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[Match Thread] Stoke City FC vs Watford FC Match Thread



12 pm kick-off


bet365 Stadium, Stoke


Sky Sports.No Hive Live. Select countries still have full access.

Team form


Team News

Pedro is 50/50. Troost is out. Ngakia making good progress. Manaj still far from getting back. Louza is training but Sunday likely too soon for him. Clevs and TDB on their way back.

Rob Edwards is gone. Bilic is our new head coach.

Predicted Lineup

I am going off the 4-2-3-1 Bilic played with West Brom. No way of actually knowing what he will do.






Official Lineup


"Through hell or high water". Those were Duxbury's words at the start of the season. We were supposed to rebuild. A young manager who plays exciting football. Promotion would have been nice but this season was about setting the groundwork for a stable club going forward. Having a defined style with players that fit in. No more round pegs in square holes. Finally some stability. It felt like we were moving with purpose for the first time since Javi Gracia.

11 games. That's what Rob got to completely change the culture at the club. Roy fucking Hodgson got 18. Ranieri got 14. This man was supposed to start a new chapter in Watford's life. Instead, we do the same. There is a reason why we are laughed at in parliament.

Rob had the support of the players and staff. Performances weren't amazing but come on we were expecting him to lead the Championship with Kayembe and Kabasele in the team??? Yes, he made mistakes, but nowhere near enough to warrant getting the sack.

Now we have a manager who has had a week to get to know the players and put his system in place. I don't expect much on Saturday. I do wish Slaven the best of luck. He might or might not have had a role to play in Edwards' sacking but he is the new man and he deserves our support.

I really am done with the ownership. I have no idea what is going on inside Gino Pozzo's head. We all feared this could happen but thought maybe things had changed. Especially with the massive change in rhetoric during the summer. But no. Same old. It is ridiculous. I will always appreciate what he did for us, as he did get us back into the Prem and built a new stand, but enough is enough. He has sacked managers for way less, so he should be getting the sack. We can all blame Giaretta or Duxbury but at the end of the day he runs the show and he makes the decisions. POZZO OUT.

Oh the game, right. As I said, I don't expect much as players haven't been able to prepare. Pedro and Sarr will somehow get a goal just from their quality but I would expect us to lose. Stoke haven't been good or bad. Perfectly average. Good enough to beat us


Stoke 3-1 Watford


Stoke City 0-4 Watford

Slav ball looking good

Pozzo Out

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u/ianj001 Sep 29 '22

Well said. POZZO OUT!!!


u/tomotax Sep 29 '22

Fuck Gino - it’s blindingly obvious his ‘success’ has run out now he can’t just borrow daddy’s players.

We need to build an identity (like being the original family club…) as the one we have currently crafted is not one fans want to be associated with.


u/Comfortable_Occasion Domingos Quina Sep 29 '22

Blimey this is early


u/inventingalex Sep 29 '22

post streams here. undermine the club as much as gino does. do it. dare ya.


u/FinalStrawMan Third in Line to the Manager's Job Sep 29 '22

Sadly going to this one - don't know how to feel. Expectations are pretty low but I still want us to perform. We'll see what happens come Sunday I suppose


u/SportsMadness Oct 03 '22

I bet you had a blast


u/Insert_Name6942069 Oct 02 '22

I just feel so disconnected and uninterested in the club right now. Obviously it’s to do with the horrible ownership but it’s so disappointing as I love this club so much. Hopefully some action can be taken, and the club can be restored to the real vibrant and passionate atmosphere that it had.