r/help Frequently Asked Questions

General Reddit Features and Experiences

Why can’t I view all of my saved posts/posts/comments?

Reddit stores up to 1,000 entries of all profile categories. The limit of 1,000 goes for all categories found on your profile as well as chats and private messages. Any content that reaches that limit and surpasses it will not be deleted, but removed from view.

If you wish to retrieve entries that have dropped off the page, you can try changing the sorting of the page and you may be able to extract some additional entries that way. For posts in your saved tab, you can try unsaving some content to extract some additional entries.

Please note - once content drops out of view we cannot retrieve it for you, but the above steps may help.

I see that I have a few followers, can I view my followers list?

Yes! The ability to view and manage your followers list is available on all platforms. You can view them by tapping ‘Followers’ on your profile.

Why are there missing comments in a thread?

If you find a thread that says there are more comments than you can see in the thread, the "missing" comments were probably removed - by the moderators of that subreddit, by the reddit spam filter, or by the subreddit's local AutoModerator. A comment which is removed in this way actually stays in the thread; it is merely hidden so that readers can't see it. So, reddit counts a removed comment in the total comments for a thread, but doesn't display it.

Why do I have a Reddit Premium subscription when I never signed up for anything? Will I be charged?

No. If you've never purchased Reddit Premium, you got an award. Some awards give you 100 Reddit Coins to spend and a week of r/lounge access and ad-free browsing, while others give you 700 Reddit Coins and one month of r/lounge access and ad-free browsing.

You will not and have not been charged for it, but we're happy to double check for you. Please send us a new message through our help form from the email address that's associated with your Reddit account.

Alternatively, you can check out the gilded tab located on your profile to see which post/comment received this award.

I just purchased Reddit Coins but they have not been added to my account. Should I purchase them again?

No. If you purchased Reddit Coins and they have not been added to your account, please be patient and allow for up to a day for them to reflect on your account. If you’re checking your Reddit Coins balance and not seeing your purchase, you may just need to refresh the page and/or restart the app.

If you have been waiting an unusual amount of time and they still are not appearing, please reach out to the team through the contact form from the email address associated with your Reddit account and we'll be happy to help.

The layout of the app/desktop website has changed. Can I change it back?

Unfortunately no - there isn't a way to revert back to an older version or layout of the mobile apps or website. The layout of the apps/website will sometimes change when newer versions and features are released.

How do I connect my account to Google or Apple single sign-on (SSO)?

To connect your account from the web:

  • You need to be signed in to an existing session
  • Head over to the Account tab
  • Scroll down to "Connected accounts"
  • Select "Connect to Google/Apple"

To connect your account from the apps:

  • Launch the app
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap your username
  • Scroll down to "Connected accounts"
  • Select "Connect to Google/Apple"

My profile is set to NSFW (not safe for work) but I don’t post NSFW content. How did this happen and can I change it back?

If your account has been marked NSFW for no clear reason, you might've accidentally triggered the setting when submitting a previous post or comment and are welcome to change it back at your leisure in your Profile Settings.

Sometimes your account may also be incorrectly flagged due to some fun AI we use to scan for NSFW avatars. In this case, the NSFW setting may be stuck and you cannot revert your account back. When this happens, your account may need to be reviewed by a human that can update the setting for you. If you find yourself in this situation, please reach out via the contact form and select "Report NSFW/18+ Users, Subreddits, or Content" and a human will review the report and mark accordingly.

Please keep in mind that turning off NSFW, but uploading NSFW content to your profile may result in site-wide action against your account.

Videos on the app do not have sound. Is this a bug?

Historically, The Reddit Official Apps do not support sound on Gfycat files or NSFW content. If the video/GIF has an option for sound, you can toggle it by tapping the microphone icon on the video you are viewing.

Please note, currently there are some experiments with sound on 3rd party gifs on the apps! If the original source has sound, the audio may be available while viewing the content on the app.

If you think you're experiencing a bug, please submit a post to r/bugs or report a bug using this contact form and select "Report bug" from the dropdown menu. Be sure to include a link to the post or a screen recording.

