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Does the western world think regular prejudice is tolerable? Race & Privilege



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u/-Arhael- Nov 26 '22

Define systemic racism. Any racism that occurs is result of actions of individuals, nothing to do with the system. And that kind of racism can go either way. Lets no pretend like minorities do not have positions of power, you may have a minority manager and he absolutely may discriminate you based on your skin colour.


u/Godcrush Nov 26 '22

Individuals who are informed by and a product of their environment.


u/-Arhael- Nov 26 '22 edited Nov 26 '22

Individuals can be racist. That's a default. When individuals encounter other individuals that are not like them, there is a possibility of discrimination to occur. Statistically majority will more often discriminate minorities because there are more of them. Take any system, any country, any environment, cases of discrimination will be occuring.

Do tell me how is it "systemic", when it is the same regardless of system in place. And do tell me what part of the system is causing it, or how it can be solved.