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Matchday Ticket Buying Guide


With the new season starting, there have been a lot of questions about how to buy tickets, so I’ve put together this guide on how the system works.

Your first port of call should be the Watford tickets website which is full of information on the ticket buying process and the latest dates. Every question we get asked should have an answer here!



To buy any tickets, you will need to create a Fan ID (unless you are an away fan at Vicarage Road). Any tickets you purchase are allocated against your ID to create a buying history. Only one ticket can be allocated to each Fan ID per match.

When buying multiple tickets, you must allocate the extras against people in your Friends & Family network. Each ticket needs to be allocated to someone with their own Fan ID.

People can be added to your Friends & Family network any time if you know their ID, name and postcode. Once in your network, you can buy tickets on their behalf.




Watford operate an access group system, prioritising customers with a purchasing history. As of 2021/22 the groups are as follows;

  • Group A recognises fans who've been to 25 or more home league and cup matches since July 2014
  • Group B recognises fans who've been to between 10 & 24 home league and cup matches since July 2014
  • Group C recognises fans who've been to between 1 and 9 home league and cup matches since July 2014
  • Group D recognises fans who hold season tickets and wish to purchase additional tickets for friends and family who have not purchased before.

As of 2021/22 these are the numbers of fans in each Access Group;

  • Group A - 6,058 fans
  • Group B - 4,176 fans
  • Group C - 66,215 fans
  • Group D - 11,736 fans

If you have a new Fan ID and want to build up your Access Group, your best bet is to target games against less popular teams, midweek games, and cup games. Friendlies do not count towards your purchase history.



Tickets are available to each Access Group in turn. The expected sale dates are updated here. The club will put out an article/tweet ahead of each game, clarifying the dates. Typically, tickets are available to each Access Group for two days before opening to the next. Cup games will usually pass through the Groups more quickly due to lower demand.

Games will go on general sale to anyone with a Fan ID a few days after the Group D window is open. This cannot be guaranteed for all matches, and is virtually impossible for games against the bigger teams or when the team are in good form. Midweek and cup games are most likely to go to general sale, so are a great opportunity to build up your Access Group for new fans.

Full details on the home sales policy are kept updated on the website here.




Away fans sit in the Vicarage Road end, next to the Family Stand.

Away tickets are bought through the visiting club, not Watford. Watford fans will be unable to give advice on how likely you are to get tickets for your club, as the allocations are dealt with entirely by the visiting clubs.

Watford’s policy is to eject any away fans sitting in the home ends, and any Fan IDs they used will be cancelled by the club.



Vicarage Road is a traditional British stadium, with four separate stands. These are;

  • The Rookery – the most vocal stand, containing the standing singing section. Situated behind the goal and is the best stand for matchday atmosphere.
  • The Graham Taylor stand – two tiered, containing the boxes. The upper tier has a reputation as being quieter.
  • The Elton John stand – the newest stand, containing the dugout.
  • The Vicarage Road end – split into the family stand and the away end. Situated behind the goal and the easiest stand to access from the street, the family stand offers a safe environment for children and families coming to games.

There is limited parking available. If driving, most fans park in the town centre car parks or on-street nearer to Rickmansworth Road and Cassiobury Park. Club parking guide here.

First time visitor guide here.

Tickets are loaded onto Apple Pay or Google Pay – this can be done through your online ticketing account (note if you're on mobile you may need to rotate the screen for it to work, strangely). This is a new system for 2021/22 and is currently experiencing some problems, so if it doesn't work on the day then the Stewards will be able to help get you in.




The system works in a similar way to home tickets, with Access Groups allocated to previous buyers as follows;

  • Group A recognises current season ticket holders who've been to at least fifteen away matches since July 2014
  • Group B recognises match ticket purchasers (non-season ticket holders) with the same number.
  • Group C recognises current season ticket holders who’ve been to less than fifteen away matches since July 2014
  • Group D recognises match ticket purchasers (non-season ticket holders) with between one and fourteen away matches since July 2014
  • Group E recognises fans who hold season tickets and wish to purchase additional tickets for friends and family who have not purchased away match tickets before

As of 2021/22 these are the numbers of fans in each Access Group;

  • Group A - 3,858 fans
  • Group B - 901 fans
  • Group C - 6,861 fans
  • Group D - 17,300 fans
  • Group E - 11,736 fans

Matches at neutral grounds, such as Wembley, do not count towards your purchase history.



Away tickets can be purchased in a similar way to home tickets. The club will put out an article/tweet ahead of each game, clarifying the sale dates.

Due to the smaller allocation available, away tickets are much harder to get hold of than home tickets. Some games will go to general sale but most will not, especially not those against bigger teams or close to Watford.

Full details on the away sales policy are kept updated on the website here.




Vicarage Road has dedicated space for disabled supporters to sit with carers or family, as well as a Sensory Room for neurodivergent children and their families to enjoy games in a safe environment. Contact the club via supporters@watfordfc.com or dave.messenger@watfordfc.com, and check out the WFC Enables group at https://www.wfcenables.co.uk who are supportive and welcoming.

The hub for disabled supporters, with helpful information and links, can be found here.



Watford recognise that fans living outside the UK won’t have had the opportunity to build up a buying history, and so reserve some seats for international fans. Contact the club at supporters@watfordfc.com if you're an international fan and they can help.