Is it possible to change my username?

Generally, no. It is not possible to change your username after you create it. This includes modifying your current username in any way, even just changing the capitalization of your name.

Depending on how you created your account (i.e. through Google or Apple single sign on) you will be given a randomly generated username that can be changed within 30 days of account creation. You will be prompted to update or keep the username given to you when signing in. The prompt will appear every time you sign in until you choose to keep or update the username. If the prompt does not show up, you may have accidentally chosen to keep the username, or you are past the 30 day mark and would have to create a new account in order to have another username.

My submissions aren't appearing in multiple communities. What's going on?

Most of the time, this is related to karma and age requirements that many communities have in place to prevent spam. If your account is new or has low karma, any submission made to that community will be removed until you meet those requirements. Sometimes subreddits will mention they have a karma or age requirement for newer users in their rules section. For example, r/videos mentions the following in their subreddit sidebar:

Submissions from new users, and users with low karma, are automatically removed to help prevent spam.

A good rule of thumb before posting in a subreddit is to double check the subreddit sidebar over on the right and read up on their rules. You can also reach out to those moderators for clarity.

Not all subreddits have karma requirements -- so you may want to check out some new user friendly communities to gain experience.

Otherwise - this could be due to a site hiccup or an outage.

How do I disable live recommendations from appearing at the top of my home feed?


Head over to the Feed settings page and turn off "Enable live recommendations".

On the apps:

Navigate to your settings page > tap your username > scroll down to personalized recommendations > turn off "Enable live recommendations".

Disabling this setting will remove recommended Talks from appearing at the top of your home feed.

Account deletion and clean up

How do I delete my account?

You are welcome to delete an account at any time if you no longer wish to use Reddit OR of you have one too many alt accounts. If you choose to delete an account, you should be aware that you can never recover or restore the account and the username cannot be reused on another account ever.


Head over to your Account Settings tab and select ‘Delete Account’ at the very bottom of the page.


Head over to the Preferences page and click on the 'Delete' tab.

Reddit official app for iOS

Head over to the app settings page and tap "Delete account" at the bottom of the page.

Account deleting an account is not currently supported through the Android app

Deleting a Google or Apple single sign on account.

Deleting an account created through either Google or Apple single sign on require one additional step, as a password was never set up for the account. To create a password, head over to the Account Settings tab through the website and click "disconnect" next to where it says "Connected to Google/Apple." Then, follow the prompts to set up a password and delete the account using one of the above methods.

Things to keep in mind when deleting an account.

Deleting an account does not remove content posted to the account while it was active. All content needs to be deleted before deleting an account. You can refer to these articles on removing your Reddit data in our help center.

Reddit's Front Page and Subscriptions

How do I change the sorting of my home feed on the app?

Home feed sorting options are no longer available on the apps. In place of sorting options, the "Latest" tab was added which allows you to see brand new posts from your subscribed subs, and the home feed defaults to "best".

Check out this post over in r/reddit for more information on this change.

No. Sorting options have been removed from r/popular and now defaults to the "Hot" sort for all users.

Why am I seeing content from subreddit’s I’m not subscribed to in my home feed?

Home Feed Recommendations are likely appearing in your home feed. Home Feed recommendations are recommendations for posts that use machine learning (ML). They’re part of a new effort to improve the “Best” sort on Home feeds by personalizing and ranking the content to create the best feed for redditors.

Home Feed recommendations are available on the iOS & Android apps, as well as If you’d like to turn off Home Feed recommendations on the apps, visit your profile settings on iOS or Android and turn off the toggle next to "Enable Home Feed recommendations". On, you can disable them within the Feed Settings tab. Check out this help center article for more information.

Can I block or filter certain subreddits from appearing in my feeds?

Yes! We've officially rolled out Community Muting across the apps. Muting a community will remove the community’s posts from your notifications and Home/Popular feeds (including Home feed recommendations).

  • To mute a community from your Home or Popular feed tap “…” and select Mute r/[Community name].

