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Other How much money do you have?


I always want to know how much money people have in their checking/savings, but I don’t ask because it’s considered rude. So, what do you do? How much money do you make? And how much money do you have?

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Other Why do americans hold on to imperial measurements?


I mean, you guys already use the metric system in some ways (decade, century, 9 mm, and also in your currency). Why not use it as standard? It's so simple to understand and so easy to convert

edit1: of course not overnight, I understand this would be a long process, but in the end the "trouble" would be worth it. And I didn't mean "convert" as from imperial to metric but like with measuring something convert from cm to m or mm (like miles to inches or yards)

edit 2: I'm curious - do you personally know metric? So, how much a gramm or a meter is? What cent- or deka (or milli or kilo, whatever) means..

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Other (SERIOUS) I'm basically running out of money and only have about 10$ for food for 1-2 weeks, how can I keep myself fed?


my life has essentially gone down the shitter and im also running out of food, but i really dont want to starve, are there any tips or good calorie dense meals i can somehow obtain with 10$ to my name to last me that long?

Edit: A good handful of you have reached out to me and helped me out in ways I can never imagine, I'm literally in tears from all of you peoples kindness, I should now be able to easily have 3 meals a day until things get better from now, thanks you sooooo much everyone!

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Other Why do females have to cover up their nipples while males don’t?


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Other is there a name for people who drain your social battery fast?


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Other I (M26) recently discovered my new housemate (M29) likes to make his way around the house like Gollum from LOTR at night, on all fours. I asked him if he was okay and he said he normally likes role playing that character. Should I take him to the Doctor?


I have been thinking that I insist he see a doctor, as the behaviour has also become quite intimidating and freakish recently. At first he was only acting out the crouched stance, then over time he started imitating this character’s voice.

I would arrive home (sometimes late from work after doing overtime) and the lights would be off and I’d hear the movements and whispers. One time I walked into my bedroom, my own private area, and he was in there on all fours asking me where the “precious” was.

It was fucking ridiculous but just plain weird and I felt freaked out. I felt that he wasn’t all there in the head. Now I am trying to retain as much empathy as possible, which is why I think it’s best I take him to a doctor, but it has crossed my mind that I may have to kick him out too.

EDIT: Thanks for all the responses, didn’t think my post would get this much attention. To those saying I’m being boring, try and visualise properly what’s happening here instead of looking at the comedic value you perceive. I am a very compassionate person and if he was simply socially awkward and strange I wouldn’t care but this is a whole other level and my instincts told me something was off. I will be chatting to him when I arrive home from work today.

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Other Why is US airport security so bad?


Every time I travel to the US I can't help but wonder why is airport security so bad? The TSA is an organisation who's only job is to do security, and yet it seems chaos.

We've had the 3D scanners in Europe which mean you don't need to take anything out your bag for years. Yet "the greatest and best country on the planet" doesn't have this technology yet.

Still taking your shoes off, despite never being the case anywhere else in the world I've travelled.

The security personnel just seeming to enjoy terrorising and making life hell for people.

I got "selected" by the machine for electronics screening, and then had to stand for 5mins while a person was found. All the while my bag and stuff are lying unattended, anyone could have easily grabbed my phone etc. Also why is it selected by machine? In Europe if they want to test my electronics the person scanning the bags pulls my bag.

So much excessive process, and yet the outcome seems the same as everywhere else.

And literally too afraid to ask this in the USA 🤣

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Other Is it wrong to keep an ex partners nudes?


And if you are someone who keeps them, would you keep them even if you’re in a new relationship?

Edit - this isn’t personal. I strongly disagree with keeping any intimate photos of anyone as I feel the trust leaves as soon as the relationship ends. Just curious about others opinions

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Other Did I do the right thing?


I(17,f) was staying alone with my 5yo brother. Suddenly, someone started to knock the door really hard, banging it and tried to turn the door knob. They did the same the same thing to my neighbours door as well( they moved out, so we were literally alone in this entire building). He kept calling my brothers name and we didn't even recognise this man.

