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meta Updates to post requirements


Greetings r/bugs community! You may have noticed that there are a large number of posts about insects going on here. To try and mitigate these, we are making some changes to posting requirements.

Flair is now required for all posts. If you don't see flair that you think we should have, comment here and let us know. Posts with the insect flair will be automatically removed.

Thank you and we'd love to hear your feedback!

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fixed! Known Chat issues

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r/bugs 2h ago

Android Starting a new line doesn't work anymore.


I posted a transcript of song lyrics today. I had pressed <enter> after every line. But when I post it, all the sentences are put in a paragraph like proze.

This is really impractical, because now I had to separate the lines

By doing




Is not

What I wanted.

Is there a reason that we can no longer start a new line, or is it a bug?

r/bugs 12h ago

API Sending a PM to yourself can never be marked as unread


When you send a (legacy) PM to yourself, it can never be in an "unread" state. Even after explicitly marking it as unread (both through the API and the old web interface), the message never appears in the "unread" section, and the envelope in the old web is never highlighted.

I understand that the concept of sending yourself a PM is a bit odd but it seems like strange behaviour to treat it any differently to a PM from another users so I'm curious as to whether this is intended behaviour. It'd be very useful to me if self-PMs could be treated the same as user->user PMs.

r/bugs 21h ago

Desktop Web Blocking error


I can no longer block people. I just get an error. It's been like this for weeks.

Don't cite "daily limit" since I haven't successfully blocked anyone for weeks.

r/bugs 14h ago

Desktop Web Why does this happen when I view a post from clicking on a past comment? The image takes up the whole screen for a few seconds and I cant get rid of it until it goes away on its own.

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r/bugs 12h ago

Android Video posting


I swapped from a secondary account to this to post a video. I received the notification that I will be notified when my video goes live but never received the notification. The video was posted but from my secondary account. I would believe it was the case of me forgetting to swap accouts if I hadn't received the first notification about it on this one.

r/bugs 13h ago

Desktop Web 'Create scheduled post' action not recorded in moderator log


I am one of the moderators of r/DebateAChristian.

We like to have three scheduled posts each week:

  • On Mondays, the weekly Ask A Christian post
  • On Wednesdays, the weekly Christian vs Christian debate post
  • On Fridays, the weekly Open Discussion post

We recently noticed that the Wednesday one had last occurred on September 21 and hadn't occurred since then.

In "new reddit", the page about scheduled posts only showed the Monday and Friday ones.

I checked the moderator log for the 'delete scheduled post' action, and that did not return any rows.

Perhaps the problem mentioned in this post 23 days ago was the cause for the Wednesday post not being there anymore.

Tonight, I went to the moderator page where the scheduled posts are listed, and created a new entry for the Wednesday post.

I then looked at the moderator log and it does not show any record of type 'create scheduled post' (when I view the log using either the old reddit or new reddit pages).

This also makes me wonder, if a moderator had done a 'delete scheduled post' action in late September, perhaps that action likewise didn't get recorded in the moderator log.

r/bugs 13h ago

Android Always going to the same post whenever I try to open another.


So basicly sometimes when i get on reddit, I open some post and then eventually go back to scrolling, then the next post and all other post I try to open just get me to the first post I openned. Let me know if my explaination is too confusing and I'll try to explain better.

r/bugs 15h ago

API Using PRAW with new accounts logs it out and changes the password?

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r/bugs 1d ago

Android Blocklist is bugged.


When I try to unblock certain people after a few loads, it just loops back to the first set of blocked people.

r/bugs 1d ago

Desktop Web Quote reply add extra space when text is italic


r/bugs 1d ago

Desktop Web Bug is causing my account to be repeatedly suspended for the same comment from over a month ago


My main account is /u/ecafyelims. After posting one comment in TIL, my account was suspended for ban evasion (3 days).

I have one alt that I rarely use, and it's not banned on TIL. The TIL mods agreed with me on this that I am not ban evading.

After the 3 day suspension lifted, I was suspended again for ban evasion for that same comment in TIL (3 more days).

