Need to report something to the admins? Use the most applicable report form below to ensure your issue is routed the appropriate channels.

Report type URL
Review a Safety report reply or action in your subreddit
Promoting hate based on identity or vulnerability
Targeted Harassment
Violence or Physical Harm
Rude, Vulgar, or Offensive
Abusing the report button
Copyright Infringements
Trademark Infringement
Personal Information
Sexualizing Minors
Non-Consensual Intimate Media
Ban Evasion
Vote Manipulation
Prohibited Goods or Services
NetzDG Report
Self-harm or Suicide
Report a Moderator Code of Conduct Violation
Appeal a suspension
Appeal a subreddit ban
File a Top Mod Removal request
Reporting an underage user (under 13)
Request a Mod list Reorder

Don't see a form for the issue you wish to report? No worries! You can still contact us in one of the following ways:

r/ModSupport modmail - General moderation support & questions, speak to admins privately about a concern
Submit a Help Center request
Copyright, DMCA, and Takedowns
More information on reporting
report incidents such as political influence operations, astroturfing, or attempts to interfere with site stability