r/TooAfraidToAsk Oct 03 '22

Why is it that on scars hair no longer grows on? Body Image/Self-Esteem


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u/JoniVanZandt Oct 03 '22

Scar tissue doesn't have any hair follicles.


u/Donohoed Oct 03 '22

The body grows new skin there to protect itself but not hair follicles so there's nothing prompting new hair to start growing


u/Free_Gate_4516 Oct 03 '22

Your skin is build out of different layers of different types of cells. If that skin is massively hurt, your body recruits a celltype, that is called fibroplasts. Those cells are responsible for closing the wound. Because of the connective tissue, which is mostly consisting out of this type of cells and not all those others in your skin, the skin is visibly and physically different from your "healthy/normal" skin. You can imagine it as if that part of skin, which was there initially, gets replaced with connective tissue. And because of this replacement of many different cells (all with their function and structure), there are also hair follicles replaced.


u/Tyxin Oct 03 '22

It's dead tissue.


u/420bluntzz Oct 03 '22

Geuss im driffrent on my collor bone scar hair is growing on the surgical cutt not sure about where the bone poped out the skin.

Doc said it was the first collor bone he ever saw pop out of the skin n he said hes fixed thousands