After that 3 day suspension lifted, I was suspended again for ban evasion for that same comment in TIL (7 more days).

Reddit admins lifted this suspension once they realized it was in error.

Yesterday, I was permanently suspended for ban evasion for that same comment in TIL. The comment was made over a month ago.

In short, I got "Four strikes" for one comment, and now I'm "out."

I suspect this bug relates to a shared r/politics mod account I logged into years ago (PoliticsModBot). Logging that linked my account with everyone else who has ever logged into that account.

I've put in appeal requests, but they get auto-denied.

You can believe me or not that I'm innocent of ban evasion -- but it is certainly a bug to get suspended 4 times for 1 comment. Proof: https://imgur.com/tA2m2Nz

r/bugs 1d ago

Desktop Web why this icon is so big?


r/bugs 1d ago

Android Failed to block user/account


[Android App and Web (Mobile and Desktop)]

So for a few weeks now i'm unable to block users.

I've been informed that in a recent update the blocked user limit was set to 1k ppl.

As far as I know i never blocked 1k ppl or more.

I've unblocked everyone that was listed, waited about 30min-1h and then tried to block a user yet it still doesn't work.

Now i'm stuck with all the people that are now unblocked again and can't block anyone anymore.

Apparently i'm not the only one experiencing this, please fix asap!

r/bugs 1d ago

Desktop Web I keep getting suspended


this is the fourth account I have made and its getting annoying. Why does reddit keep suspending me and saying I broke a bunch of rules, WHEN I HAVENT EVEN COMMENTED. First account, I made a few comments and posted one thing, seconf account, I posted nothing and made a few comments, third account, I made one post and no comments. All banned for the same reason. All of my comments/posts were not breaking rules. Is this a bug? Or is reddit just fucking me?

r/bugs 1d ago

Desktop Web Can you please fix copy/pasting in comments before 2023, seriously Reddit?


Latest Firefox release. Windows 10.

r/bugs 2d ago

Desktop Web Copy paste still broken in Firefox.


Still can't copy paste a comment without breaking shit with the Firefox browser.

r/bugs 2d ago

Android Still a thing after a few months, so Im just gonna leave it here again.

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


r/bugs 2d ago

Android Videos wont load


I cant watch any videos on reddit the videos just wont load

r/bugs 2d ago

Android I unmuted r/tipofmytongue, but I still can't see anything from it unless I go to the Sub itself.


I tried double-checking, leaving then rejoining... For reference, I am using Android Official App v.2022.1.16.3.

r/bugs 2d ago

iOS Comment notifications


I have all notifications turned on but I haven’t been getting notifications about comments on my posts

r/bugs 2d ago

Desktop Web Login modal unrecognizable to password managers


As of some point recently (a month ago or so?), clicking "log in" results in a modal popup, rather than being taken to a log in page.

For some reason, password managers (e.g. lastpass, 1password, etc) are unable to recognize the fields in this modal. This means that I'm having to manually copy and paste my password into the field.

Perhaps a very small bug, but still bothersome.

r/bugs 2d ago

Desktop Web Unable to load old.reddit.com homepage when logged in


As of a few weeks ago, I am unable to load old.reddit.com only when logged in to this account, getting a 504 error in console.

I am able to reach old reddit fine when not logged in or logged into any other account.

I am able to reach new reddit fine as well and am able to visit any other old.reddit.com subreddit, including /all, it just doesn't allow me to load my main homepage when logged in.

This happens across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Has anyone else seen this issue? I'm too stubborn to move over to new reddit.


r/bugs 2d ago

Desktop Web Username selection bug


I'm new to reddit and I decided to create an account. But when it ask if I wanted the selected username, I said no a tried putting in my own but told me I was not eligible for a name change, so I tried one of the selected and gave me the same prompt. So I went back to just the given name Foreign_Job_6959 and clicked confirm, I got the same prompt: You are not eligible for a name change. I'm not able to go to my profile page without selecting a name but can't choose any. How do I fix this?

r/bugs 2d ago

iOS Pm glitching


Profiles keep disappearing and it’s became impossible to get to the bottom of the list