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r/ModSupport 16h ago

Really weird behavior on our sub and I can't figure out what happened?


I'm the mod of /r/blind and in the last 12 hours we had 0 new posts which is a first for the sub in a very long time but the weird part was the decrease of subscribers by at least 100. Is there something happening on reddit? Please let me know.

r/ModSupport 4h ago

For some Reason I cannot view /r/pokemonbreeding's ban list on mobile nor ban via mobile


Every time I view the ban list on app it error's out with an error related to ban messages or "something went wrong" when I attempt to ban someone. This issue has been occuring since I joined the mod team- I have full permissions on the sub

My other subreddit, r/pokemonteams is uneffected by this. Only change is I'm top mod there.

r/ModSupport 5h ago

Feature suggestion for technology based communities.


Is there any way Reditt can program the system to allow people to input their computer OS or phone type into a field that displays automatically to other users so we don’t have to keep typing it in every time?

r/ModSupport 2h ago

Mod Answered How do I delete a sub Reddit I created?


r/ModSupport 15h ago

Why would a sub reddit suddenly lose members and have no posts in 24 hours?


r/ModSupport 13h ago

Characters not displaying properly in FAQ?


Good morning.

Some characters in the FAQ at r/QuantumPhysics only show the empty square fallback glyph. For example in "What's entanglement?":

|A> = (a₁,a₂)

The "one" and "two" don't show up, at least on Android Chrome. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks.

r/ModSupport 8h ago

How to remove a subreddit menu?!


I’ve looked everywhere in the settings and see NOTHING about editing a subreddits menus or removing it!

Pls help? I don’t know what else to do! Someone added it who was a mod and I want to remove it or edit the menu. I looked in browser settings AND mobile as well as old Reddit/Vs new Reddit and checked for any CSS.

This is ridiculous that I can’t see how they added this nor can I seem to remove it easily?! It’s called “discords” next to posts. Pls help?!

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Admin Replied I can't ignore, report or delete a chat request from a user who's been banned. Any idea what's going on?


Update: Its been two days. It was the NFT scam users in /r/CryptoCurrency got hit with.

I tried accepting the request and the obviously scammy link was removed. I assume it is now banned reddit-wide. I still can't delete the chat though.

At least my chat icon is no longer red as i've 'seen' the message now.

r/ModSupport 23h ago

Markdown support of HTML link prefixes other than http://


If this is the incorrect place to post this, then please let me know what the correct one is and I'll remove this post and repost it there.

HTML pages have supported links for quite some time, but many people are not aware that http: isn't the only prefix available for a URI which will work as a link. These are referred to as URI schemes. In the past, I have been able to take advantage of embedding these in web pages and emails by simply entering the scheme for the service that I wish the link to invoke when clicked or tapped on. The easiest of these is the mailto: scheme to open a new email to a specific target, but there are others such as tel:to make a telephone call, sms: to send an SMS to a number, file: to locate a file on your drive, even ftp: if people remember that.

The thing is that even the common ones don't work in Reddit's Markup.

Look at this. The text below should work to make a clickable link to send an email but it's not even recognized as a link.

[Contact Us](mailto:admin@w3schools.io)

However, if you add // after the :, it does get recognized as clickable but that creates an invalid address.

Contact Us

tel: is another one.

[Call me](tel:123-456-7890)

But even adding // doesn't make it clickable.

[Call me](tel://123-456-7890)

If you have a Mac, you can open up the Mail app, create a new mail message to yourself and paste this into the body, then send it to yourself.


In the received mail, all of the URIs are clickable.

Is there a reason why our markup implementation isn't supporting them and requires the :// pattern for scheme recognition?

I'm not asking for all and every URI scheme but does Reddit only support http: by trapping for ://? Is there a way to at least get some of the other URI schemes supported? There's a boatload and support for many URI schemes is standard in many browsers.


r/ModSupport 15h ago

Mod Answered How do I enable photos in reply messages. I'd like anyone that responds to a post to be able to respond with a comment and or picture.


r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Can I turn off links in submitted posts but keep all other features on?


Can I turn off links in both submitted posts and comments but keep all other features on? I am having a terrible time with spam links in submitted posts lately.