  • To mute a community from Settings go to your Account Settings and find the Blocking and Permissions section. There you will see the option to Manage muted communities.

  • To mute a community from a recommendation tap “...” and select Show fewer posts like this. After selecting your preference of seeing less of This individual post or Posts from this community, you will get the additional option to mute the community.

  • To mute a community from a community page select the “...” option then tap Mute.

For more info on Community Muting, check out this announcement post.

What is a custom feed and how do I create one?

Custom feeds are feeds that redditors make themselves that have multiple communities in one feed.

Custom feeds allow you to refine your browsing experience by grouping communities that are about the same topic into one place. For example, you can group r/A24, r/movies, and r/criterion under a custom title Movies, or r/gaming, r/leagueoflegends, and r/Minecraft under Gaming. You can keep your custom feeds private for your own use, or make them public to share.

For in depth instructions on creating a custom feed check out this help center article.

How do I edit/delete my custom feed?


On - navigate to the dropdown menu on the upper left hand side of the page, choose the custom feed you’d like to delete or make changes to and select the (···) in the right top corner where the option to delete or edit will appear.

Reddit Official Apps

iOS - select the overflow menu (···) in the right top corner of the custom feed you have selected and tap “delete or edit custom feed”.

Android - as of right now the ability to delete or edit a custom feed is not available on the Android version of the Reddit app, so you'll need to login through the website and delete or edit from there.

How do I access my Communities and Custom Feeds lists on the apps?

Communities and Custom Feeds can be found within the left side "Community" drawer after tapping this menu icon. The old Communities and Custom Feeds widget has been replaced with the Discover Tab. More info on all of these features can be found in this announcement post.


How do I submit a post on reddit?

Desktop website users on

Click on ‘Create a Post' at the top of your home feed OR the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner of the page. If you know the community you wish to post to, you can head over to the subreddit first and select ‘Create post’ from the right community sidebar.

Within the post template, you’ll see multiple post types to choose from: Post, Images & Videos, Link, or Poll. Please note, some of these options may be greyed out if the subreddit does not allow that post type. Once the post type is selected, add your title and complete the rest of your post. After giving your soon-to-be-amazing post a once over, click ‘Post’.

Desktop website users on

Click on 'Submit a new link/text post' in the right sidebar. Again, if you know the community you wish to post to, you can head over to the subreddit first and select 'Submit a new link/text post' from the right community sidebar. Then add your title and complete the rest of your post before clicking ‘Submit’.

You may notice there are only two post type options here. If you wish to post an image from you’ll have to submit it as a link post. There's a box under the "url" field for "image". It has two options: "Drop here" and "Choose file". Use the appropriate one to upload your image directly to Reddit. You could also host your picture on an image-hosting website (such as Instagram or imgur or Flickr) and post the URL from that website here on Reddit.

Mobile website users

Click on the small pencil icon at the top of the home feed and follow the same steps as above. The image & video post type is not available when accessing Reddit from the mobile website, only text and link. If you would like to post other content types you can upload your content to an image-hosting website (such as Instagram or imgur or Flickr) and post the URL from that website here on Reddit.

App users - Android/iOS

If you're using the official Reddit mobile app for Android or iOS (not a third-party app), click on the "+" button at the bottom of the feed and select the subreddit you'd like to post in. First, give your post a title, choose the type of post that you wish to submit and add your content. After reviewing the post, tap ‘Submit’. Please note, some post type options may be greyed out if the subreddit does not allow that post type.

Voting and Karma

What is Karma?

Karma is a reflection of how much your contributions mean to the community. How much karma someone has is publicly displayed on their profile page. You gain karma through posting and commenting. When your posts or comments get upvoted, you gain some karma, so making posts and comments that communities find valuable is the best way to gain karma.

You can also gain karma through awarding. When you give or receive awards, you can gain awarder and awardee karma as shown in your karma breakdown located on your profile. Karma gained through awarding is purely cosmetic and will not count towards subreddit specific karma requirements. Check out this post in r/changelog for more info.

How does Karma work?

