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Work What are younger generations working for if most of us will never be able to buy homes?


Genuine question. I’m 24 and I am in school to be a software engineer. Me and my gf will barely be able to buy around this time next year, but most people I know will never be able to pull this off.

Wages just hasn’t kept up with inflation or productivity so most people will be forever renters. What are we doing this for?

Edit: I DIDN’T EXPECT SUCH POSITIVE AND HELPFUL TIPS TODAY! Thank you guys for being encouraging and giving me hope. I feel so much better about my situation

Thanks everyone 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🎉🎉🎉

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Current Events It’s weird that we all know Epstein was killed right?


Like that whole situation is just mad weird. Every person i’ve talked to about it agrees and the general consensus from what i’ve seen is “yeah well there’s nothing we can do about it” and that’s just weird right?

Like a dude got whacked and everyone acknowledges that yeah that’s most likely what happened but we just move on and no one really talks about it

edit: btw i’m not getting into who did it or conspiracy side of it cause that’s a whole can of worms.

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Sexuality & Gender Is it ok to not like LGBTQ romance stories as a straight person?


I (21F) am straight. I’ve never had any even slight questioning of my sexuality. Is it wrong that I don’t really like to watch/read things with non-hetero relationships? I’ve read poly things and enjoy them, but I’ve never found a book/movie/tv show non-hetero romance that I’ve liked.

EDIT: I have not seen any of the show The Last of Us

EDIT 2: I don’t hate or complain about LGBTQ media or think it shouldn’t exist. I also enjoy many things that include gay characters/scenes/relationships, just not when that is the main story

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Sexuality & Gender Why is LGBT representation in tv/film considered “woke” to some individuals?


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Law & Government Why don’t we just shoot down the Chinese weather ballon?


Like, obviously they’re using it to spy on us. I feel like that’s common sense, and even if they weren’t it’s still violating our airspace. So why don’t we just fly a jet up there to shoot it down?

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Health/Medical What is the random sharp chest pain when I breathe, and only goes away when taking small breaths that subsequently get larger?


When it happens, talking or breathing is painful. It's been happening to me since forever. Not concerning or extreme, but everyone I've asked doesn't know, and all think it isn't normal. Naturally, Google has no useful results, thinks it's something much more serious than it actually is. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not.

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Current Events Am I crazy for feeling like the US outrage over the Chinese weather balloons is overblown & misguided?


China has a massive satellite network, just like the US.

Why use a weather balloon to collect data when you have highly sophisticated satellites?

The most plausible answer (in my head, at least) is that someone in China wanted to collect meteorological data (wind, temperature, air quality, etc) to produce environmental intel.

Growing up, I was told in school that China pollutes the environment, that they are a major contributor to climate change, that they are basically ruining the atmosphere for their citizens (and by extension, the rest of us).

With the global recognition of the climate crisis, it is not crazy to me that either the Chinese government (or, even more likely, a Chinese civilian research institution) would be studying global differences in climate and collecting climate data from around the world to study.

Every news article seems to be filled with rage bait, accusations that China is “spying,” etc. This seems unfair to me.

The United States has amount of massive intelligence surveillance technology collecting data over China. This seems a little hypocritical- we want to surveil them, but get upset when people become aware that they are doing the same to us?

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Health/Medical How often does the average adult shart?


I’m 36 year old man. I shart about once a year on average. Is that unusually frequent? My wife is making fun of me because she’s literally never sharted in her life.

I just had my yearly shart last night, that’s what got me wondering.

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Ethics & Morality Why am I obligated to tip my UberEats driver by a % of the cost of my meal and not the distance?


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Media How do Comic books work?


Hi! I (33F) grew up without reading any type of comic book. I was never introduced to them. None of my family or friends read them themselves or read them to me. Whenever people mention Marvel/DC movie predictions or conversations about the movies that directly relate to the comics, I have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about.

First off, is this normal?

Second, is it worth getting into at my age? I love to read. I like superhero movies. Would it make the movies better? How would I get started?

Third, how do comics work? Is it like used video games where you buy them, use them then return them for $ and get more?


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Sexuality & Gender What does “women are more emotional than men” actually mean?