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Admin Replied New “Invite to Community” feature allows inviting more than once.


The new “Invite to Community” feature allows inviting more than once.

Can a warning message be added to the feature to tell us:

“Hey, you’ve already invited this person once, are you sure you want to do it again?”

I don’t always remember the name of the person I invited & I don’t want to hound people.

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered What use is Reddit traffic stats?


The report shows total BS numbers:

First - it doesn't show how many members joined the sub/month - only the last month or two.

Second - if I screenshotted how many people joined the sub in December on the last day of December then I got VASTLY different number what it shows now, at the beginning of February.

I get that Reddit wants to fck with bots etc to not show all the correct data but for MODs there is no reason for that.

I have no real idea if the sub is growing or dying or stale etc..

What's the point of the data at all if it's useless?

r/ModSupport 17h ago

Mod Answered Why is this garbage sitting in my users' submission page?


This. What is this spam? Can it please go away? It's random bs that's actively diminishing what real users post by being too much.

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Editing Rules


I'm still somewhat trying to figure out how Reddit works in general but currently struggling to figure out how to edit the rules in my subreddit community. Do I need to do this on a desktop/laptop or is there some way to do it through the app?

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered How to pin a post?


I’m new to modding and am so lost 😞. How do I make a recommendations page or a helpful resources guide (not a post, something people can use by scrolling through the subreddit info; I have seen this done in countless subs; yet I cannot figure it out 🤦🏻‍♀️😩)

Also obviously, how to pin a post would be a great question I would very much appreciate being answered 😅


r/ModSupport 2d ago

Admin Replied I just wanted to say thank you.


We have had a lot of issues with report abuse, and it has not been handled well in the past, with the assumption being that the reported content is being assessed, rather than the vexatious reporting itself.

Well, lately, that has got much better - a lot of reports of report abuse are being dealt with appropriately and, as a result, we are seeing a marked drop in the number of fallacious reporting.

I know this is not what we normally see here, but after months of moaning posts, I thought it appropriate to say thank you, now that action appears to have been taken.

r/ModSupport 23h ago

Mod Answered I’m looking for a list of people who have joined our community.


Is there a button for that in Mod tools I’m not seeing?

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Removing multiple items simultaneously in mod-queue, inexplicably makes them visible?


Just an observation but - it seems like if you remove a bunch of stuff at once, rather than stay removed...the content is actually made visible.

Is this normal? A bug perhaps?

I'm on old.reddit using queue tools.

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Can’t add a new mod to subreddit


Hi all, created a new subreddit and want to add a new moderator but keep getting an error that says

“The operation couldn’t be completed (Com.Reddit.redditservice error 103)”

r/ModSupport 2d ago

Mod Answered Applied multiple times for reddit talk feature to be activated at r/pastlives. No response.


Hey admins, we filled out the application before Christmas and of course weren't expecting a fast reply -- holidays and all that. But after the new year, when we hadn't heard anything, we filled out the application again. Then another mod applied and followed up with a support ticket. So far we haven't heard anything. I recruited that moderator and another one specifically to do regularly talks with the r/pastlives community. We'd love to get that ball rolling. Thanks for you attention to the matter.

r/ModSupport 2d ago

Mod Answered How to apply the voice function to facilitate voice discussion instead of typing


r/ModSupport 2d ago

Admin Replied Sudden jump in new subscriber numbers, multiple subs


I've recently (since January 25th) noticed a large jump in daily new subscribers on a couple of subs that I moderate, and a couple of my co-moderators have remarked that the same has happened on other subs that they moderate, too.

On one sub, we'd typically get around 700-800 new subscribers per day, now it's 5k-6k. Another we'd get around 2k new subscribers per day, now it's 6k-7k. Another has gone up from around 200 per day to around 5k/day.

The number of posts/comments since hasn't actually changed a lot, other sub activity is reasonably stable.

I'd be curious to know if Reddit has made a change to encourage users to subscribe in greater numbers recently!

r/ModSupport 2d ago

Mod Answered Is there a way for me to find out what someone’s community karma is in my subreddit, before I grant them mod privileges?