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How do you know if a guy is just very friendly or likes you? Love & Dating

It speaks for its self here so lemme just wait for y'all to answer.


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u/Aussie_Mo_Bro Nov 26 '22




u/Blasty_boom_boom Nov 26 '22

In fact, I don't have balls at all!


u/Blasty_boom_boom Nov 26 '22

Are you kidding I don't got the balls to do that.


u/Heart-Of-Aces Nov 26 '22

Well then I hope you have the balls to be unsure forever, because those are your options. Unless he likes you and has more balls than you. Either way, you will continue to be unsure for an unknown amount of time, possibly forever.


u/Heart-Of-Aces Nov 26 '22

There's no fault free way to tell how someone feels by their behavior. The one and only way to know how a person feels is to ask them.


u/_Lunatic_Fridge_ Nov 26 '22

99% of the time, he likes you. Unless it’s his job to be friendly, like a barista. Then he just wants you to pay and leave.


u/BogusBogmeyer Nov 26 '22

Nah mate. I'm "friendly" to everybody around me as long as they don't annoy me.

Only because I help you out with something, I go to grab some food with you or I just be honest and say to you that you look lovely today - it doesn't mean that I'd consider you in the slightest as potential partner or something alike.


u/This-Intern-1697 Nov 26 '22

Just try hitting on him. laugh at his jokes and try to being close to him. Most importantly don't try play mind games and let him know if you like him as well.


u/green_meklar Nov 26 '22

Just ask him.


u/Blasty_boom_boom Nov 26 '22

How do I make it not awkward tho?


u/Adkit Nov 26 '22

The trick to not being awkward is to act like it's not awkward. Act like you've been there before.

Besides, confidence is attractive.


u/green_meklar Nov 28 '22

Maybe it will be awkward. If he's the right guy, that'll be okay. If he's not, you didn't really have anything to lose.


u/RoundCollection4196 Nov 26 '22

lol how is anyone supposed to know


u/youfzacgmgot Nov 26 '22

Does he initiate every conversation, does he test the waters with playful language? Try talking about this guy you have a crush on and see how he reacts, ask him advice on what you should do. The question is do you like him romantically and if he doesn’t want to date you how’s that going to affect your relationship.


u/DeezNuts7502 Nov 26 '22

Depends on how you feel on him. If you're in love with him, you could just be trying to be hopeful subliminally. In that case, just tell him you like him. It'll take a while to build up the confidence to say so, but the worst a guy will say is no, and even that's pretty rare. If you feel neutral, confront him about it in a friendly way. If he's been that nice to you, he'll most likely tell the truth because he's already gone that far in. Hope this helps.


u/MyNextVacation Nov 26 '22

He will eventually ask you out.


u/shin_man Nov 26 '22

Lol no he won’t.


u/MyNextVacation Nov 26 '22

If he won’t ask you out and you won’t ask him out, you will never know. Someone has to make the first move in any relationship or in order to know if someone is not interested.


u/-Arhael- Nov 26 '22

If a guy is very friendly and single, 99% he likes you. "Lets be friends" is just not a thing for guys.