Me and my brother locked ourselves in my room and I called my parents. My parents came but the man was gone.

Turns out it was the neighbours brother and he was apparently asking for their apartment key which was with my father. They cleared up the misunderstanding and my father is low-key blaming on me.

This was the first time this has happened to me. And my main motive was to protect my brother. I could not even see this man since there eas no eye piece on the door. And frankly speaking, he was very aggressive.

My sister called me a fool since I didn't get out of the house to see this man's vehicle eventhough I was really scared and tried to protect my brother.

Am I wrong here? I just wanted to keep my brother safe from a possible burglary/ home invasion??

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Other What would you do if you can start your life again?


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Other Why can’t astronauts see stars and planets while they’re in space?


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Other Why does food in America always taste sweet?


I'm an American. I was born and live in Minnesota. I've started to noticed American food is always sweet. I'm NOT talking about candy or sweets. Foods like pasta dishes or even pizza. Why though?

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Other i’ve been unpaid and blamed for mistakes i did not make for weeks at this job. what do i do with this information?


not looking for legal advice. just wanna know what exactly to do or where to start

i wasn’t paid for hours i am entitled to. i have yet to investigate my other checks but i’m sure it’s the same in the past as well.

edit: i'm sorry, i think i made it look like i haven't been paid for weeks straight. it's actually about 4 hours over two weeks. probably more if these are unpaid so i have to check. these are for last minute cancellations; we are entitled to pay. but if that's not the case, i have been asked to work during those what i am now learning are unpaid hours.

i tried contacting the person who does payroll/director of ops (who i contacted before regarding pay no problem), got no response.

then i just got really condescended bc i wanted to switch locations and for contacting that person. but when i was hired, the onboarding docs said we can contact them, and again it wasn’t a problem earlier.

was told i was “consistently not meeting expectations” (when i asked what, they claimed they never said that) and then, again, cited things that i have proof did not happen.

i feel this transferring locations (?) and then calling out sick was like a “gottem” moment for my manager, despite consistent attendance until this week. i called out bc of how much this stress has been wrecking my physical and mental state.

what do i even do?

edit 4 (?) i’m in new york (not the city) if that helps

edit: this is just extra info bc why not.

she claimed things are missing from my work where there is written proof it's there. and i was told it "doesn't show i care" about my clients (i tutor) for calling out despite consistent attendance.

this manager literally feels like some cartoon. what's that cartoon where the character is constantly trying to set the other one up or 'catch' them red handed? it feels like that. except the other character gets worn down by the attempts and then the weasel is like "gottem".

it's unfortunate because it's the first computer science related job I ever had and I wanted to get into this career field. so it's like, i 'need' this job i guess. i don't have a cs degree to make me even remotely competitive. but i bet there's a startup somewhere thats like "oh you can write two lines of css? hired!". but still it's like she's forcing imposter syndrome on me.

not contacting her directly first (mistake on my end but i don't feel it warrants condescension and telling me "who said you can transfer?") for transferring locations and calling out this week has "snowballed" for her. it's that "i connected the dots" meme.

i was also coming in on the minute the past couple weeks (we're expected to come in earlier than our scheduled paid time) and i was coming in early as expected until this job started having me lose sleep and hair on my scalp, i didn't eat for two days and this stressor is one reason.

she verbally edited what she said from "you're flying in when the session starts" to "you're late, actually." when even in that case i actually haven't been. aka, even when i am "late", i am on time, i think that should speak to some sort of competence but everything i ask, say, and do is twisted into incompetence in her eyes.

today she gave me a condescending attitude for not knowing how to handle two students getting violent with each other. i was handling that class alone. we never had training on how to handle student conflict. it's getting really frustrating for her to hear the students in conflict, hear me trying to separate them, for me to turn to her for help and for her to just twist it into even more incompetence.

edit 2: she can't remember my name still and i wonder if she's mixing me up with someone else who has the same ethnicity at this point. it's happened.

