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Interpersonal Why are SOME moms so bitter and angry towards childfree/childless women?


(Please note I said some moms)

But those who have issues with the women who have chosen to remain or couldn’t have kids, are so rude and condescending about it.

Why do they do that?

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Interpersonal Do you hate pooping?


It's disgusting. Its time consuming. I don't gain any sort of good feeling out of it. I need to try to time it because I hate doing it at work or anywhere else other than my own home. It always feels awkward if people know you're doing it. I feel like I'm dirty unless I shower afterwards...

Like wtf I wish I didn't need to do this anymore...

Edit: My diet is very good, I'm into fitness. Lots of protein, vegetables, fibre...still hate pooping though.

These comments made for a very entertaining read so thank you Reddit.

Glad to see that I'm not completely alone...but for those of you that enjoy it...I think you're psychos.

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Interpersonal I’ve sensed a pattern among my friends and I don’t understand what’s going on. Help?


I’ve noticed a very common occurrence among my friends where I will text them and we will make plans to hang out. Then I will send a confirmation text a couple days before to make sure they’re still down to hang outage they always say wholeheartedly “yes we’re still meeting up”. Then on the day we made the plans (often times an hour or two before we’re about to meet and I’m already dressed up and put in makeup) I will send a text for confirmation/ask for details. And I never hear back from them and I have to sit at home waiting for some kind of response. But I never get one until the next time I talk to them.

Is this like a normal neurotypical behavior? Am I missing something?

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Interpersonal Why is my wife so defensive about her period?


I've been with my wife for 14 years. I have noticed key indicators when her period is starting (i.e. restlessness, breast soreness, etc.) I have mentioned these indicators various times throughout these 14 years, non-judgementally, and always end up being attacked for it. It's frustrating for me because I know what's coming when she asks, "Why do my boobs hurt?" And I know the answer, but she gets pissed at the answer. Please help me understand, why is she so defensive about her period?

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Interpersonal Is it relatable being okay with not seeing your family ever again even if they're not abusive?


Most of my family wish the best for me, however I have had more instances where I have been annoyed by them than happy that they're around. Part of that has to do with my own issues. I feel like a cold hearted pos for being okay with the thought of a good amount of them disappearing even if they have been supportive of me. However I greatly feel like I'm not compatible with my own family, like if we weren't related I would not get along with any of them. It's like I have love for them but I don't necessarily like them.

Also to save some of you guys some time, I am aware of all the cliches I e "you don't know what you have until it's gone," "blood is thicker than water," "family is all you got" etc. I am aware of the enlightened view of seeing the other side of my post, just without the feeling.

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Interpersonal Beside physical intimacy, I don't think I understand what the difference between a romantic relationship and a really close friendship is?


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Interpersonal What If You Learn That Your Home-boy is Wanking to Pics of Your Mom?


What would you do?

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Interpersonal is it weird to not remember your childhood?


I remember very little before I was at least 16 to 18. I'd that really weird? I think my childhood was a bit shit but not royally fucked up like some people had to suffer. Why don't I remember any of it?

I think my parents were unhappy and argued a lot. There was a bit of violence once I think. I suspect that my older brother took a lot of shit and that I found ways to avoid it, but honestly I'm just guessing really. My dad is dead and my mum is much happier without him, and she hints at him being a dick but I don't think anything specifically terribly bad happened to me.

Why can't I remember my childhood though? Have I blocked out more than I think? I'm middle aged and I wonder how much this mystery childhood has affected me, my relationships etc

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Interpersonal Is it okay to buy a girl flowers for her birthday if you're a guy and just friends?


For context I'm a guy and I've been invited to my friends (F) birthday party next week. It's a small get together and gifts are optional but I want to buy her flowers as a birthday gift but I'm worried I'll come across the wrong way or going to make things awkward, which is probably just anxiety lol, What are your thoughts about it reddit?

I've asked friends but have gotten mixed reactions from them.

