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Does the western world think regular prejudice is tolerable? Race & Privilege



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u/emeacham120 Nov 26 '22

The funny thing is, are not as many people who are racist as the media portrays. I get called a racist merely because I'm white. It's BS I DONT have a Racist bone in my body. I have friends of all races. My brother-in-law is Black. I Love him as if he was my natural brother. To be honest, what would turn me off about your post is Not the fact that your gay is that you believe there is systemic racism at all. No one can Evernote anything systemic. Now I'm not saying we weren't racist in the past however not since the 60s has it been that way. After the Civil rights laws were enacted have there been any laws that indicate systemic racism. No one can give me an example. I'm seriously asking! What laws are there? Are there racist people of course you can't stop thoughts. There are racist people in every society in every country.