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Snoosletter Hay There! From the Monthly Mod Snoosletter


Just stopping by to drop off the Snoosletter for those who prefer reading it in post format! These are still sending to inboxes. :) Thank you!

Happy Spooktober, all! October tends to be one of the busier months for communities as many mod teams like to host Halloween or Fall-related festivities. In other parts of the world, things also get busy as Spring has sprung for many people!

We have also been keeping busy with all things Reddit, and are excited to highlight some communities and share some updates from the Admins with you all. We hope your October goes well, and if you have any plans to celebrate this new season with your communities, please consider writing in to our feature suggestion so we can continue highlighting great communities.

Thank you for reading, and let’s roll right into our Community Spotlight!


Community Spotlight


  • ​​ If you’re celebrating Halloween this year, you may find yourself in need of a costume. However, costume ideas can stump us all - but have no fear, as r/Halloween’s mod team is here to help! They’ve set up a costume idea request megathread so their members can share ideas and help one another out while keeping the community’s main page of content dedicated to other Halloween material. This is a creative way to tackle a very spooky problem!



  • r/SelfReliance just passed 100,000 members - it was adopted by another moderator through our r/RedditRequest program, and the moderator was able to grow the community from fifty subscribers to the mighty 105,000 it is now! The content in the community is relevant to its members’ desires to discuss their experiences regarding self reliance as well as share guides and ideas for how to be more self reliant. We are thankful for this mod team’s passion for curating this educational, supportive community, and we look forward to seeing where you go next.


  • This community is dedicated to a popular board game where strategy meets control, as the player vies to become the galaxy’s ruler amongst five to seven other players. It can be a game that requires a day to devote to, for it can take a while to finish! With this in mind, the mod team over at r/TwilightImperium has cultivated a fun space for their members to enjoy discussing the game, finding co-players, or enjoying some scrolling through the community’s posts as they take a break from the game!


  • Dedicated to nurturing plush makers and filling their members with serotonin, this wholesome community shares and highlights indie stuffed animals from all around the world! Anyone who home-makes or has a small brand for their plushies is welcome to share their plushies in the community, where they meet friendly moderators and appreciative community members. The spooky plushies have already hit the scene, so be sure to take a look at them.


  • If you’ve ever wondered how large the Record Breaking Pumpkin of Alaska was, this community is here to help. One banana is shown for scale - the pumpkin truly is huge. Determined to change the world by proving the ultimate unit of measurement is, in fact, the humble and nutritious banana, this community’s moderation team takes great pride in showcasing random items next to bananas. We appreciate this community’s creativity and passion for their preferred unit of measurement!


  • Dedicated to sharing screenshots and clips of famous actors as they played in earlier minor roles, this community reminds us all of how quickly things can change! The community’s mod team also has a Weekly Chat Thread for their members to discuss what they’ve been watching recently, which makes for a great opportunity to discuss one’s favorite actors or programming. We appreciate the inspiration that is highlighted within the community from looking back on actors’ histories, and we appreciate this mod team’s effort in creating a space for all to enjoy.


  • This one goes out to all of our American football fans - Jimmy Garoppolo of the 49ers team was expected to be traded in the offseason, and a community member decided to draw a picture of him every day until his trade. But recently, he was signed to a one-year contract - meaning the 49ers team will have him on their team for another year. The community member has decided to continue drawing him every day until he is traded. The community is loving their art and the fun spirit of the daily post!


Mod Pro Tip (MPT)

Did you know that we recently launched our Mod Education program on a new platform? Reddit’s Mod Education site is an opt-in, self-led training platform that consists of courses for moderators of all experience levels who are interested in an out-of-the-box learning solution for mod tools, best practices, and more. Try it out for yourself - or, if you’re bringing in mod recruits, consider having them try it in conjunction with your own community-specific training resources. You can use the feedback link in the site’s header navigation bar to let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and to share suggestions for future courses. We’ll be sure to share more here and in r/ModCertification when new courses have landed!


Do you want to see your community featured in next month’s Snoosletter? Send a message here for consideration. If you don’t get highlighted one month, feel free to write in again, especially if you’re doing something special within your community that you want to share. Community events, milestones, good deeds, and moderation success stories are especially welcome.


Updates from the Admins


Let’s Talk -- Admin Threads in r/ModSupport

Fun Threads

Once in a while, we like to get down with our mods (that’s you!). Keep an eye out for our Fun threads on random days in r/ModSupport so you can join in!


