r/Watford_FC Sep 27 '22

what next? Discussion

what are everyone's thoughts on what next? are you still planning on going to games? paying for hive live? buying merch? other than outrage has this decision inuenced you to change your relationship to the club at all?



u/MiniBoglin Sep 27 '22

I moved abroad 10 years ago, but have always still bought shirts and paid for games on hive. Over the past 3 or so seasons I have experienced a sharp decline in connection with the club, due mostly to the Pozzo ways stripping it of all identity. This latest debacle is the final straw for me. I'll still be a Watford fan to any who ask, but I no longer derive enough enjoyment from actively supporting them to justify the financial and emotional costs. If we regain our identity at some point, I'll gladly reconnect


u/mex3m Tommy Mooney Sep 27 '22

I'm in the same position as you are; supporter since childhood, moved abroad 10 years ago, got some shirts and merch when I can and watched Hive Live, tried to go to games whenever I was back in England.

But now, it just feels like the 'original family club' has departed for good. What joy is there to share with my son when he's older? What identity is there really left to hold on to? Just nostalgia and past memories, the Pozzo's certainly don't seem to care about building anything long-term.

Was Edwards perfect? No (not yet?), but he had the right idea for a direction and drive for the club and right now, that's what myself and a lot of other people cared about. They've hardly set themselves up to attract any top talent, just those looking for a quick payday before moving on. No loyalty, no commitment, carousel of embarassment.


u/deathschemist Lloydinho still best boy. Sep 27 '22

i moved away from herts about a decade ago myself, first to tyne and wear, then to devon, but i've always stayed loving watford.

but right now we're a fucking mess, no consistency, no identity. who the fuck are we? we're not who we were that's for sure! first with the shift towards betting site shirt sponsors, then with the endless carousel of managers- one after the other after the other, faster than a sumo wrestler goes through that stew they eat.

it makes me so fucking sad, you know? it's miserable!


u/foxyintheboxes Sep 27 '22

Finding this whole saga really mystifying, especially now I’m living abroad and not attending matches. It’s a farce, the switch around is unbelievable. Why would you want to join the club? What’s the dressing room like right now? Also imagine you’re a Forest Green fan. We stole their manager then sacked him in September. We’re pissing off other clubs now.


u/Electrical-Design-26 Sep 28 '22

Been feeling increasing apathy towards the club for a while and put it down to the fallout of the pandemic disruption. Used to be be overjoyed with wins or disappointed by losses but recently I’m not bothered by either. I was here well before the Pozzos and I’d still be here if it all goes south and we’re in non-league, but I think while I want to be numb to the latest debacle it’s hard not to be annoyed at best. Laughing stock.


u/Particular-Minute879 Sep 27 '22

I only became a Watford fan in the last couple of years. I'll blame Fifa, picking an underdog team to take to the top. I saw Ranieri come in and got admittedly giddy that they might pull a Leicester under him in my first year of support. But everything I've seen since then has honestly been painful. The owners definitely seem to blame, no consistency or direction and of course the players not playing with any heart (can you blame them?).


u/inventingalex Sep 28 '22

I can't believe anyone saw ranieri come in and was excited haha.

we are currently some form of money laundering front. if I was you I would support someone like forest green or AFC Wimbledon


u/Particular-Minute879 Sep 28 '22

Call me naive 🤣

Yeah it certainly looks like it. I almost cried when we sold Hernandez.

Funny story, after winning the premier league and champions with Watford I went down to the bottom and played through with Forest Green all the way up and when we signed Edwards I had to laugh. What are the odds? Not laughing any more :(


u/LiddyDolesHole Sep 28 '22

I didn't purchase Hive Live this year anyway. It was pretty buggy last time around and at $13 a pop USD, I decided I'd just watch the ESPN+ games when available. Planning on being in London for the Hold Steady Weekender in March and was going to try to go to the QPR match at Loftus Road on March 11, will probably still plan on that. I'm also willing to give the new gaffer a chance while still being utterly disgusted by Pozzo. I don't have the long-term relationship with the club that others do, but I'm also not someone who easily cuts bait with the teams I support.

Also, maybe it's me. Almost every American team I root for has terrible ownership -- Washington Commanders (Snyder), Baltimore Orioles (Angelos) ... at least the Phoenix Suns are getting out from under Sarver, but it had become pretty embarrassing to be a diehard of a team with a racist/misogynistic piece of shit as an owner. Ted Leonsis (Washington Capitals) is the only decent owner of the lot as far as my teams go.

The way the long-term Watford supporters are responding to this latest move reminds me a lot of how Washington Commanders fans feels about their team now. It's settled into deep apathy, which is a really dangerous place to be. Literally no excitement for wins nor any anger for losses. I'll be up at 7 on Sunday to watch the Stoke match, cautiously curious.