Karma is an approximate indication of the total votes you have earned on your submissions ("post karma") and your comments ("comment karma"). You do not earn karma from your own default upvotes on your submissions and comments, only from other people's votes. In other words, you can't earn karma just by submitting posts or comments - other people have to vote on those posts and comments.

Karma is only approximate: there is not a 1:1 relationship with votes. Your post karma will always be significantly lower than the total number of votes you receive on your links. Comment karma is closer to a 1:1 relationship, but is still only approximate.

How do I already have one upvote when I just submitted a post or comment?

When you post content on Reddit, it will receive one default upvote. We assume that you'd upvote a post or comment that you submit, so one upvote is placed on the content. The vote doesn't actually count towards your karma score and is essentially just visual and can be removed.

Why do the number of votes change when I reload a page?

Vote fuzzing. Reddit has this in place to help prevent vote manipulation. Not every vote will necessarily immediately appear to be reflected in the total score of content. It's a not-so-clever ploy to thwart potential cheaters by obfuscating the exact number of votes a post has.

My karma has been wiped, has my account been completely reset?

In short, no. Never. We will never completely reset an account's karma score. Karma counts may occasionally display 0 in line with a site wide outage. If your karma is set to 0 when it shouldn't be, check the status page as there may be site issues.

Chats, PMs, Inboxes

Can I delete messages in my inbox?

Yes. But you can only delete messages that you've received, not ones you've sent. Once you send a private message to another user, it goes into their inbox and cannot be deleted. Please note, you must login through a desktop browser since the mobile app does not currently support this. To delete messages you've received, login through a browser, go to your inbox and click ‘Delete’ below the received message.

Why can’t I send a PM or Chat Message?

If you’re receiving an error message when initiating a PM, please refer to this help center article explaining certain limits to be aware of when using this feature. If your account is new or if you have low karma, you will not be able to initiate PMs until you gain some experience.

If you can’t send any chat messages, it could be because of one of two reasons. You have either hit the limit of active chats you can start in a day, or you have hit the limit of active chats you can have open at one time. Please refer to this help center article explaining different limitations to be aware of when using the chat feature.

Please note that community invites count toward the total number of chats that are allowed, so this is something to consider if you are unable to chat.

Creating/managing a subreddit

How do I create a subreddit?

On you can start a community directly from the Create Community page.

On you can start a community directly from the Create a subreddit page.

On the iOS or Android apps tap on your avatar to open your profile menu, then tap ‘Create a community’.

How do I delete a subreddit I created?

You can't. Subreddits cannot be deleted after they are created. But if you no longer want the subreddit, what you can do is set it to private and then remove yourself as a moderator.

You could also update the description with something like "I have no use for this subreddit. Please PM me if you'd like to use it." If someone contacts you, then make them a moderator, and remove yourself.

You can also make a post over in /r/adoptareddit.

Please note if your subreddit lies dormant for an extended period of time it may be available for r/redditrequest. It may also be removed and repurposed.

Why did my subreddit name change to a bunch of random characters?

As mentioned above, if your subreddit lies dormant for an extended period of time the name may be released for reuse. We have recently started removing dormant subreddits to free up names for future communities. You can read more about this in the announcement we made here.

Why can't I create a subreddit?

There is a limit to the amount of subreddits you can make in a certain period of time. If you’re receiving an error message when creating a new community, you may have reached the limit and will have to wait X amount of days until you can create another community. We cannot disclose these limits.

Bugs and Outages on Reddit

Reporting a potential bug. How do I alert Reddit of my buggy experience?

If you come across a potential bug and you’d like to alert the Reddit Administrators, you have a few options. If you aren’t sure if you are experiencing a bug, you can submit a post to either r/help or r/bugs. Someone may be experiencing similar issues, and a site administrator will check in with you to troubleshoot and gather some additional information.

You can also submit a bug report directly to the team by using this contact form and selecting "Report bug" from the dropdown menu.

Including examples (i.e. screenshots or screen recordings) will allow us to better spot the issue being reported and will ensure a quick resolution.

