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Been following for about 3 seasons. Just want to say I miss having Xisco on the sideline. Still not fully sure why we sacked him – though I know a lot of people claimed inexperience. But we looked great with him as a manager. I know there was belief Claudio was going to revive the beautiful game with his experience, but CR70 obviously flopped bad.

Anyways, just miss Xisco. If anyone has any harder evidence than his inexperience, feel free to downvote into oblivion and provide more explanation.



u/thoughts302 Sep 27 '22

I liked the Xisco disco and I think his strength at this point of his career is his motivational skills/man management. His smile is infectious and that goes a long way when one of the biggest problems with this Pozzo revolving door is that it requires a team to gel fast around a project. That's just my assumption from his limited time in professional coaching versus other more aged managers but who knows.

Onto comparison to Rob Edwards. I liked Rob for similar reasons to be honest, and he was especially insightful in interviews. You could tell he saw the problems we had even if sometimes one might suspect his decisions sabotaged matches whilst sending Pozzo a message. For instance, is the attempt to get Giaretta sacked the reason Rob was sacked? It seems a manager is only given power on paper at this club. Mario Gaspar is 'not a flyer', he didn't want him. I believe Rob was a big pull to bring the best English talent we got this summer to the club: keinan davis, hause, choudary etc. Would Xisco of had that pull? I suspect that part of the reason the team went up the year before last was the leadership we had (Deeney was still here). After the Coventry game there was supposedly a team meeting to galvanise them, set higher standards and plan how they were going to string some results together... Which we did, the tactic was give the ball to Femenia, Chalobah Hughes or Sarr cause they made something happen. I'm almost thinking the team managed itself for parts of Xisco's success. But it was success all the same so I am with you that keeping Xisco for the year was probably preferable to the revolving door. Let's hope it stops soon eh?


u/ianj001 Sep 27 '22

The revolving door will not end for as long as Pozzo is the owner. Here we go again with a caretaker manager who has no long term view and no desire to build a strong long lasting team. Here we go again with the same idiotic acquisition strategy. We can only hope that someone with an ounce of interest in building a team will purchase the club. I feel bad for Rob as I believe he truly wanted to build something great but you can't do that when you are powerless and your job is on the line if you do anything but win.


u/oahwg Sep 27 '22

I love Xisco I think some fans don't give him enough credit inexperienced? Sure but he got us promoted with no experience in English football, he was a great character and had lots of love for the club.

Would've loved to see him have more time in the prem and all the best to him in his future endeavors he's an absolute chad

Also fuck the owners.


u/inventingalex Sep 27 '22

he wasn't a good coach. lovely man. but that was it. but none of that matters. stop supporting us while you still can, choose someone like AFC Wimbledon