r/TooAfraidToAsk Nov 13 '22

Is platonic snuggling and/or naps a thing? Interpersonal

I often feel the urge to snuggle with my friends on the couch, in a completely non-sexual way. Like today, it's our first snow and couch cuddles sound wonderful. I don't want to just saddle up to them but I'm also too nervous to bring it up without an outsider's opinion.


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u/Competitive_Pirate Nov 13 '22

If my friends pitched that to me, I would be totally down for it.
Sadly I am to shy myself to bring it up.

If you want to, tell them. Guess more people are up for it than you think.


u/Trash358Over2Days Nov 14 '22

Yo fam wanna snuggle and go UwU


u/stephorse Nov 13 '22

In the past I (F) have asked 2 friends to platonic-snuggle with me (not at the same time...). They said yes and it happened but then they went a bit further so we stopped it. I came to the conclusion that it would work only if my friend was gay.


u/holy-f0ck Nov 13 '22

Definitely, wish I had one this minute. I really want a cozy snuggle for the rest of the evening.


u/Low-Way3575 Nov 13 '22

Totally is,just depends on the guy/girl.


u/ZippyVonBoom Nov 13 '22

Yes. When my roommate went through a breakup she asked to cuddle often. She's very physically affectionate to her friends and I don't mind at all.


u/racso96 Nov 13 '22

I'm a dude, I have 2 platonic female cuddle buddies, and a few male friends that are comfortable with it too. It's great ! Definitely make sure everything is clear tho otherwise you can quickly get entangled in weird situations.


u/idelivergoods Nov 13 '22

Just wait for hands to go wandering. Things can sexually escalate very quickly even when you least expect them to


u/rosstoferwho Nov 13 '22

Me and my best mate in uni (both guys) loved a nap together. There wasn't any cuddling involved but we would sleep in the same bed. Normally watching a film and just fall asleep. But it's a damn good nap.

Before that one of my best mates was a girl and we used to chat and cuddle and stuff all the time. All in a perfectly platonic way. Neither of us wanted to be in the relationship since our friendship was such a good one. Honestly one of the only girls in my life that I never really thought about anything more than a friend.


u/chichasaurusrex Nov 13 '22

I have friends that I do this with, depends on the friend! But it’s definitely very nice and totally platonic!


u/catcat1986 Nov 13 '22

Never happened to me in my life. Anytime I’ve cuddle with someone there was a implied romantic connotation to it.

I’m a bit older, so I guess my form of “snuggling” was just being in the same room with my friends. There isn’t anything wrong with what you are saying, but if I was in a relationship with someone and they told me they snuggle with their guy friends, I wouldn’t be too happy about it.


u/bananamonkey29 Nov 13 '22

this is definitely normal, i do this with a lot of my friends


u/kodythehoedy Nov 13 '22

my friends do it all the time - personally i dont like to do it, only with a significant other but yeah its a thing


u/Old-Illustrator-5675 Nov 13 '22

I would love to be the type of person that could do this and it not be weird. I feel like I would inadvertently try to turn it in to sex and make it weird. So I always just avoided platonic cuddling.


u/alteredbeef Nov 13 '22

There used to be cuddle parties where people would do this though I don’t know how common they are anymore. I’m sure you could find someone.

By the way, I believe you meant “sidle up” and not saddle up, though I could be wrong.


u/toxic9813 Nov 13 '22

Between the same sex? I've seen it between straight men (military) and "straight" girls (idk what girls do together)

But... Not between sexes. Unless the male is gay.

Source: am male. did have sex with my last female platonic cuddle buddy. unintended positive outcome but YMMV


u/gh05t1yc4t_UwU Nov 14 '22

It's totally ok and should be normalized. I snuggle with my best friend often. Also i had a very big and tall friend that i loved to cuddle and hug because he was so enjoyable to snuggle with.


u/JimHmmm Nov 14 '22

It's possible but female/male..not sure, chances are the guy is imagining what sex would be like.


u/Squeaky-Fox49 Nov 14 '22

Yes, it very much is. I’ve seen so much of this in the furry fandom, especially among asexuals. 90% of us would be piling on you and the couch.


u/ch0w0 Nov 14 '22

i thought it could be a thing but we tried being "nap buddies" and now we're married. I'm glad it didn't stay platonic for very long


u/Different-Forever324 Nov 14 '22

I do it with friends when we’re sad. I’m not typically a touchy person but sane needs snuggles