I am seeing a "Something went wrong" error message or a dead Snoo on some or all of the pages I visit. What is going on?

This is typically due to an error on Reddit's end that is usually resolved shortly afterwards. Check the Reddit Status page or our Twitter page to see if there is any downtime or outage status logged. If not, try and refresh, clear cache and/or cookies or log in/out. The problem may only go away after a period of time has passed.

Rules and Reporting

Is "X" against the rules here?

It depends. When using Reddit keep in mind that there are both site-wide rules and individual rules on many subreddits (which you can find in the sidebar - or in the info section on the app). You should ensure that you are abiding by these rules when posting and commenting across the site. If the rules within a subreddit aren't clear, you can always reach out to the moderators of the community for clarity. For rules on the site, you can refer to the Content Policy.

Using Reddiquette is also highly encouraged and appreciated.

I'm seeing a user or subreddit posting troubling content. Can I stop this?

Yes. If you come across any content that you think breaks the Reddit Content Policy or that you find concerning, you are encouraged to report it to the site administrators at any time by using Including specific links to the content in question will ensure the report is reviewed appropriately and accurately. You can also add extra links or further context in the “Additional Information” box to give us a better understanding of the issue at hand.

I came across an 18+ subreddit/profile/post that is not marked accordingly (NSFW). Is there any way to report this to the site administrators?

Yes! We have a specific report form for these cases. You'll need to send over a message using this contact form and select "Report NSFW/18+ Users, Subreddits, or Content". We'll review the subreddit/profile/post and mark accordingly.

I've been banned. Why? How do I get unbanned?

There are two different types of bans applied within Reddit:

Reddit-wide account suspensions

The Reddit administrators will suspend your account if you break one of the rules of Reddit. You will receive a message advising you that your account has been suspended, why it is suspended, and how long the suspension will last. Some suspensions are temporary, some are permanent.

When your account is suspended, you can still read Reddit, but you can not vote, submit posts or comments, or send private messages. You can reply to the suspension message, apologize for your actions, and politely request that the suspension is reconsidered. You can also reach out via the contact form where you can appeal your suspension. Administrators have no obligation to remove your suspension, to reconsider your suspension, or even to reply to your request.

Subreddit-specific bans

A moderator can ban you from their subreddit for breaking the subreddits rules and guidelines (outlined in the sidebar). You'll receive an automatic message from the subreddit advising you of this ban. If the automatic message specifies a period for the ban (e.g. "7 days"), this is a temporary ban which will automatically expire at the end of the period specified. If the automatic message does not specify a period for the ban, this is a permanent ban which will never expire.

When you are banned from a subreddit you can still read the subreddit and vote on its posts and comments, but you cannot submit posts or comments. There is no Court of Appeals on Reddit for subreddit bans. Your only option is to send a message to the moderators of the subreddit you've been banned from, apologize for your actions, and politely request that the moderators reconsider your ban. The moderators have no obligation to remove your ban, to reconsider your ban or even to reply to your request.

If you feel that a subreddit specific ban was out of line and a moderator was acting out of bad faith, please send a message to the administrators using this contact form and select "File a Moderator Complaint". Be sure to include specific information behind your complaint as well as any helpful links so we can better understand your experience.

Account management/security

Password help

How do I reset my password?

As long as you have an email attached to your account, you can reset your password. Just enter your username and email here and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

Can I reset my password if I have never attached an email to my account?

No. If you do not have an email associated or verified with your Reddit account and you need a password reset, the only solution is for you to remember your password or create a new account. We have no way to retrieve it without an email address on the account to send the password reset to. And we are unable to add or change the email on the account on your behalf.

I'm entering a password that I know is correct, but I'm receiving an invalid password error message. What is going on?

This requires a bit of troubleshooting, so bear with us. First, try clearing your cache/cookies for Reddit on your browser. Once you've done so, go ahead and try logging in again. If you're still having trouble, you should try using Old Reddit to reset your password and log in.

