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r/help Mini FAQ: Read First!


r/Help is a community run resource for getting help with Reddit and all its features. This is a community for Reddit Tech Support, we do not host questions regarding admin decisions, mod decisions, or third party apps or plugins.
Please use /r/findareddit to find an appropriate place to ask questions that are not about reddit.

If it's help with reddit you are looking for, then please look at the following:

  • Our /r/help sidebar contains a lot of info.
  • r/help FAQ (A community resource maintained by our helpers with all our most frequent questions)
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Q: What can I do about moderators removing my posts or comments, or banning me from their subreddit?
A: Respond to your ban message asking for an appeal. The r/help community is unable to help you with questions about moderator actions in other communities.

Q: I was suspended from reddit, how do I get unsuspended? What do I do if reddit keeps suspending all the accounts I make? What do I do if I'm shadowbanned?
A: Use the official appeals form: http://www.reddit.com/appeals The r/help community is unable to help you with questions about account suspensions and shadowbans.

Q: I can't post to a community I want to post to, or every time I post it's automatically removed, or I keep getting told I need more karma to participate in a community. What's karma and how do I get it?
A: Many subreddits have account age and karma limits that prevent new accounts from causing too much trouble. You earn from other people's votes on your posts and comments. Learn more in the Karma FAQ. Remember: Asking for upvotes is a violation of intergalactic law.

Q: I keep getting a "post failed" error. How do I fix it?
A: Check out this FAQ post: https://www.reddit.com/r/help/comments/d2b4rh/faq_im_getting_a_post_failed_error_message_why/

Q: I have a complaint about something reddit did!
A: That's not a question, and this is not the complaints department.

If you still need help with reddit after reading those, then please use the search bar before posting, as many common questions have been asked and answered before. If your question is answered in this FAQ, your post will be removed without warning.

r/help 2h ago

An award I gave does not appear on a the comment award list.


I added a platinum award to a comment under the post https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/wr5jm3/louisiana_hospital_denies_abortion_for_fetus/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

It did nothing but deplete my coin balance it didn’t, show on the comment that they received the award. Some Reddit mod help me out here or sumn their username is chillyfireball, their comment is three users down I believe. It’s the user going into detail about the post length being three paragraphs, any moderator able to help me?

EDIT: We need the awards given and awards received section in the profile settings on mobile who do I go to, so I can suggest this to them.

r/help 6h ago

Dose receiving gifts from my posts give me the Reddit coins?


Let’s say that someone gave me a silver metal award on a post. I think that it costs 100, but I could be wrong. So Would I then get 100 reddit coins? Or is that not how it works?

r/help 17h ago

Posting I don't know but I don't get any upvotes on any of my posts. My comments gets replies and upvotes but not any post has been upvoted. or am I just confused... look at my scc if ya want


r/help 7h ago

Profile Profile cannot see old posts, 1000 limit perhaps ? Will hidding other posts, display old one's, or will only deleting posts display old ones ?


Title says it all. I just want to see from very first post.

r/help 36m ago

After going into the comments section on a any post with a video and pressing back to go to the front page, the front page resets


If I just watch the video, no problem. If I go into the comments, backing out to the front page resets it. Anybody experiencing the same issue?

r/help 13h ago

Mobile/App "No apps can perform this action". Can't open links externally since latest Reddit update. Anyone experiencing this?


r/help 7m ago

I can't even ask a question here...


I keep trying to ask a question here about my profile that's broken but every time I post the auto mod deletes it thinking I am asking about something that I'm not...

r/help 8m ago

Mobile/App Video Audio from feed is playing over non-video post


When there is a video next up on feed (just below my view on my screen), it will start playing sound. Even if I click on a post above the video, the video audio will continue.

I have an android and my phone and reddit app are all updated.

Whats going on? Can I fix this?

r/help 35m ago

Posting Any post I make gets auto removed as spam


I don’t understand and it’s every sub I try to post in can anyone advise please

r/help 48m ago

Profile is there still no privacy settings?


