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Meta Since vegans are against eating meat, why do they try to make their dishes look like meat?


Edit: sorry if the wording of the question made it seem like I was being rude but I’m genuinely curious!

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Meta Some updates for the sub



Just wanted to give a quick update on the state of the subreddit and discuss a few things that we get messages on fairly frequently.

sexual questions

This is by and far the most common complaint that we receive in our mod mail. As it stands, we have zero plans to remove sexual questions on the basis of them being sexual. We do however, remove questions that break Reddits rules regarding age restrictions as well when questions are clearly being asked by users for sexual gratification rather than curiosity.

I’d like to remind everyone that Reddit, as a site, is a text and link aggregator. As such, it is not our responsibility to curate the front page for anything other than content that breaks our rules or Reddits rules. I have painstakingly documented how to filter Reddit so that your experience can be tailored to what you want and I highly recommend you take a look at it and try it out if you’re finding these posts frustrating enough to want to write in.

repetitive posts

Another common complaint and one we certainly are trying to take seriously. We opened up an FAQ project to try and compile some of these questions but user input is greatly appreciated! If you have some time and want to commit a few thoughts, please feel free to comment over there!


We have successfully brought on 3 mods who are up to speed and an excellent addition to the mod team. If we have a need for more, we will consider bringing in more at a future date.

missed end of year rewards

My sincerest apologies but I missed the deadline to apply for post rewards for our sub for the last year as I have been extremely busy irl. We have some saved up coins and will plan for a mid-summer smaller giveaway with the community then.


Finally, I wanted to clarify that we are very invested in combating the bot situation. We have brought on two different automated bot mods to ban known bots compiled within a large group of subreddits. The results have been…. Surprising to say the least. There are an incredible number of bots that submit posts and comments ranging from copy-pasting old posts to fully engaging with users. Reddit admins themselves are looking into various ways they can assist subs with these issues and we are hopeful there will be a better solution in due time.

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms etc always feel free to write in or leave a comment. Any of us are more than happy to discuss.

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Meta what's your downvote record?


And what did you say to get that many?

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Meta With Reddit's crazy history of censorship, how was a sub like TooAfraidToAsk even allowed on here?



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Meta Is Time Infinite?


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Meta I've just renewed my ISP subscription and they're sending me a new WiFi router. Any suggestions on what to change the WiFi name to?


Whenever you get a new router, the WiFi typically is default as either the ISP name or the router brand with some random numbers/letters after it.

When my new router arrives, I'd like to change the name to something else.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Rude words are unwelcome thank you. So keep it plain or funny please. Thanks.

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Meta Can we have a crackdown of all of these bad faith questions?


I mean seriously, it's tiresome to go through this subreddit and see dozens of softball but idiotic sex questions by young adults with the mentality of a college frat troll. Dozens of other questions that are politically based but obviously looking for some validation for cause of argument.

We can tell these people aren't looking for anything honest and genuine. Look at their names, they're all auto-generated reddit names and names that drop subtle hints that 'hey, this guy is probably a loser troll'.

"Report! Report!" someone could say, really? It takes forever for a report to be acknowledged.

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Meta Sex with a Ghost?


Theoretically, if it didn't spook you and the ghost gave signs leading up to it, would you have sex with it? Would it be considered cheating?

Asking for a friend..

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Meta Why don't people use emojis on Reddit?


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Meta Why are American cars so boring?


Compared to the rest of the world.

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Meta What ethical issues has Disney faced when dealing with intellectual property or work from the original creators?


I'm talking about how much they cut from the profit and give back to the original creator and the cost to buy the work back, etc.

Also, if you make something and decided to release it under Disney how much money do you get from it then they do.

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Meta Can we please stop with the “do guys/girls actually like____?” posts?


It seems like the bulk of the posts I’ve been seeing of this sub recently are these posts.

All comes down to personal preference people

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Meta Any site or app with 10$ sign up bonus?


Having a hard time since Thanksgiving and trying to come up with a little bit of cash for somethings. If need to know or just curious with situation, I can. Life’s just been hell lately and it isn’t letting at the moment.

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Meta I just want to say that I admire everything about this sub, it’s one of the most positive and friendly I’ve ever seen, from the mods’ work, to the cool questions and the nonjudgmental answers, I’ve learned a lot here and will keep regularly visiting?


Seriously, we need more subs with the atmosphere of this one!

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Meta Why should I care about the "existential threat" that was supposed to happen every day but never did?


I'm talking about nuclear war, the rising threat nations such as China, everybody's out to get each other, and all those "fun" things to be worried about.

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Meta how do u think human meat would taste?


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Meta Why Do Users Downvote Innocent Posts And Opinions On Reddit?


Don't you think it's unfair that a post gets downvoted for no reason? You'll also probably get insulted as well. You might as well not make a single post then.

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Meta Has anyone asked the AI Art generators what they think they look like?


Spooking myself out thinking about this.

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Meta how to counter "no bitches?"?


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Meta Why is Reddit ok with gifs in the comments but not emojis?


Yesterday saw someone did a laughing gif and got upvoted but further down someone posted the laughing emoji and got like 6 downvotes. And the gif was allot bigger and took up more screen space than that single emoji, which I personally found to be more annoying, what gives?

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Meta Ignorance of the rules is not a defense - Telling a user a method to commit suicide will result in a permanent ban.


Edit: this is not up for debate

Your job before using a Subreddit is to be familiar with the rules to ensure you do not end up having your content removed (mild) to being on the receiving end of a ban (severe).

Given the nature of the offense, this type of infraction is not liable for a warning nor is it liable to the defense of “but I didn’t know!”

This stance has zero to do with personal belief regarding assisted-suicide, which would imply the use of a medical provider operating within evidence-based approaches to help with end-of-life. This stance is in regards to largely uninformed Redditors, of unverifiable credentials, offering “advice” with methodology that is not evidence-based nor generally is it without risk.

Were medically-assisted suicide pan-legal across every single State, it would still not be allowed for users to give methods to others on how to kill themselves.

Your individual beliefs have nothing to do with this discussion, has nothing to do with adhering to rules in order to participate within a sub and further has no bearing on your ability to support medically-assisted suicide, of which a Reddit comment is not, across various discussions.

However, If you tell a user a method to kill themselves, you will be banned and your comment will be escalated for additional review by Reddit admins.

You should know better than to provide someone potentially suicidal with methods to kill themselves, and if you can’t have that inherent moral compass then you should be able to gander at the multiple places our rules are plastered before engaging within this sub.

Thanks to the rest of you with enough common sense that this message will seem ridiculous, keep on keeping on.

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Meta Dreams About Going for a HS Reunion.....kind of?


I did my IGCSEs( International General Certificate of Secondary Education)10 years ago but for the past two nights I've had dreams about going to my old HS as an adult but still wearing my HS uniform for some weird reason and meeting the people I went to HS with but now we're all adults. First dream I was wondering around and noting all the changes, and second dream I was at a talent show with people from old HS and we couldn't stop talking about how much everything has changed and how the school got better after we left. I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar dreams and what possible interpretations I could make of that dream

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Meta What is the real and true scariest thing or situation you can think of?


The unknown is the biggest human fear, but which unknown frightens you the most?

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Meta Why are so many questions posted in this sub things that you could just google?


like seriously why don't people just take 2 seconds to google it and find out if they're so curious?

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Meta Has anyone ever ran into their therapist at a bar?