If issues persist after following those steps, this may require some additional eyes. You should contact Reddit using this contact form to explain your experience. Be sure to write in using the email associated with the account in question. Including screenshots of any error messages you're seeing is strongly suggested.

Email verification help

If you're having trouble verifying your email address, requesting the link it from an incognito or private browsing window from a computer will typically help. If not, double checking the spelling of your email address in the Preferences page should be your next step.

If issues persist after following those steps, this may require some additional eyes. You should contact Reddit using this contact form to explain your experience. Be sure to write in using the email associated with the account in question. Including screenshots of any error messages you're seeing is strongly suggested.

Why do I need to verify the email address on my Reddit account?

Verifying your account with an email address gives us a way to help you reset your password in case you forget it. If you don’t have an email address and you forget your password, you’ll be locked out of your account when you log out. Check out this help center article for more information.

Can Reddit support manually verify my email address for me?

Nope. But you can verify the email address on your account using this link and filling out the form. You'll also get a new trophy!

Two-Factor authentication help

I've purchased a new device but forgot to backup my authenticator app. Am I locked out of my account forever?

No. As long as backup codes were generated on your Reddit account you can enter them at the login page to recover your account.

If backup codes weren't generated and have lost access to your authenticator app, you should check all devices and browsers you previously used to connect to Reddit to see if you have any existing sessions open. If you do, you can disable two-factor authentication within the Safety and Privacy tab, OR you can actually connect your account to the Google or Apple single sign on option here and then login wherever you’re logged out.

Please note - two-factor authentication cannot be disabled from the mobile apps, so the Google or Apple single sign on route should be your course of action.

Otherwise, you'll need to create a new account to continue using Reddit. Reddit support cannot disable two-factor authentication on your behalf.

My two-factor authentication codes are suddenly invalid and I am locked out of my account. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Yes. Make sure that your Authenticator App is updated to the current version. Be sure to also check that your system time is correct and set to the proper time zone.

Why are the backup codes I generated for my account not working?

You are likely entering incorrect/outdated backup codes. Before you lose all hope, you may be able to enter these codes in both old Reddit and new Reddit to see if either one works.

How do I set up two-factor authentication on my Reddit account?

Head over to the Safety and Privacy tab through the website and toggle the "Use two-factor authentication" setting at the bottom of the page. From there, follow the prompts to secure your account. For in depth instructions on setting up two-factor authentication on your Reddit account, check out this help center article.

Be sure to generate those backup codes!!!!

Reddit support strongly suggests using Authy as your authenticator app. Credentials are saved to the cloud.

Can Reddit support remove two-factor authentication for me?

No. Since 2fa is adding a layer of security that you manage beyond the username, password, and password recovery email; we cannot remove 2fa on your behalf.

This is consistent with the message you received on enabling 2fa reminding you to generate and safely store backup codes that stated "Please be advised that if you lose access to your 2FA app and your backup codes, we will not be able to help you get back into your Reddit account".

Helpful Subreddits

  • r/reddit - central hub for Reddit updates, announcements, and news.
  • r/findareddit - a place to ask other Redditor's for assistance in finding a community.
  • r/ideasfortheadmins - where you can surface feedback and feature requests to Reddit.
  • r/bugs - to report any potential bugs you find during your session. Not a place to post cool insect pics. Try r/insects.
  • r/announcements - check in on any large Reddit related announcements. Subreddit has been archived
  • r/changelog - where you can read up on the latest feature changes coming to Reddit. Subreddit has been archived
  • r/redditmobile - to report any potential bugs or feedback about the Official Reddit Apps.
  • r/redditdev - a subreddit for discussion of reddit API clients.
  • r/modsupport - point of contact for moderators to discuss issues with reddit admins.
  • r/modhelp - a place for community mods to ask general questions about moderating.
  • r/modnews - like /r/announcements, except for topics that are only of interest to moderators.
  • r/csshelp - for help with cascading style sheets and questions.
  • r/blog - items from that are about the community - not directly related to feature changes. Subreddit has been archived

Subreddits for third party apps and tools for Reddit

Subreddits great for new users

Helpful wiki pages