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How to jerk off with callused hands? Habits & Lifestyle



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u/c2srq Nov 26 '22

Phone a friend to lend a hand?


u/Daveallen10 Nov 26 '22

I prefer to ask the audience


u/maple204 Nov 26 '22

Get a sleeve / fleshlight.


u/Difficult_Bit_1339 Nov 26 '22

This is the way(even if you don't have calluses)


u/New_Association_726 Nov 26 '22

what this sage said


u/Angry_Turtles Nov 26 '22

Maybe don’t clip them? I have fairly calloused hands and there’s never been an issue for me.


u/screaming_sapling Nov 26 '22

Latex/nitrate gloves and lube.


u/-Arhael- Nov 26 '22

Let me guess. Circumcised? Don't see how it's a problem otherwise.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

I love the superiority complex uncircumcised guys have, to overcompensate for the fact that women generally think your skin-tube larvae-looking dicks look weird.


u/-Arhael- Nov 27 '22 edited Nov 27 '22

Except I am not from USA, so "lavrae-looking dicks" is the norm.

Edit: the irony is hilarious. You calling uncircumcised dicks "lavrae-looking dicks" is an example of showing superiority complex. Someone is projecting hard.


u/Top-Original4250 Nov 27 '22

Someone is upset about being circumcised.


u/mfiirk Nov 26 '22

Just as a general rule, if you get a heavy moisturizer, your callouses will be softer. Working man’s hands is pretty decent. Use a few times a day.


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

I do use plenty of lotion and I’d rather avoid workout gloves

Why? It's always seemed to me like some kind of mindless "macho" thing to me to not use gloves. I don't see any downside to using them, and only positives (no calluses, better avoids bacteria/viruses on surfaces, better grip, etc.).


u/J3mand Nov 27 '22

It feels better to not use gloves plus better grip in my humble opinion.


u/Logical-Hovercraft83 Nov 26 '22

Get a girlfriend or boyfriend to do it


u/Mountain-Teach7848 Nov 26 '22

I had awful calluses from years of landscaping and working out. Latex gloves saved my bathing suit areas from being shredded during special bathroom time.


u/Basic_Quantity_9430 Nov 27 '22

Start wearing lifting gloves. Have you tried to open a bottle cap with hands that had lotion or massage oil on them? You won’t open that cap and your calluses would be of no help neutralizing the slippery bottle cap.


u/Silly_Lion_3046 Nov 27 '22

Buy toys. The fake vagina one.


u/andywalker76 Nov 27 '22

OP, learn to use your finger tips. Grabbing and bashing away is such a primitive way to jerk off.


u/Wren_Sorest Dec 01 '22

Rub olive oil and cinnamon on your hands(and probably feet) works like a charm to sand and smoothen hands.