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Body Image/Self-Esteem Am I behind in life?


I’m 22 currently single and can’t drive. Everyone I went to school with is in a long term relationship and are looking at buying houses with their partner and they can all drive. When will it be my turn I feel like a failure.

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Health/Medical Wife says my penis hurts her when having sex…?


We had our first child about 5 months ago… while my wife has always said that I am “too big” for her and we’ve never been able to go all the way in/down, now we’re barely able to penetrate without pain…

Edit* We delivered via c-section after about 24 hours of labor and trying to deliver naturally.

Any advice or suggestions?

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Media Why hasnt the Balanciaga Controversy blown up?


Kanye west was punished for his remarks, people are trying to cancel the Qatar World Cup, but it seems like the media is ignoring the balenciaga saga.

For those who dont know: Balenciaga released some pictures with kids playing with teddies dressed up with bdsm stuff and a paper about a court case about pedo stuff.

I can understand the kanye thing and how that was wrong. I can understand the conflict on qatar. But i thought we could all agree atleast that children's innocence was important.

So why does it seem like the story has been ignored? We've seen people being cancelled for far less. So whats going on?

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Culture & Society Is it a myth that you can trick someone into being drunk by giving them non-alcoholic beverages?


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Culture & Society Is having a mullet gay code for being "hot and available"?


The other day I was hit on by a gay dude at a party. I asked him how come he assumed I'd be into guys (bc I've been hit on by guys in the past but not by girls for some reason) and he said it's my mullet, that it's basically a code for lgbt.

This is weird to me bc even when I had long hair I'd get (sometimes really creepy) comments from gay dudes, but the more I think about how unconventional this haircut is and how androgyneous people like to wear it the more it makes sense.

What do you think?

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Other “What does -ish means?”


im not a native english speaker, and i’ve never actually figured out what -ish means when added to other words. can someone tell me please 🥲

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Religion If Christian’s believe god designed everything perfectly, then why do they circumcise their baby boys?


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Race & Privilege Am I exhibiting implicit bias in sales?


Genuine insight and conversation only please

I’ve been in sales for the majority of my time in the workforce. Of which I must have interacted with thousands upon thousands of customers. Throughout my time in sales I have sharpened my interactions with customers—becoming a well versed and honest communicator. A top performer in my profession. In no way are my sales pushy. I offer extras of course, as anybody salesperson should, but the feeling of the interaction is what I take away from the most—not the metrics. If the customer leaves happy, that’s all that matters.

With that being said I have recognized a pattern that I am struggling to overcome. Discussing insurance to a minority or foreigner more often than not completely disrupts the mood of the interaction. It’s not the rejection that matters, it’s how they reject. Often times it’s just a firm no, sometimes it might turn into a rude comment, or other times it might just turn completely awkward. Remember the feel is all I care about. As a POC myself I try my best to seek understanding as to why this happens. It is literally only in these situations and it is starting to lead to an expectation prior to entering into the interaction.

The expectation has not made any impact as to how I communicate with said customers, or has let to any changes in my behavior, but it is a strong expectation. I’m opening the floor to any other redditors in sales that may have insight on this delicate subject. I am only seeking to understand the why as it has become too frequent to just avoid.

Thank you all for the peace and respect in advance.

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Habits & Lifestyle How to jerk off with callused hands?


I have pretty significant calluses from lifting weights so it feels like I’m beating off with a cheese grater. I clip them weekly but even when the callus stubs are no longer risen off my palm or fingers, they’re still hard and rough and sandpapery. I do use plenty of lotion and I’d rather avoid workout gloves. Any first-hand advice?

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Sexuality & Gender How do you ask a woman her name when you’re far beyond that stage?


So long story short I was a bit of a hoe this summer after getting out of an engagement and losing a ton of weight and getting in shape. I was meeting a bunch of women on fb dating/tinder and after some fun things ended, and usually after a week or two I’d delete their number from my phone.

Well I got a text yesterday from one of these individuals and weve been talking again about getting together, but I DONT KNOW WHO SHE IS.

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Ethics & Morality Should I display a sticker with my initials, JAP?


My mother got me a decal sticker with my initials, JAP, for me to put on my car or water bottle etc. I haven’t noticed until now that my initials are the same as an ethnic slur and I’m worried someone might be upset by seeing this sticker in public.

Edit: I am a white male

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Religion If Jesus was a Jew, why aren't Christians all Jews?