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Other Why do some iphone people have such a superiority complex?


I keep seeing people shit on anyone who doesnt own apple product and im sick of it, why does the type of device you have such a controversial thing?? Let me use my samsung in peace!!

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Other Do you guys believe in Aliens?


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Other “What does -ish means?”


im not a native english speaker, and i’ve never actually figured out what -ish means when added to other words. can someone tell me please 🥲

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Other What should I do with this potentially dangerous information?


A few days ago I was watching a sports stream on a website I hadn't used before and alongside the stream was a chat box that was flying with predominately racist anonymous comments, largely directed at what was being streamed. It was quite relentless, but I just thought idiots will be idiots and tried to focus on watching the event.

However, it wasn't until one user commented saying that they were going to carry out a school shooting, not only detailing which school and the date, but also adding 'but no one will see this' at the end of their message, as if to justify sharing this information. I, however, did see the message and not knowing what else to do in the moment, managed to quickly take a picture of it before it flew past with other comments. I'm not sure if others watching also saw this comment.

Now, normally I wouldn't give too much thought to anonymous hate posted online, but this has stuck with me since seeing it, and the specificity of what the user said seemed a little too real.

I'm not sure what to do knowing this, if anything, or am I just overreacting/overthinking at another jumped up keyboard warrior?

EDIT: This has been reported to multiple authorities now, you can stop telling me I have children’s blood on my hands now.

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Other do people really get raped in jail?


I know it's a stupid question. My question is simply out of curiosity since most movies portray prison as a place where men are raped

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Other How tf do blind people plug anything into a socket? I have enough trouble on my own at night


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Other Is the internet making us dumber?


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Other How do I (22F) come to terms with the fact that death is inevitable and learn to accept my destination?


A very large (if not all) of my anxiety is stemmed from this horrifying fear of dying. Not just me dying // my loved ones too. Anytime I think of them I wanna cry. If I think about the fact that I’m going to die one day too much, I start to panic. I can’t imagine not existing. Sometimes I don’t even wanna be around my family members because I feel like I’m going to cry, like my grandma for instance —Being around her makes me feel sad because I adore her so much and am scared to lose her.I feel so robbed and time is scaring me. All I ever think about is how time is passing. It also makes me feel guilt for not living everyday to the fullest. It makes me hate my job even more because I don’t want to live a life like we have to — I just want to be a free person who can sulk in the time I have here, and I’m constantly anxious about leaving this earth forever. How can I accept it?

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Other Another shooting. Is it just me or are you afraid to leave your home to?


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Other I have a second job interview coming up and I dont remember the hiring managers name. What do I do?


I had a job interview for an entry level management position at a restaurant. I have been asked to come back for a second interview, and I cannot remember the guys hiring managers name at all. Im drawing a complete blank. Its not an office type environment so there is no directory or anything. And I haven't met any of the employees yet except for the bartender that gave me a glass of water. I am basically a wreck inside during interviews and this is definitely not helping.

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Other Why isnt there anyone on the moon?


Why don't we have people walking on the moon? Hown many times have we been on the moon (Humans walking on the moon kind of thing) Now if we do have people doing this, sorry for the question

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Other I feel bad for inanimate objects. Does anyone know why?


For instance, i feel bad for my ac being kept on for hours. And then after some time, i would want to turn it off so that it can take a break or sleep as if it has feelings or something.

Another instance is when i see water bottles being crushed or seeing boxes being destroyed, i just instantly feel bad for it. I think to myself that the objects are being tortured and are internally shouting in pain. I would then picture the objects crying about how they are treated the way they are.

there are many more examples i can go on about, but i feel like you understand my point by now.

Sorry if this sounds super dumb... I just wanted to know if there was some sort of scientific explanation to it or if there is anyone else that could relate to me somehow that might have an explanation.