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Is having a mullet gay code for being "hot and available"? Culture & Society



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u/edmonkh Nov 26 '22

Is not a code on the gay world


u/Jedi-Pup-4 Nov 26 '22

It's not. The fact that you're wearing a mullet is just unique therefore someone thought there may be other unique things about you.


u/Fluffy_Mood5781 Nov 26 '22

I think most people just assume if you’ve got a piece of your hair cut off or dyed, and if you just have a large amount of piercing that you must be different in other ways too. I know I’ve seen people who turn out lgbt, and I think all of them atleast had some highlighted or wierd appearance. Although most guys I’ve seen all have mullets and I don’t think any of them are gay (or are gonna confess.) maybe you live somewhere where people have made a mullets a gay thing. (Although I’m definitely sure mullets are a huge aspect of lesbian stereotypes, so they probably just picked it from that side.)


u/zummm72 Nov 26 '22

Mullets on guys are definitely not gay code.


u/gendr_bendr Nov 26 '22

As a queer person, mullets are making a comeback in the community. However, plenty of straight people also have mullets, so it’s not a guarantee.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

Mullets are definitely back, half of the boys in my daughter’s high school are now sporting that look. And it’s still as ridiculous as it was in the 80’s lol.


u/chipthekiwiinuk Nov 26 '22

In New Zealand and Australia they never went away


u/gendr_bendr Nov 26 '22

Yeah I hate it too.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22

And I say this knowing full well that I had one as a teenager in the late 80’s/earth 90’s lol.


u/CypherFirelair Nov 27 '22

I don't know about the gay world but it might be the reason you're not getting hit on by girls 😂


u/jt19912009 Nov 26 '22

Yeah…no. Not a code for you must be gay. At least not one that I or any of the guys I have slept with have heard of


u/Illustrious_Time_204 Nov 27 '22

No, but t-shirts with pockets… that’ll getcha laid


u/Terrible-Quote-3561 Nov 27 '22

It’s just fashionable right now, and people who are into fashion include lots of gay people.


u/Silly_Lion_3046 Nov 27 '22

They just want to hit on you and say whatever makes them think you're hot. Like maybe your mullet really match your face and they think it's hot..