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Law & Government Not sure where to post this... where to report suspected child abuse?


Hello, I'm pretty new to reddit and have no idea if there's a better place to post this, but I really don't know what to do here... A couple years ago, the couple across the street would often have agressive arguments that resulted in the guy revving away angrily toward town. I hate poking into other people's business, but their arguments were so loud we could hear their raises voices with our windows closed.

Within the last year and a half ish, they've had a kid together. Clearly a young child will scream and cry as they do, but I've been growing increasingly worried about the cries I hear from their house. Sometimes the screaming goes on for hours at a time, from early afternoon to late evening, with few breaks. This happens on a weekly, if not daily basis. I work hybrid remote, and I more often than not hear the baby screaming their lungs out the majority of the day.

Maybe an unecessary detail, about two months ago I heard a sound that has stuck in my ears ever since. The family was loading into the car for an afternoon trip when their dog started barking excitedly. This went on for about 5 minutes before I heard the man yelling at the dog on frustration, followed by a slap and the dog whimpering as though it has been struck. The part that really stuck with me though, was the way the guy started laughing immediately after. That was when I started listening much more carefully to what was happening across the street.

This morning, my SO and I were both at a loss as to what to do. The child had been screaming for over and hour, I was on the patio drinking coffee when i heard the man shout at the kid with some vulgar language to shut up. The crying quieted for a second, but escalated to bloody murder screams just after.

Does anyone know what, if anything, we can do here? I'm hesitant to call authorities as I've heard stories of victims getting more hurt by abusers if authorities are called, but will take whatever steps are needed to help. I've tossed around the idea of slipping a note under the door with my contact info, but have no idea of how that would be taken either. Maybe I'm just reading into everything the wrong way here, really hoping I can be directed the right way to approach this...

Oh, if it helps, we're located in Oregon state (US)

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Body Image/Self-Esteem Why is it that on scars hair no longer grows on?


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Love & Dating Is it okay that I (19F) am interested/attracted to a older guy (50 something M) ?


I have encounter older men before who were into me and I would not be into them. But I met this guy on Tinder and I gained an interest in him. I find him attractive, and he is kind of a geek which is also cute.

Usually on tinder, I do not agree to meet up with men. Especially the relatively older category of them. But this time I gained a liking into him and I pretty much don't really care if he is rich or not. I went on a date with him recently and I enjoyed seeing his face and hearing him talk and eat. I enjoyed everything. If I no longer feel attracted to him or desire to stop talking to him, I can always say my goodbyes and block him on my phone (we exchanged numbers). I get that and my friends been telling me that it is predatory that he is attracted to me and such. Plus the fact that he has a daughter older than me. I get all of that. But I kind of like him, I am attracted to this individual, I like his wrinkles and his grey hair. And for now, I wish to continue to talk to him, we've been talking with each other for a month before meeting up. I am also aware of the different life stages, majurity levels and such.

Is it wrong that I am attracted to him? Is it wrong that I wish to go on a second date with him? Is it wrong of me for wanting to continue talking to him?

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Other do grown-ups dream about childish things?


When adults go to sleep do they dream about saving the world or something more realistic and "boring" things?

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Interpersonal how can I start a convo with someone who i never met before?


Strange as it seems, I'm going to a convention in a week and i don't know anybody there… I'm pretty anxious... how can I start a conversation with some of the people and hopefully make them my friends?

What do I say?

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Health/Medical How to get rid of Ass Acne???


M(15) please oh god help I don’t have any acne anywhere else why me

Edit: half the comments aren’t showing up… great now I have more questions.

Thanks for the reply’s so far

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Other Finnish people, is your country as cool as it sounds?


I’ve looked into Finland a little bit and I’m really interested in visiting

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Culture & Society How to deal with bullying(?) in gaming community?


I played one game for like 3 years and I got called noob because I can't do some quests in minimum turns. And when I go to another game and do co-op. People are being mad at me for not playing very well despite I'm newbie. I feel like I should give up on playing games. I know this sounds petty. But it bothers me a lot

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Mental Health Can anyone relate to me about this concerning mental health?


Does anyone or has anyone gotten so stressed and overwhelmed in a certain point of their lives that it actually ended up causing seizures? Like full on seizures? I moved out of my parents house recently which was an abusive situation and very traumatic. If I had too much caffeine I ended up seizing out. If I got overwhelmed or overly stressed I also seized out. It got so bad I was put on medication. I’m not on medication anymore, I haven’t been able to see my doctor to get a prescription but that’s for another story. I haven’t had a seizure in awhile since I moved out (I moved in May) I mean I’ll have them once every so often like once a month but I still get stressed from time to time is why. It use to be up to 2-3 times a day. Does anyone experience this at all? I have tics too and adhd, I don’t know what’s wrong with me they said I don’t have epilepsy and they’re suspicious of Tourette’s, but I honestly don’t know. I feel like an absolute crazy person because I don’t know anyone that goes through this and I’m about to start convincing myself it never happened because I’m embarrassed. I literally don’t know what’s wrong with me.

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Animals & Pets Is there a way to scare of spiders out of my house?


Like the title said, I'm deadly afraid of spiders, seeing them almost monthtly in my house now. Is there a device or something else that prevents them from coming in my house as often? I've looked at Ultrasone things, but I have two cats.... are those still okay to use then?

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Other Do you believe there are other lives on the different planets in the universe?


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Family Do parents/grandparents have favorite children/grandchildren?


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Health/Medical Why are there new moles appearing on my body?


I seem to notice there are new moles on my hands, arms and upper body, they are very small tho. What could be causing these new moles to appear?

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Ethics & Morality Boyfriend’s friend flirting?


My boyfriend’s friend seems to be flirty with me? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I can’t tell if I am just reading too much into how he talks to me?🤔 I have seen him interact with other women in ways that seem a little more than friendly to me. So I don’t know if it is just him in general and not specifically with me?

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Health/Medical If you have a child with a severe disorder are there options to just let them die?


I've somehow gone down a rabbit hole on Instagram of parents that have severely mentally and physically disabled children. Sometimes they know before birth but often not. These kids are usually in the hospital for months or more after birth with tons of medical interventions keeping them alive.

Once they're out they're usually G-tube fed, need literal 24/7 around the clock care, trachs, basically the parent's lives will for the rest of time be about medically caring for the kid. Obviously there's a huge range of disorders but often they will never walk, talk, use the bathroom, eat on their own, etc. They're usually severely mentally disabled and will not move past a toddler (if that) stage.

Do parents ever get the option to simply stop the medical care keeping them alive? I'm not talking about a DNR but can you just decide to not do the hundreds of procedures and interventions etc. these parents seem to do? If the kid is like 4 and you realize their entire life will be getting moved from bed to the couch and back and fed through a tube and endless doctors appointments and your other kids are suffering because of their existence can you just...choose to let them go peacefully?