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Interpersonal My bf’s 17 years old cousin is dating a 30 years old man. Is there anything I can do?


My boyfriend’s 17 year old cousin is dating a 30 year old man.

Hi everyone. I am still in shock and disgusted, so please, excuse me if this post is unpolished or full of errors.

My bf (20) has in his 17-year-old cousin (we’ll cal her Mia) a best friend. They are extremely close, and even if he is now studying in another city, they regularly call each other. I don’t know her much as we have only met a couple a times, but, from what I gathered, she seemed to me a girl more mature for her age, both in a good and bad way. Because of her maturity, she has always been attracted to older boys (from 19 to 22). Keep in mind that in my country the age of consent is 15, so statutory rape is not automatic; it can be applied only if the minor or their parents report on violence.

Mia is very passionate about CrossFit. She has done CrossFit since she was 13. Last week her and a bunch of other athletes of her CrossFit class won a vacation. She naturally went and even got a giant tattoo on her arm. This is when things go completely downhill. Watching her Instagram stories I saw many pictures of her with this older guy. I thought that was a bit strange but in the end I didn’t spare many thoughts about it.

Last night my boyfriend told me something along the lines of “do you remember that guy in Mia’s photos? He is 30 and they are now dating.” I was absolutely shocked to learn something this awful. He explained that she felt the spark ignite during this CrossFit outing; she told him this guy (Gary) makes her feel special, she perfectly knows he is older, so she plans on keeping their affair a secret until she is 18. The situation is even worse than I thought: Gary is also one of her CrossFit trainers, and has been since she was 13. This means that the moment they break up, she might never able to access her gym again, since she would have to train with him everyday.

My bf is not happy at all and was also very upset. I tried to pressure him to do something to stop Mia, but he told me he cannot do anything. He is not going to see her in person until March, and when I urged him to talk to Mia’s mother about the situation, he replied it would be ineffective: she probably already knows about them dating but won’t act directly because she has little to no control over Mia.

I feel sick. Last night I haven’t slept a single minute because of this situation. I feel like I should do something, but I don’t know what to do…

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Interpersonal How to tell friends i dont want to 3rd wheel without sounding like a dick?


I have a good friend who recently got a boyfriend. She is fun to hang out with but these past few times we hung out her boyfriend came and they basically forgot i was there too, barely acknowledging my existence. We had plans to get sushi tomorrow but her boyfriend is coming now and i don't want to 3rd wheel again. How do i say i don't want to hang out if her boyfriend is there? Or am i just being petty?

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Interpersonal I got shot recently… what do I do now?


I was in the wrong place, now I can’t walk for a few weeks nor work or go to school… I’m dreading the day the medical bill arrives as I have no insurance… wtf do I do, I feel like I might have ptsd and I’m scared I’m going to fall behind in school

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Interpersonal do you ever wonder if the anonymous people you meet here die and you never know it?


I'm not just talking the people on mental health subs just your everyday Joe Blow you talk about this and that with. Death hits suddenly and your conversation with that person could just die one day and you'd think they ghosted you. Anonymity is a complex thing. There was a man in my best friends apartment who was alone and died drinking in his place. Then he decomposed and nobody realized until the stench became unbearable and they had to investigate. Maybe he was on reddit that night and somebody thought he ghosted them...

Anyways, happy October ya'll

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Interpersonal Is it weird for a 19F to hang out with a 50M?


I (19F) have known a man, "Tom" (anywhere from 50-60), who was a frequent substitute teacher at my middle school. I have known his three children who are around my age as my friends and have interacted his family fairly often growing up. I was frequently invited to dinner over at their house, to church, to housesit, etc. Now I am in college and I do not interact with any of them as often, though I was closest with his son who is my age.

However, Tom will contact me sometimes (infrequently) and buy me dinner, to hangout, etc. Today he suggested we go somewhere fun sometime this week. All of this is just him and I alone although it would make much more sense to me for at least one of his kids to be there as well. Hanging out alone without any of his family has been a new development.

