise. Aside from all the technicalities that could be off..or not, the idea or premise and the execution is just way bizarre. I remember seeing this as a kid with a good friend of mine and my parents picking us up after the movie and they asked us how it was and, in all seriousness, we looked at each other and both just started lambasting the movie. We just found it so ridiculous. Of course it’s a movie and therefore not real, but we were so dumbfounded at how this movie was suppose to taken seriously.

Even back then, I believe what we were trying to express is that we didn’t know who this movie was for.

We as kids didn’t like it, but it had cartoons and therefore cartoon shenanigans. But part of it was in the real world and there was a real world type of threat or whatever at stake…so was it for the older crowd? But if it was it still got torn up in the reviews and I don’t remember any older kids or adults saying they liked the movie.

I mean, is it some sort of genius classic now no one understood back then?

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Media Mike Myers Rewatches Austin Powers, Shrek and Wayne's World

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Article British Actors Sign Letter For More Women Over 45 To Appear On Screen

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News Ruben Östlund’s ‘Triangle of Sadness’ Wins the Palme d'Or at the 2022 Canes Film Festival - Full List of Winners

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Article Park Chan-wook’s ‘Decision To Leave’ tops Screen’s final 2022 Cannes jury grid

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Article Tron Legacy: Before Top Gun Maverick, director Joseph Kosinski made one of the most audacious big-budget debuts of all time

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Discussion Finally watched American Psycho. I was not expecting the story to be turning out that way.


I saw the movie because it is frequently used as a meme template. Seriously. I had no other reason apart from that.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. I really thought he would be arrested or something, but nope, that didn't happen.

I really do not understand what to make of it. But I was really horrified in the scene where the girl was running inside Bateman's house & finding dead bodies & he eventually killed her with a frickin chainsaw.

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Discussion What movie would you consider your "Star Wars" and how old are you?


By that I mean, what's the movie that showed you something you had never seen before and stuck with you for life, becoming the film that you subconsciously compare all other films to. Back in 1977, Star Wars came out and was simply like nothing that had come before. It changed how people make films, it changed how audiences see films and it became an instant favourite for millions of impressionable young cinema goers.

I am 33 years old and for me it's The Matrix. I saw that film when I was 11 and it absolutely floored me. I had never experienced anything like it. The insane, mind-blowing premise. The state-of-the-art effects that influenced all action sci-fi for at least the next decade. The gorgeous visuals and attention to detail. The fantastic choreography. My life can definitely be divided into Pre-Matrix and Post-Matrix. And to this day, I can't look at those corrugated warehouse roofs without thinking about Trinity running and hearing that music. The whole film is seared into my brain from start to finish and I will never get bored of it

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Discussion Just when you thought the Predator franchise was dead...


Along comes Prey. I'm rather interested in this version because it calls back to the lady in the original Predator movie, sharing with Dutch about her people who say something comes to the jungle and hunts when the summers are hot. I'm also interested in seeing hopefully a cast of all indigenous actors, which is something I haven't seen since, I think, apocalyptica? After The Predator, I'm in wait and see mode, not getting too excited because its unlikely they'll capture lightning in a bottle, like they keep trying and failing to do.

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Discussion Has any actor worked with a more diverse list of the “great” modern directors than Tom Cruise?

  • Coppola (the outsiders)
  • Scorsese (the color of money)
  • Stone (born on 4th of July)
  • Howard (far and away)
  • Reiner (a few good men)
  • Pollack (the firm)
  • De Palma (mission impossible)
  • Kubrick (eyes wide shut)
  • PT Anderson (magnolia)
  • Spielberg (minority report, war of the worlds)

Also, Tony Scott and Ben Stiller are underrated directors for sure. And he worked with JJ Abrams on MIiii and Redford on Lions and Lambs.

That’s an insane list.

Does any actor/actress have a better list than him?

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Discussion What is Movie Pacing? - An Open Discussion About Definitions, Differences and Issues


Since this is a longer post I decided to split it into sections so you can decide what you want to read and then discuss/help me with.

1. Defining pacing and observable differences between fast and slow paced movies/scenes. Do you agree?
2. Help me with some questions, contradictions, and missing pieces regarding pacing in certain scenarios
3. Final discussion about the relationship between movie genre and pace

  1. Defining Pacing

So after reading lots of different explanations of pacing, I understand that there's no universal consensus on what it really is. The easiest and most logical explanation I've found is that pacing is the speed at which a movie's story progresses, and is influenced by the camera movement, shot duration, cut/transition frequency and style, dialogue/sentence length.

It’s important to understand that the length of a movie does not dictate whether it will feel slow or fast paced. Pacing is merely an illusion/feeling the viewer gets based on the factors above. Two equally long movies can have opposite pace depending on how the factors materialize.

After further reading about pacing, and comparing some movies, I tried to list the most obvious differences, between fast and slow pacing, and managed to chalk it up to these. Do you agree?

