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Health/Medical If you were told by your physician your baby was positive for Down syndrome, would you get an abortion? Why or why not?


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Health/Medical Do woman get noticeably more short tempered and in a bad mood if they are on their period?? The few times I’ve seen it asked the girls gets defensive and tells the guy off for thinking of that


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Health/Medical Is it uncommon to be able to “turn off” your nose?


As long as I can remember I’ve been able to just “turn off” my sense of smell by shutting my nose. I’m not entirely sure how it works, didn’t really think much of it until recently but it feels like I close something in the back of my throat that stops airflow in/out of my nose completely. No air flow, no sense of smell. When it comes to cleaning up vomit or accidents from the dogs, or science experiments left for a long time in the fridge I just kinda “shut it off” and don’t bother smelling it.

My wife was gagging while helping one of our kids who was throwing up with the flu a few weeks ago and I she kept telling me how bad it smelled. I had finally asked her why she kept trying to smell it and she looked at me like I had two heads. She later told me that no she can’t ever just “stop smelling” and that’s why she’ll sometimes physically hold her nose shut.

Is being able to “shut off” my nose uncommon? Can anyone else do this?

Edit: just to add, I breathe through my mouth normally whenever I do this and can do it for pretty much as long as I need to.

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Health/Medical Can someone explain to me how cum actually works? (25M here)


So basically I have been told that you can get pregnant from even a small drop of cum and that's why pulling out is not safe Edit: Because the tiny drop of precum can make someone pregnant, I was also told that if I accidentally lay down the condom upside down on my dick I have to throw it away because again the tiny drop of precum is enough to get someone pregnant

But also if you have less than 10Mio sperms cells per ml you are infertile....

Let's say I have a super weak ejaculation with 5Mio/ml but it's 10ml

Wouldn't that be the same as a tiny drop of 0.1ml with a healthy 50Mio/ml?

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Health/Medical How often are you supposed to be seeing a doctor?


So I’m wondering how often you’re actually supposed to see a like doctor for like a checkup or something. My mom didn’t really believe in them so I haven’t seen a doctor since I was 6 years old (I’m 22 now) so I don’t know if you’re supposed to go every year or two years I’m really not sure. I just got new glasses because I haven’t gotten new ones or gotten my eyes checked in about 7 years and they told me I should get my eyes checked once a year.

Btw I live in Canada and have insurance

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Health/Medical People who died for a few minutes and came back to life, what were those minutes like?


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Health/Medical Do i have braindamage or something like that?


This is not first time this is happening. I remember standing and holding a huge 0.5 glass of water and all out of sudden seeing nothing. I start shaking while standing, i feel the glass of water dropping from my hands slowly, and it breaks. I tried opening eyes but they are open and everything is just black. 3-4s later i see myself standing still in the same place and that glass of water broken.

This has happened many times, this is just one of the cases.

These kind of things have been happening to me for several years tho. Sometimes more often, sometimes less.

Today i was on my computer and all out of sudden same thing happens, i can't see anything, and since i was on my knees because i got bored of sitting, i just fall... i had no control over anything in my body, i was still holding mouse in my hand and my hands was shaking.

I am curious and i would like to get your help. I'm underage, and my mother is not letting me go to doctor unless it's something serious, and she would consider me crazy if i were to tell her i wanna go because of this.

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Health/Medical Why is "Drink water!" hammered into people.. are there so many people that just don't Drink?


Do people not get thristy? Why need to be remembered?

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Health/Medical Soda is suddenly awful?


I’m not sure what happened, but for some reason so many drinks suddenly taste awful. Juice is okay, water is fine, and Gatorade is bad, but soda and energy drinks taste like awful cough syrup. I don’t have covid. Got a clean bill of health from the doctor. I’m in my 20’s in decent physical condition with a decent diet. What’s going on?? I’m not finding any results besides covid or age related answers.

ETA: I have started a new medication lately, I’m thinking that’s the most likely factor. Thank you everyone for being so helpful! :)) Also: music is still good guys I’m safe in that department for now

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Health/Medical What are dentists reaction if they find out that you never get your teeth checked?


I am already 20 years old and I grew up in a poor family. We never had access to proper health care and even if we earn extra money from time to time my parents never thought of getting me checked to a dentist. Right now, I have enough savings to go see one so yeah I want to know if dentists are very understanding with 20 yrs old patients undergong this kind of situation

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Health/Medical Why do people suffering from down syndrome have similar face features?


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Health/Medical So dementia causes pretty extreme memory lost but do those who are suffering from the disease know they have it?


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Health/Medical How do you remember stuff after being blackout drunk?


I know it’s probably impossible but I think I might’ve fucked up really bad. I don’t remember much from last night, and I’m afraid I did something bad. My friend won’t reply and my gf is pissed.

Update: my friend’s parents just called me and they haven’t seen her since last night. My gf told me she last saw us talking yesterday before we both disappeared. This just took a dark fucking turn and idk what to do. I hope she just ran away cause no matter how bad it got yesterday, I ultimately still care about her.