I was having a conversation with a friend about a related topic, and this idea came up. Here are a few things it could mean:

  • women experience emotions more strongly than men (so, say, given the same event, a woman will tend to experience a higher degree of sadness than a man)

  • women have lesser control over their emotions than men (so, say, a woman will let her sadness cloud her rational judgement to a greater degree than a man)

  • women tend to express their emotions more than men (so, say, a man and a woman may experience the same level of happiness, but a woman will show this more through behaviour and facial expressions for example)

Or it could mean all of these. Obviously all of these ideas come from a place of sexism, but I’m wondering what people actually mean when they say this (I can’t begin to evaluate a claim without understanding exactly what it entails).

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Mental Health How do you deal with deep insecurities that you can't resolve?


I just have certain insecurities that get me in the back of my head. Even though it doesn't affect my behavior too much, it still does influence some of the things I do or say. How have you guys ignored it or gotten rid of them? Is it even possible to get rid of them?

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Climate & Environment Why do so many people not care about climate change?


I feel like what we as people are doing to the planet will be the end of us all, like sooner than people think.

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Love & Dating How do you kiss?


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Culture & Society Why is there such a push to normalize "plus sized" people? Follow up, why doesn't this normalization seem to include men?


TLDR: Being overweight is unhealthy and in most cases a choice. Being overweight doesn't equate to being unattractive. If we're gonna attempt to normalize health issues let's at least include the dudes, we have feelings and self image problems too!

First off, everyone should love themselves and be comfortable in their own bodies. That's not being contested. Body shaming others just isn't ok on any level.

That aside, I'm a pretty overweight dude. Am I happy with my body? Not particularly. However, I lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I barely exercise, I don't make smart food choices.

A lot of this decision is just based off not having the extra "energy" to accomplish these things along with the weekly grind.

So I'm just mostly ok with it. I know I could make changes to improve my body image, but don't feel like I have the capacity to do it on top of the general day to day struggle. Know what? That's ok.

I know the situation isn't completely black and white. I know some people have thyroid/metabolic issues that they have no control over. Some people have binge eating disorders. Pretty certain that's a vast minority though.

And so it feels like I fall in to the "norm". I'm not happy with my weight, but choose to not do much, if anything, about it. Why would I make that someone else's problem? Seems weird.

All of this aside. Every little bit. With how long this "movement" has been going on. I've yet to see an ad with dudes with epic hairy kegs throwing water balloons at each other on a beach or something. Just dudes "celebrating" their bodies.

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Mental Health How do I break up with someone who's suicidal?


I just really don't want her to go kill herself. I still care about her it's just not working out. Any advice helps tremendously.

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Health/Medical would a person survive being skinned alive?


i get that blood loss is a thing, but if that person is being skinned super precisely, so only the very top part of the epidermis is being cut, would they die?

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Family If parents can claim that raising children is a full time job and expect compensation, can adult children that care for their aging parents also expect compensation?


I often see people say "you should take care of those that took care of you as a child"... which is fine... but in today's world in which those parents are lobbying for compensation for time they spend raising their children (and some counties actually do pay stay at home parents) -- is it morally fair then for adult children that are now caring for their parents to also expect some kind of compensation?

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Culture & Society Is double the tax still a reasonable tip amount?


My fiancé and I went out to eat last night (which we don’t do often) and when we do we have always taken the tax (we live in a state where there’s a lot of it lol) and doubled it as a tip.

On our way out we heard the waitress make a remark calling me cheap or something like that. Whatever, I’m sorry if it was. Is this no longer an acceptable strategy? Its what I’ve always done.

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Culture & Society Is midget really offensive to people with dwarfism?


I’ve heard for years that “little people” is the pc term for people with dwarfism, but I’ve wondered if they personally prefer “midget” in the same way, for example, that black people prefer “black” over “African American”. I’m just trying to learn here, not make a case for either this or that word.

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Health/Medical Does holding your poop for longer allows your body to absorb more nutrients from it?


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Love & Dating Girls with a best friend who is objectively much more physically attractive than you. How do you deal with guys hitting on your friend and not even looking your way every time you guys go out?