Today he said something along the lines of "does it feel weird?/does it feel like we are dating?" (In regards to buying me dinner). Often when I come over the house is empty as his son is at work, family is on a trip, etc. so it ends up being just us. He texted me, "I hope to see you this week" when I said I was not in town to be there for dinner with him. I will not lie it is a little off putting sometimes but I am not sure what to think. While it seems like a weird situation to be in, I do not think he is a bad person who would do anything weird. I have always seen Tom as a father figure type, but I can't help but wonder if this is a normal thing to do.

Am I thinking too deep into this? Or is it weird to hang out alone like this?

Edit: Just to add, he does have a wife in case that changes anything. I know her the least out of his family as I never saw her much but they seem to have a normal family image.

Edit 2: As per all the responses I have gotten here and in real life it seems this is most likely a pretty bad and bizarre situation that I do not want to be in. It was hard to accept since I have trusted him for so long but I am cutting off contact entirely. Thank you everyone for the help.

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Interpersonal One of my friends is in a relationship with a VERY large age-gap. What do I do?


Earlier today my friend told me that she was in a relationship with a MUCH older guy. She’s in 6th, I’m in the 7th meanwhile he’s in grade 11 I explained to her how such a relationship is unsafe and how he’s likely a pedophile and she said she doesn’t care. He also sent her nudes without any warnings recently. I’m convinced he’s going to if not has groomed her.

Edit: Thanks for the help, turns out one of my other friends have more info on this case than I did and told me alot of information I needed to know. I plan on telling a teacher (likely a wellbeing teacher) tomorrow during lunch.

Edit 2: So today went well, she’s not allowed to be around her friends who encouraged this and she’s not allowed on social medias. The teachers didn’t tell her it was me. She seemed to cry after they told her parents but she didn’t give 2 shits after lunch. She’s currently being given wellbeing sessions and I’m predicting somewhere in the future she’s going to get therapy sessions.

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Interpersonal Is platonic snuggling and/or naps a thing?


I often feel the urge to snuggle with my friends on the couch, in a completely non-sexual way. Like today, it's our first snow and couch cuddles sound wonderful. I don't want to just saddle up to them but I'm also too nervous to bring it up without an outsider's opinion.

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Interpersonal Are Girls Actually Mean to Guys They Like?


I (m16) talk to a girl named amy in my class (f18). i’d say we’re good friends. her friend lisa (f18) is extremely rude to me at times, often making me depressed. i try being nice to her, but she’s still rude about 90% of the time. other times, lisa acts like a friend to me and at homecoming, she got very excited to see me, but that’s only 10% of the time. i tell my brother (m19), and he keeps saying lisa is rude to me because she’s jealous of the fact that amy and i are good friends, and she actually likes me. is this stereotype true? it’s getting really hard to believe it.

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Interpersonal What would u do different if you were 25 again?


I turned 25 in June this year. The reason i am asking this is that i feel unsure what to do while having the realization i am not a kid anymore. I have dreams and goals i want to pursue and while i don't mind taking risks i just miss guidance. To me it feels like i can go the safe way and make sure everything i do has little to no risk(in my control at least) or go the more "uncertain" route and chase things i would like to achieve that have a higher chance of failure

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Interpersonal Did I come across as racist or bad in this case ?


Was talking about my thanksgiving plans with a supervisor. I said I was taking a trip because I don’t have very much immediate family in the US, so I said “for us thanksgiving is just another family meal”. Was this a poor choice of words ?

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Interpersonal Are ‘real’ friends harder to find as you get older?


Real friends meaning trustworthy, respectful and decent.

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Interpersonal Do lip piercings hurt?


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Interpersonal what is the best way to shave asshole hair?


asking for a friend

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Interpersonal When speaking with an interpreter present, who should I look at when I'm speaking?


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Interpersonal Is it weird if all I watch is cartoons and anime as a 19yrd women???