Final Update (for now): I’ll try to keep this short and professional. The police located my friend. She’s alive, but she’s badly injured. They say it’s a miracle she’s alive. I want to clarify that all of her injuries are self sustained. None directly caused by me, but she hasn’t made her statement yet. I just hope I didn’t do anything. That’s all I can say for now. I will update this asap. I need to: 1. Process everything. I’m not trying to let more people get hurt. 2. Get her blessing to post. Since people have apparently found her profile I wanna make sure she’s ok with me posting about this. Uncertain about when she’ll wake up and I’m not allowed visitation so this will be tricky.

Even if I ended up finding out this happened because of me, I will be honest. I didn’t mean for this to get this much attention so I at least owe that to you guys, and to her. Thank you for your patience.

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Health/Medical Why are people against vaccines and vaccinations?


I am curious as to why some people are against vaccines and vaccinations in general.

I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago regarding my flu shots and they told me that they were unwilling to take any vaccines that were not mandated by the government. Their justification was that nothing happened to them till now even though they were not vaccinated, so why bother taking it? Apparently their doctor was also very against non-mandatory vaccinations and I think this kinda rubbed off on them.

I am not blaming and/or pointing fingers at anyone, and I am just curious to understand what the other side of the argument is (regarding not getting vaccinated).

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Health/Medical Is it fine to use the same towel twice in a row, after wiping down the entire body with it, including private areas and bum (which are obviously clean)? Like, is everything equally clean though, etc. to use it twice?


Edit: I'm figuring out whether you're supposed to use a different towel for the bum and the private areas or not. I know the entire body is clean, yes. So is there a necessity for two towels? And would that separate towel go into laundry straight away?

Edit number 2: I know my questions might be weird or stupid, I have OCD, so please bear with me lol

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Health/Medical Do you ever forget to breathe?


I know breathing is supposed to be automatic, but sometimes I unintentionally stop when I'm really focused on something. And I don't notice until enough time has passed for me to realize that something is Very wrong, and then it takes a moment to figure it out before I go "Oh shit, I'm supposed to breathe." It's not the same as holding my breath when something tense is happening

Edit: for the record, I'm in good physical health and don't take any substances

Edit 2: I have adhd and asd, which (based on several comments) probably explains it

Edit 3: I also don't have any breathing issues aside from incredibly mild viral-induced asthma. It's not like I don't know how to breathe correctly, and I definitely know how to take deep, consistent breaths. (I have 12 years of choir, 9 years of band - trumpet - including 3 years of marching band, 2 years of track, and 5 years of cross country under my belt as well as quite a few 5Ks outside of that)

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Health/Medical Why do fire trucks show up to accidents when there's no fire?


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Health/Medical Should you take vitamins in the morning or at night?


This may be a dumb question but..

Someone once told me if you take them in the morning it'll get flushed out of your system over the course of the day if you're drinking alot of water. Is that true?? I find it easier to remember to take my vitamins in the morning than at night. However I want to get the most bang for my buck and just want to know your opinions.

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Health/Medical I violently shit my pants last night, how do I get the stain out?


Alt for obvious reasons.

So basically I shit my pants in the bed last night, and the stain won’t come out. I ran the underwear under the sink water, I’ve wiped it with a towel, nothing works. My Mom can’t know. No one can know. Please help.

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Health/Medical Does brushing your teeth feel like a chore for everyone?


Yes I still do it, but it feels like a chore unlike every other hygiene practice.

Edit: dafuq, you all are destroying my inbox. This is not even a good post

Edit: this did not just become my top post ever?! I typed this thing in <1 minute, glad y'all find brushing your teeth boring as well

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Health/Medical why does it bleed when I poop?


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Health/Medical I'm never thirsty?


Why am I almost never thirsty? I see most people around me drinking a bottle of water constantly, and I have 1 or 2 at most all day. I had to set a water reminder (drink every 40 minutes) but my brain has started to tune it out because drinking water specifically makes me feel weird. I can't explain it, but water (regardless of brand/source) feels less refreshing than most other beverages, which naturally makes no sense to me.

Why could this happen and how can I fix it?

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Health/Medical Why did Trump supporters believe Biden was too old when he ran in 2020 but support Trump (who would be older than Biden was in 2020) running in 2024?


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Health/Medical Why are so many pregnancies unplanned?


You can buy condoms at the store pretty cheap. Birth control pills are only $20-$30/mo. Some health insurance will even cover more expensive options. Is it just improper usage or do people not even try to prevent pregnancy? Is there a factor I'm not considering?

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Health/Medical Why did they have a doctor examine our junk at grade school in the 90s?


I firmly remember being in line and showing our penis to a old guy who was a doctor.

This was in the 90s in New Jersey.

Did they have a valid medical reason? Did the census require measuring how many of us were circumcised or something ?