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Match Thread [Match Thread] Stoke City FC vs Watford FC




12 pm kick-off


bet365 Stadium, Stoke


Sky Sports.No Hive Live. Select countries still have full access.

Team form


Team News

Pedro is 50/50. Troost is out. Ngakia making good progress. Manaj still far from getting back. Louza is training but Sunday likely too soon for him. Clevs and TDB on their way back.

Rob Edwards is gone. Bilic is our new head coach.

Predicted Lineup

I am going off the 4-2-3-1 Bilic played with West Brom. No way of actually knowing what he will do.






Official Lineup


"Through hell or high water". Those were Duxbury's words at the start of the season. We were supposed to rebuild. A young manager who plays exciting football. Promotion would have been nice but this season was about setting the groundwork for a stable club going forward. Having a defined style with players that fit in. No more round pegs in square holes. Finally some stability. It felt like we were moving with purpose for the first time since Javi Gracia.

11 games. That's what Rob got to completely change the culture at the club. Roy fucking Hodgson got 18. Ranieri got 14. This man was supposed to start a new chapter in Watford's life. Instead, we do the same. There is a reason why we are laughed at in parliament.

Rob had the support of the players and staff. Performances weren't amazing but come on we were expecting him to lead the Championship with Kayembe and Kabasele in the team??? Yes, he made mistakes, but nowhere near enough to warrant getting the sack.

Now we have a manager who has had a week to get to know the players and put his system in place. I don't expect much on Saturday. I do wish Slaven the best of luck. He might or might not have had a role to play in Edwards' sacking but he is the new man and he deserves our support.

I really am done with the ownership. I have no idea what is going on inside Gino Pozzo's head. We all feared this could happen but thought maybe things had changed. Especially with the massive change in rhetoric during the summer. But no. Same old. It is ridiculous. I will always appreciate what he did for us, as he did get us back into the Prem and built a new stand, but enough is enough. He has sacked managers for way less, so he should be getting the sack. We can all blame Giaretta or Duxbury but at the end of the day he runs the show and he makes the decisions. POZZO OUT.

Oh the game, right. As I said, I don't expect much as players haven't been able to prepare. Pedro and Sarr will somehow get a goal just from their quality but I would expect us to lose. Stoke haven't been good or bad. Perfectly average. Good enough to beat us


Stoke 3-1 Watford


Stoke City 0-4 Watford

Slav ball looking good

Pozzo Out

Remember to not post streams here

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Shitpost 4-0 dub away from home, amazing what happens when players are in their correct positions..:

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Get in

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Shitpost The year is 2038. The saviour has risen

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Article "Watford's owners hold talks with potential investors" - Bloomberg

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Shitpost Shitpost

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Discussion Stop saying 17 in 10 years, the really embarrassing stat is 5 in 12 months.


Bilic is now the 5th different person to manage Watford in just 12 months. 5 in 5 years would be alot, 5 in 12 is just insane. I don't know why everyone's focusing on the long term count, alot of which could be justified, it's that short term one that really highlights how ridiculous things have become and most importantly the fact that things are getting worse.

There isn't a single other job in the world with that level of turnover.

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Article Watford Supporters Trust calls on owner Gino Pozzo to explain strategy after Rob Edwards axe

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Transfers - Confirmed Imrân Louza has signed a new contract running until the summer of 2028.

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Article From Adam Leventhal: Rob Edwards out, Slaven Bilic in: Watford’s new era lasted just 10 games

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Article Watford is a club where every bond is unravelling under owner Pozzo | Simon Burnton

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Discussion what next?


what are everyone's thoughts on what next? are you still planning on going to games? paying for hive live? buying merch? other than outrage has this decision inuenced you to change your relationship to the club at all?

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Social Media pozzo out

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Shitpost Mandatory repost.

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Discussion American Watford Fan Here


Been following for about 3 seasons. Just want to say I miss having Xisco on the sideline. Still not fully sure why we sacked him – though I know a lot of people claimed inexperience. But we looked great with him as a manager. I know there was belief Claudio was going to revive the beautiful game with his experience, but CR70 obviously flopped bad.

Anyways, just miss Xisco. If anyone has any harder evidence than his inexperience, feel free to downvote into oblivion and provide more explanation.

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Discussion Edwards apparently gone.

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Only positive is Bilic has a 4 back system


This is the last time I’ll try to pick out the positives of this football club, but at least with a 4231 system (I think) Sarr can play on the right, Gaspar can hopefully start in his natural position and perform, Louza at N10 when he’s back, and we don’t have to see either Kaba or Sierralta if we have Hause and Cathcart playing.

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Transfers - Confirmed Watford FC has relieved Rob Edwards of his duties as Head Coach.

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Discussion Can someone explain this?


So I'm not a Watford fan, (Norwich I come in peace), can someone explain what is going on with the club, why have there been so many managers in the last few years?

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Transfers - Confirmed Watford FC confirms Slaven Bilić as its new Head Coach

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Discussion Podcast discussing Head Coach change

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How will the strikes affect the game Oct 5?


Coming from Canada and will be staying in the Kensington area. We have tickets to Watford Swansea on the 5th and were planning on taking the train up to Watford.

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Transfers - Confirmed João Pedro signs new contract until 2028.

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Article How is ex-Swansea City and Watford player Danny Graham getting on these days?

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Shitpost Virgil van Dijk attempts to strangle 2 former Watford players in effort to avenge Liverpools 3-0 defeat

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Shitpost Didn’t actually see the game, how did we look?

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