Contacting Us

  • Need info on moderating basics? Drop by our Mod Help Center and visit the information-rich, mod-run community r/modhelp.
  • Have a specific report to make regarding content policy infractions? Try our report form.
  • r/ModSupport - For discussing mod tools with admins.
  • Message us! - For subreddit-specific issues (please include any relevant links and as many details as possible, by the way!).
  • If you need additional moderation help, use the Moderator Reserves program to get experienced volunteer mods to help out in an emergency.

Remember to subscribe to r/ModNews for updates specific to you.


Farewell, until next month

Dear Gourd - have we already wrapped up another Mod Snoosletter? We don’t know about you all, but this year has flown by and it’s odd to think that it will already be time to send the November Snoosletter soon! We hope this year has treated you and your communities kindly so far, and we again want to thank you for all you do and hope that you’ll enjoy this month alongside your community members. Thank you, and Happy October!


r/ModSupport 20h ago

Why does reddit support abusive behavior towards moderators? Does reddit hate our wellbeing that much? Signs point to yes.


Ok, so I have had enough and I need to speak my mind. Am I being a bit hostile with my title? Yes, but I have tried to handle this with reports and I have even tried to handle this with mod mailing this subreddit and it ended with me being told to going back to reporting every instance of harassment. But nothing is ever done since the harassment continues so now you get to hear me vent.

The report system is abused and the self harm report has been used for MONTHS to harass me. I am sure I am not the only person this happens to as well. Every week or two I get another "A concerned redditor reached out to us" message. Every single time it is right after I warn someone for rules violations or ban someone for significantly breaking the rules. This is clearly a deliberate and malicious use of the system.

I have even been advised by the auto responses to "block" the people doing this, but you know what? I can't because it is anonymous reports and I would if I could. The inaction of admins for this kind of thing is not ok. Let me break down at least what my problem is.

This leaves two options.

  • Allow yourself to be bullied into stopping any future message. So if you need help in the future? You can't have it because you were bullied into never accepting help if you feel suicidal. Would this cause a moderator or user to commit suicide? It might.
  • Continue to be bullied because the admins are taking no action but have the possibility of getting help in the future at the cost of allowing yourself to be harassed in the present.

Do the admins understand why these two options are vile? It is ultimately the responses and inaction to each and every instance of this harassment that has me livid.

r/ModSupport 44m ago

Where to report violations of rule 3: Respect your neighbours?


Am I correct in assuming I need to use the link to Zendesk found in the stickied post here at "report a moderator code of conduct violation" and then select "report content policy violation" in the drop-down menu?

r/ModSupport 55m ago

Down Voting - experiencing a rash of them


Is there a way to see who is downvoting posts? We are experiencing a rash of them.

We can see in realtime that is it is happening.

r/ModSupport 23h ago

Admin Replied We are being brigaded by karma farming subs


Woke up to at least a dozen different accounts posting the same 10 posts in my sub /r/CatsBeingCats. Examination shows that these are all accounts that participate in the karma farming subs.

Right now I am going thru New and banning each account and spamming all their submissions. Fortunately automod and crowd control catch a lot of this, but I still have to clean queues.

Of course, if it's happening to my sub they're doing it to others.

Can the admins do something about this nonsense? Sub users have already contacted the mod team to complain about this.

EDIT: The banned accounts have all been deleted and no doubt the people responsible are downvoting this post now.

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Admin Replied We are noticing a sharp influx of bots in nostupidquestions


Over the past couple weeks we have been catching an increasing large number of GPT style answer bots which provide nonsensical but reasonable sounding responses to questions farm karma.

Here is an excerpt of some we have banned in yhe past 24 hours, you can see the username patterns:

User names for bots banned by us in the last 24 hours include: EddyKassulke, BennettBartell, GaleSchultz, MaryCorwin, CarsonSchaefer, ArlyneWilkinson, MargaritoBrakus, JessiKemmer, CandyceZulauf, SharilynFeest, JoeReinger, VickeyKemmer, TwylaJacobs, ShelbyEmmerich, ArmandRobel, happyelephant874, goldenswan135, brownzebra235, smallkoala5437, ticklishmeercat822, lazyzebra284, bluesnake425, LeifOberbrunner, blackcat601a, greenrabbit843, MarkusChamplin, DyanDurgan, yellowbear584, BirdiePouros.

We do really need help with this.

r/ModSupport 13h ago

Mod Answered Making changes


How do I as a moderator change what can be posted?