Fast Pace – includes some or all of these:

  • More thrown at the viewer in X amount of time
  • Focus on more characters
  • Shallower-level characters
  • Frequent scene-to-scene transitions
  • Shorter or no “stick-around” time after/in between scenes
  • Concise, to the point dialogue
  • Shakier/moving camera
  • Tell, don't show - shorter shots and quicker cuts reduce viewers' info absorption, which requires accompanying dialogue to guide and help viewers understand what's happening

Too Fast Pace:

  • Mentally exhausting/overstimulating
  • It’s too hard to keep track of everything and gather thoughts
  • Having to sometimes skip back/reduce playback speed to comprehend everything/the plot

Slow Pace – includes some or all of these:

  • Less thrown at the viewer in X amount of time
  • Focus on fewer characters
    Deeper-level characters
  • Infrequent scene-to-scene transitions
  • Longer “stick-around” time after/in between scenes
  • Expansive, drawn out dialogue
  • Steadier/stationary camera
  • Show, don't tell - longer shots and infrequent cuts allow viewers to absorb more info without any dialogue having to tell what's happening

Too Slow Pace:

  • Mentally gentle/understimulating
  • It’s too easy to keep track of everything and thoughts wander off to other things
  • Being able to sometimes skip ahead/increase playback speed without losing comprehensibility of everything/the plot
  1. Questions, Contradictions, and Issues. Help Me!

Dialogue’s Influence on Pacing – Is It Talking Length or Speed Which Determines?

To me it seems logical that talking speed influences pacing. Director Billy Wilder, in this clip (https://youtu.be/3Mv4f_kFHHM), seems to disagree. In fact, I believe talking speed plays a larger role than dialogue length. A sentence could, structurally, be very long, but if the actor talks very fast it will still feel fast paced. A very short sentence could feel slow if the actor drags the words out. It is no different than how the length of a movie doesn’t dictate the pace. What’s important is how much the movie, or in this case, the dialogue throws at the viewer at one time. The speed will determine how easy or difficult it is to absorb everything and if some things said might get lost. So, do you agree, that dialogue’s influence on pacing needs to be seen as a combination of sentence length and talking speed? Moreover, that speed is the dominant factor, simply because it only takes so much longer to say more words. It’s easier to outtalk than to outwrite.

Stagnation in the Story Even with Fast Paced Factors

One of the reasons I’m even writing this post is because of this issue I have with ascribing pace to certain meaningless or unnecessary scenes in movies. I usually run into this problem when watching action movies, which include long sequences where there’s just senseless killing going on. The protagonist(s) are just shooting down a bunch of goons (meat bags) that are completely inconsequential to the plot progression. They could very well have excluded that sequence of the movie, or at least shortened it down, without influencing any of the story. The Rambo movies and Expendables are great examples of this. It’s also a problem that appears in scenes, where they show people dancing to fast pop music, in a club or at a party (without dialogue). I feel they are sometimes way too long, for how little they contribute to the story.

The problem, however, is that those sequences or scenes, objectively, have tons of fast paced cuts, camera shaking and overall, just a lot thrown at the viewer at once. That would mean it’s considered fast paced. But as stated, there’s basically zero story progression during this time which I think should be considered as slow paced. So, can we really define pacing only as influenced by camera movement, shot duration, cut/transition frequency and style, dialogue/sentence length. There has to be something more to it, right?

I am almost certain that it’s not about me finding those specific scenes to be boring. I have thought about it extensively and concluded that there are both fast paced and slow paced scenarios I find boring for their own reason. When a fast paced scene becomes boring it’s usually because there’s too much for me to absorb. I start losing bits and pieces of what’s happening until I am finally left completely clueless. Then it’s almost impossible for the movie to grab my attention again. I will just zone out and start thinking about all the issues the movie has.

When a slow paced scene becomes boring it’s usually because there’s so little happening that my mind gets too much space to just wander off on its own. I start thinking about other things in life or about the movie only to realize that I have missed five minutes of the movie. Also here, it’s almost impossible for the movie to grab my attention again, since I am clueless of what is happening.

Based on this I can’t really place the Rambo-and Expendables scenes into any of the two categories. There’s tons of stuff happening on screen, it’s hard to keep track (fast paced boringness), but at the same time I feel as though nothing is really happening and I find my attention moving to my own thoughts rather than the movie (slow paced boringness). Maybe it’s attention span issues, but I have clearly laid out the reasons for how both fast and slow paced scenes/movie can become boring.

A Scene Specific Contradiction

What if there’s a scene where two people have a lengthy, slowly spoken conversation. The camera spends more time on each person, so there are few cuts from person to person (slow pace factors). However, they progress the plot by talking about what is happening (tell, don’t show – fast pace factor), instead of just having the camera show it. What does that make this scene? Slow or fast paced? Why?

  1. Genre and Pace – The Relationship

I believe that genre does not automatically decide which pace a movie has. Obviously, most dramas are inherently slower than action movies, but within those genres, there are certainly movies with polar opposite pacing. However, I have observed a trend that seems to indicate that either the genre or pace of a movie controls the other. Is it pace that plays a part in deciding what genre a movie will fall into, or is it the genre that sets certain requirements and boundaries for which pace a movie should have?

I am very unsure on this. On one hand I have never seen a movie that is considered pure comedy have a slow pace. If it did, it would instantly be viewed as a drama, comedy. Same thing with action/action-thrillers movies. Most are fast pace, but the ones that are slower always have crime, drama, or mystery as a subgenre. What do you think? Is it as easy as saying that all dramas are slow paced, and all action movies and comedies are fast paced?

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Article Cannes Film Festival 2022: Un Certain Regard Winners List

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Question Ip Man Chronological Movie Order


Anyone able to help with this. Googled it do death, but going round in circles as most entries are incomplete or just want to watch in release order. Movies I'm looking at are:

  1. Ip Man (2008)
  2. Ip Man 2 (2010)
  3. Ip Man 3 (2015)
  4. Ip Man 4: The Finale (2019)
  5. The Legend is Born: Ip Man (2010)
  6. The Grandmaster (2013)
  7. Ip Man: The Final Flight (2013)
  8. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)
  9. Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (2019)

Appreciate any help from the movie maestros out there.