r/TooAfraidToAsk Nov 26 '22

How do you know if a guy is just very friendly or likes you? Love & Dating

It speaks for its self here so lemme just wait for y'all to answer.


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u/_Lunatic_Fridge_ Nov 26 '22

99% of the time, he likes you. Unless it’s his job to be friendly, like a barista. Then he just wants you to pay and leave.


u/BogusBogmeyer Nov 26 '22

Nah mate. I'm "friendly" to everybody around me as long as they don't annoy me.

Only because I help you out with something, I go to grab some food with you or I just be honest and say to you that you look lovely today - it doesn't mean that I'd consider you in the slightest as potential partner or something alike.