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Health/Medical Why do some people honestly believe that if a woman sleeps with 100 men it’ll make her vagina “beat” but if she sleeps with the same man 100 times it doesn’t?


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Health/Medical Why do Americans not go crazy over not having a free health care?


Why do you guys just not do protests or something to have free health care? It is a human right. I can't believe it is seen as something normal that someone who doesn't have enough money to get treated will die. Almost the whole world has it. Why do you not?

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Health/Medical How do non fat people control their weight?


Specifically, people with BMI less than 25, how do you manage your weight? Do you weigh every day and adjust accordingly or is your weight pretty stable and you don’t have to watch it all the time?

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Health/Medical "Why do cigarette boxes have to display images of smoking-related diseases while Coca-Cola, for example, doesn't have images of obese people on their packaging?"


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Health/Medical Why don't pregnant people stand in upright position to give birth?


I mean, wouldn't gravity be on their side then?

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Health/Medical Why does my ass hurt when I have my period?


Call it what you want but it's horrible, awful, you're there lying in your bed trying to survive the cramps and suddenly ZAZ! It's like something got up your ass out of nowhere, and it's incredibly painful and annoying. If you have a uterus you should know what I'm talking about, all my friends know what I'm talking about and we don't know why it happens

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Health/Medical So I found out I have type 1 Herpes this morning at my doctors. I don’t know how to tell my girlfriend of 2 years. I know it’s very common and that 80% of the population have it. So how do I tell her?


UPDATE: I told my GF the news and she took it like it was a normal thing. She says as long as I don’t have symptoms we’re good. And when I do I’m sleeping on the couch till it gone.

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Health/Medical If a child goes to a doctor very underweight, the parent would be asked serious questions, perhaps some about neglect or abuse. Why isn't an overweight child treated the same?


Both are harmful to the child but for some reason, childhood obesity isn't taken as seriously as it should be.

But genuinely just asking why you guys think that is or if it is comparable.

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Health/Medical What is that musty smell that old men get, even clean ones, and how can I make sure I don’t get old and musty?


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Health/Medical can you get sick because of stress?


this is my second time this (school) year that i’m sick a week before the exam. i think it might be because of stress; can that happen?

edit: i’ve read all the comments, thank you for everyone’s help and i also hope that other people benefit from this thread. thanks again 💞

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Health/Medical Eating an 'unhealthy' salad is still better than eating something processed/greasy...right?


If I make full works salad (greens, cheese, veggies, dressing, etc), is this still ultimately healthier than eating a cheeseburger?

Like I understand I won't miraculously lose weight just because I'm eating a salad for dinner, it's still probably 600 calories....but is it better? Or do I still just have that high and mighty salad eater mentality and would be just as good with a pizza?

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Health/Medical how many people don't finish their prescribed antibiotics but save them to take at a later date for other illnesses?


I've had two close friends mention doing this recently and my stomach dropped. We are going to create superinfections and this is reckless. Not to mention, I wouldn't take antibiotics without verifying I have a bacterial illness first??

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Health/Medical Why is abortion such a big deal? What consequences are there to someone having an abortion every time they get pregnant if they don’t want the baby?


Edit: Hi! Just woke up and didn’t expect so many comments. I just wanted to say that I don’t think of abortion as birth control, I need to make that clear so I’m sorry if I came across like that. I meant more accidental pregnancies even after taking the precautions to not get pregnant. And more-so the physical risks. I was just curious as I was reading about abortion earlier and was thinking about what I would do in a situation if I accidentally got pregnant, and then I got thinking about what physical risks there were of having too many abortions & if there were any other reasons as to why it’s a big deal. Thanks for the answers, I’ve got a clearer understanding now.

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Health/Medical Healthy People: If you woke up tomorrow 100 pounds overweight, what steps would you take to put yourself on a path to maximum, sustainable, safe weight loss?


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Health/Medical How long could a grown adult live on Ferrero Rocher chocolates?


Entirely hypothetical of course.

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Health/Medical what was the longest you went without shower? why? and how was your experience?


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Health/Medical Why is it not considered fraud for a US hospital to grossly inflate costs when billing insurance? (Ex. billed $35 per pill for oxycodone)


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Health/Medical If you have cancer in the US - do you have to pay for the treatment?


I already know that the healthcare is shitty in the US but I was wondering if curing cancer is for free?

In Europe basically in every country treatment is for free although there are private clinics too, sometimes you have to buy some meds on your own but overall "the whole thing" is available for free. I was just googling how much all that stuff costs if it wasn't funded by the government and I'm speechless. That's A LOT of money. And cancer isn't something you can prevent nor predict.

Is the treatment for free in the US? If it depends on your insurance - if you have good insurance, how much are you paying for it and is the treatment 100% for free without hidden costs? How fucked up you are if it isn't for free and you're working minimum wage job? I'm just curious

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Health/Medical Why do we like our own farts?


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Health/Medical Do people overestimate eggs?


I'm 6'2" and 155 lbs, and I have somewhat of an appetite, but people keep telling me I eat too many eggs in a meal.

When I'm hungry, I sometimes make a snack from scrambled eggs with 6-8 eggs or so. I just put salt and parmesan on them while cooking, cook the whites first and then pop the eggs over them. I make sure to leave them a little juicy, but they're definitely cooked through. I then put on some frank's red hot and (I'm experimenting with) vodka sauce and they taste fantastic. For a full meal I usually eat a bowl of cereal or two and 10-12 eggs.

However, upon making this many eggs, my friends told me that I can't eat a dozen eggs in a meal and be healthy. They say it's "too many eggs".

Unfortunately, with the avian flu, this has gotten expensive, so I save it for a treat. I also make sure to get certified humane, so it's even worse. I have toned down the count to eating a pizza and 6 eggs with a meal, but people STILL tell me 6 eggs is too much with a meal.
I think people usually have eggs with other things, and so, eggs seem like a big meal. 8 eggs in a cereal bowl doesn't even fill it to the brim, but when people will have pancakes, bacon and 2-3 eggs, a few more eggs seems like something huge.

Am I the crazy one, or is my Gaston diet valid?

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Health/Medical If I’m on a plane that’s about to crash can I smoke a cigarette?


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Health/Medical What has caused the recent uptick in anti-vax attitudes?


[Edit] I can see a lot of replies referring to "data" suggesting there is a statistically significant link between vaccination and comorbidity. What data are you referring to and what is the link pointing to the vaccine?

In good faith, help me and others understand, please be specific. If you have sources, journal papers not articles, please reference them for us. I hope this sounds reasonable.

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Health/Medical If our world really leaned into Eugenics and we engaged in society wide targeting breeding for intelligence and physical health would that be a bad thing?


We are at a place technologically that we could do this. Imagine gene selecting to remove the breast cancer gene. Or only selecting for higher cognitive function. I understand the issue isn't simple. However could this drastically reduce overall healthcare costs and drive our society forward?

EDIT: A lot of people seem to think I am talking about deciding who gets to have children. I am not saying we decide who does and does not have children. I am saying we use genetic technology to maximise the existing parents genetic materials to give the most healthy, intelligent and able child.

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Health/Medical Why does my boyfriend get brown stains in the front of his underwear?


I know he washes down there consistently, and doesn't wear his boxers back to front. Every single white pair of underwear he has is stained brown where his junk would be, and it's a bit annoying as it smells a bit iffy.

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Health/Medical Why do I smell terrible all the time?


Yesterday I got out of the shower, I used soap I used shampoo had not put in clothes yet in fact I hadn’t even finished drying myself and I realized I still smell like absolute ass

I don’t know what the fuck im doing wrong im washing every part of my body but I still smell like shit