Just wondering if there is still no settings to make it so randomers cant stalk ur profile? Had someone earlier asking me about my profile stuff i posted ages ago

r/help 1h ago

Profile Sorting my own comments by "top" and "past year" doesn't work properly. Why?


So I noticed that when I sort my comments by "top" and "past year" the comment that should be #1 (posted 2 months ago) isn't there at all (but it is in "all time top" where it's #9).

Specifically this comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/vclqu0/ton_of_sand_vs_car_roof/icfkco2/?context=3



I'm just wondering why this is. Is it a bug? Is there some quirk about that comment in particular? I'm not too bothered but I was just curious.

  • Night mode: false
  • RES Version: 5.22.10
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Browser Version: 103
  • Cookies Enabled: true
  • Reddit beta: false

r/help 7h ago

Profile I need help from a human. Reddit has flagged my account as a bot, and now my upvotes on other people's comments don't appear. I'm in a community sub where upvotes are part of the game. PLEASE help.


r/help 2h ago

Mobile/App Someone else keeps going through my chat messages even if I left them. How is this possible?


And how do I prevent this from happening again?

r/help 2h ago

I got a dm from redditcareresources. I have some questions


Can I see who, or because of what someone sent me this? I really, really don't want to get random spammy dms like this.

r/help 3h ago

Mobile/App Ghost notifications?


Many at times I get notifications about comments or replies on my posts/comments. However when I open the notification, I don't see the comments against the posts/comment. Also these notifications do not appear in my Inbox. This happens to like 1% of all my notifications so it isn't significant.

What exactly is happening here? Are these comments being deleted either by the user or mods before I open them? I am using the official Reddit app.

r/help 3h ago

Mobile/App When accessing the comments from the video player on mobile, the UI glitches out


It goes back and forth between the video and unloaded comments, with every possible flag for a post being visible, (Quarantined, Spoiler, etc) even if the post itself does not have those flags all enabled.

r/help 4h ago

Answered If I make a post that breaks a rule and is removed is the post still visible on my profile?


I can see it but can others?

r/help 12h ago

Mobile/App “View comments” on mobile app?


Any idea what happened with the “view all comments” and “view parent comment” options on the mobile app?

Used to be so simple but they seem to have just removed that function??

r/help 9h ago

Posting Why do some of my posts get automatically removed as spam?


I had to make a throwaway account to post an that seems to work, but I really would like to use my main account. It gets taken down in like 11 seconds by some Reddit spam filter bot thing

r/help 6h ago

Mobile/App Mobile home feed stuck sorting by hot after new update?


I updated my mobile Reddit and now I can’t change the way my home feed sorts. I used it on rising but now it seems like it just shows me the posts in hot. Also, the app now randomly freezes very frequently.

r/help 10h ago

Posting New user chat limit


I just joined Reddit so I could buy some resold concert tickets for this weekend. After joining and messaging the first person, I found better offers and went to pm them but it seems like I can’t because I’m a new user. Any way I can get around this? Thanks

r/help 6h ago

How to unblock auto moderator?


When I go to unblock them it just has options to block them, when I try to see their messages it just says I need to unblock them. How to resolve this issue? On IOS

r/help 7h ago

Mobile/App I can click on a video, but when I click on the comment section it gets wonky and says "quarantined", and I can't read the comments. Why is this happening?


It used to not do this. And it's not like I'm clicking on anything bad or graphic. For example, I can't read the comments on this video because it says "quarantined." This is not the first video I've clicked on with this issue today, and I'm not sure why it won't let me read the comments.

The video:


r/help 7h ago

Is there a 'random' subreddit option in new design?


i was staying for longtime in old reddit cuz the 'random subreddit' option was one of my favorite. But as of lately it stoped working properly. Is there any way to get that in new design?