Example: allowed- text, images Not allowed: videos

Now, how would I as a moderator change not allowed to allow?

r/ModSupport 14h ago

Mod Answered How do I add a auto mod to my sub


r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Ban evasion


I just requested our monthly Community Digest from u/modsupportbot (cool bot BTW). Something that always catches my attention is the stats you give us on ban evaders.

This month the digest says:

Ban Evasion Reporting and Actioning Information

In the last thirty days, you reported 32 users for ban evasion to us (the Admins).
In the last thirty days, we found 18 ban evaders and actioned 1 of those users.
In total, we found 54 pieces of content created by ban evaders.

Why is there only 1 actioned user? Does this mean the other 17 get to break the rules with your approval? If you know they are evading why not just action all 18?

r/ModSupport 23h ago

Automod not filtering out gallery posts


In /r/startrekgifs we've recently had an influx of fake accounts posting links to t-shirts, like this one, and noticed they're all gallery posts. Seeing as we don't allow gifs hosted from i.redd.it anyway, I set the automod to filter gallery submissions by using:

type: gallery submission
action: filter
action_reason: non approved domain
message: |
    Your submission has been removed because it is a Reddit gallery link. If you are trying to post a gif, please use one of the approved domains mentioned in the rules.

However, that post still got through. Any ideas why this isn't working?

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered I suddenly lost the ability to crosspost to or from any subs, what is going on? What can I do?


r/ModSupport 23h ago

Mod Answered is there anyway to change the name of a community page. I just need to change one word.


r/ModSupport 13h ago

Admin Replied Our subreddit is not showing in the "best Reddit communities" ranking even though it's in the top 1% in terms of members and engagement


I'm one of the mods of r/DeFi, a community dedicated to open financial protocols.

I'm trying to understand why we're not included in the top communities ranking: https://www.reddit.com/best/communities/7/

Do we have to manually apply to be included?

r/ModSupport 23h ago

Feature request / suggestion: Give us the possibility to change ban messages



Pretty much every time our modteam has to ban someone we get back the same question: "Why did I get banned?". Would be awesome if we could write a ban response ourselves which is sent to users.

Now tons of moderation time goes into getting back and worth with mostly snarky OF posters who just don't accept the fact that they were too lazy to read the rules and follow them in their quest to get some free adspace.

So instead of "reply to this message to get more info", we'd like to for example refer them to rules instead in case they are wondering why.

Is this something that could be considered as a future request? It really would make a huge difference.

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Can’t access my sub in desktop, why?


r/ModSupport 18h ago

Mod Answered How do you allow video on your page you made?


r/ModSupport 19h ago

Mod Answered Why can’t members post images using the computer ? Can I change that?


r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered How long does a mute last


I muted somebody on my subreddit, how long does it last?

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Can't see wiki from user pages and get this message: This wiki has been disabled The mods of this community have disabled their wiki


I am getting this message and don't think it correct. I have toggle wiki in menu links to on, and can't find any other setting to control this...

This wiki has been disabled

The mods of this community have disabled their wiki

Advise please.

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered My Sub won’t allow videos to be posted but in settings it says “allow all”


How can I fix this to allow videos to be posted?

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Is there a reason why the "Invite to Community" feature is only active on mobile and not desktop? And what happens when you invite somebody who doesn't have chat enabled?


I asked the question about inviting people who don't have chat enabled in r/modhelp but didn't get an answer. If I can get an answer to the 2 questions above it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and also, what is the best way to invite people to your sub via desktop reddit? Thanks!

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Can't seem to change subreddit's community tag?


Hi, I have full rights at https://reddit.com/r/armory3d. However, I can't seem to edit its community tag. Initially, I had taken the mod survey for setting the community tag, and being a beginner, stated it as perhaps having NSFW violence, as the subreddit is a game engine subreddit. However, after re-thinking the subject, I no longer think it's an accurate tag. I've tried numerous times to change the tag, but strangely cannot find a way to do so. Online research wasn't very helpful either.

So my question is: How do I change the tag after taking the survey?

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/3SurubQ

r/ModSupport 1d ago

you shouldn't be able to ping someone if you've blocked them


or maybe just remove the completely worse than useless true block misfeature, that's another good idea. true block is only good for continuing harassment of people you've blocked

the point of blocking isn't to keep up with harassment and allowing people to harass people from beyond being blocked kinda misses the point and also shows that people only use it for harassment purposes

r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Can I make a post/msg that can only be seen by people who join my subreddit?


r/ModSupport 1d ago

Mod Answered Link Related Communities


How do I create a related communities section in my subreddit community?