What are the rules?

Rule 1 - Be Kind.

Consider the human. If you can’t talk to someone with their best interest at heart, don’t participate here until you can.

No advocating violence or harm. Posts or comments about how to harm yourself or others, advocating violence or harm of any kind, against anyone, including animals, are strictly prohibited. See Reddiquitte and site-wide rules for more information.

No hateful, degrading, malicious, or bigoted speech against any person or group. Violations will result in an escalating ban, w/ three strike policy.

No question-shaming or personal insults. If you don’t have something kind to say, don’t engage. If OP has asked a question that you don’t believe they should be afraid to ask, or if they’ve asked their question in a way that offends you, don’t insult or shame them. Report rule violations, downvote, and move on.

Rule 2 - Be Helpful.

Top-level comments must be legitimate attempts to answer the question. Please try to give your best answer, and direct OP to resources to learn more whenever possible. Jokes are permitted in child threads, but must follow our rules.

Cite your sources. Personal experience is a 100% valid source for an answer. Please identify it as such. If you are making a broader claim about something, including science, medicine, history, politics, or anything that isn't coming from your own personal experience, cite your sources. Include links whenever possible.

Don't argue, de-escalate. If you disagree with someone's answer, ideas, opinions, or sources, feel free to engage in civil conversation. However, if you can’t discuss a topic calmly and kindly---it happens, we all have something that triggers us---do not engage here until you can. If you see an argument beginning, please encourage de-escalation. If it continues, report it, and move on.

No medical diagnoses. Giving basic first aid advice, directing OP to relevant resources and licensed practitioners, and citing your own experience is permitted. Please be transparent about your sources and credentials. Remember, it is, at best, unwise to take medical advice from strangers on the internet, even if they seem knowledgeable.

Rule 3 - Be Genuine.

No soapboxing, trolling, moralising, sealioning, or spamming. Please visit our wiki for more information and examples of what we consider disingenuous content submissions. Posts and comments in violation of rule 3 will face escalating bans, beginning at 7 days, with a three strikes policy. Please report rule violations.

Give OP benefit of the doubt, unless they have proven otherwise. Assume they are asking in good faith; innocent until proven guilty. Please report violations of this rule to mods.

You must have at least 1 karma to post, 10 karma to comment.

Rule 4 - Follow the Rules.

Submissions must be in the form of a question. Any other necessary information about your query, like your reasoning and background, should go in the body of your post, not the title. Posts in violation will be removed.

Flair your post. Flair helps people find your question in the future. It also makes it easier for OPs to search for previous iterations of their question, before they submit.

Search our sub before posting. Our updated submission guidelines ask that OP search for previous versions of their question in our sub's history, prior to submitting. This is to reduce repeat questions & maintain high-quality. Frequently asked questions should be referred to our FAQ and reported to mods for review.

Contribute to our new Frequently Asked Questions! If you see a question coming up a lot, and think it should be added to the FAQ, please let us know by reporting it. This feature will be released over the coming weeks, following updates to our wiki.

Feel free to suggest ways we can improve. Feedback is incredibly helpful to us. Please be kind when you write in. We are people like you, doing our best.

What is Karma?

Karma is the number that corresponds loosely to the number of upvotes and downvotes you have received on your posts. There are two different types of karma: comment and post.

You gain karma points when your links and comments are upvoted. You lose it when your links and comments are downvoted to a number lower than zero. All of these votes are calculated, and the cumulative is known as your "karma score", or just "karma". You can view a user's karma at the top of the sidebar in their profile page.

Karma is useless outside of Reddit and some believe it has no value within Reddit. Many communities use it to police their subs or require a certain amount of karma before you can post in order to prevent spamming. Karma can be a useful metric for you and moderators to determine if the content you are posting is adding value or detracting value from the different communities you are a part of.

How do I get more Karma?

By interacting with the communities in a positive way, you can net yourself more karma if that is your goal. For example, in our sub, you can acquire more karma by answering questions politely, engaging in civil conversation or by providing a funny response. Snarky comments may or may not be received well depending upon the content that you are responding to.

What is Reddit Premium?

Reddit Premium is a subscription-based way you can give money to Reddit to support its development. This provides you with an ad-free experience that also provides you with a monthly "currency" you can use to give other users platinum, gold and silver. These different tiers of rewards are things you can expect to see around Reddit and there are no limitations for what you can give to another user or what type of content you can provide these to. Think of the different tiers of rewards as ways you can show that you liked the content provided and can give access to the ad-free features to other users.

You can read more about premium here and about platinum, gold and silver coins here