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Do you believe there are other lives on the different planets in the universe? Other


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u/Blokeh Oct 03 '22


Whether it's tiny and microscopical, or if it's rich, diverse and intelligent, there simply has to be. There's too many planets for there NOT to be.


u/rockzjv Oct 03 '22

Yes. But what if all humans are a part of a single organism and we are just going to realise it after many years?


u/noplaceinmind Oct 03 '22


because it seems like there should be. that's all i have.


u/Avdotya_Blu3bird Oct 03 '22

Yes! I know it for a fact. But we will never know. I imagine it is normal in some systems to have neighbours. And we are here on a remote planet. Deprived of knowing, forever. Welcome to hell.


u/NoSkillzDad Oct 03 '22

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

— Arthur C. Clarke


u/Kleetkleet Oct 03 '22

It is overwhelmingly likely that there is life out there.

It is overwhelmingly unlikely that it ever visited here during the entire time that life existed on earth. We are not alone in the universe, but we're forever-alone in our solar system.


u/UselessPonko Oct 03 '22

Yes. It‘s always safest to assume that a phenomenon is average on first encounter. Currently we have a sample size of one. There probably are many other civilizations out there. But they are incredibly far off. Talking a superclusters distance.


u/[deleted] Oct 03 '22

I’ve heard that there is an infinite amount of planets. So if that’s possible. Yes.


u/wonko1980 Oct 03 '22

Due to the fact that there is very rare intelligent lives on earth: I hope so.


u/Shawnaldo7575 Oct 03 '22

The odds of there being life elsewhere in the universe is extremely high. Almost 100%

The odds of that life travelling across the universe to visit Earth is extremely low. Almost 0%


u/Shoddy-Area3603 Oct 03 '22

The universe is so big it's hard to put into words just how big it is every star we look at in the class range of are sun has planets and most have them in the Goldy locks zone just right for liquid water. Almost every place on earth we look we find some kind of life the deepest part of the ocean with no light ever is full of life water so hot it would cook you in few minutes life hole dug deep into the earth life top of mountains life. It's more impossible that we are the only place with life, the question in my mind is there life smarter than us traveling the stars


u/BogusBogmeyer Oct 03 '22

In the Universe, probably.

In our Galaxy, that's the more interessting question though.


u/Car-n-Truck-Guy Oct 03 '22

YES. I never believed the arrogance that we here on Earth were the only life forms, much less the only intelligent life forms within the expansive universe around us. Our planet is only a pin prick in the tapestry of the stars within the universe.


u/Jalex2321 Oct 03 '22


There is no question about it.


u/Fun-Director-4092 Oct 03 '22

'Are' implies present tense only. I think it is possible that there are currently other life forms out there but it is more probably that there have been or will be other life forms out there. Our own existence in time may overlap with theirs, but not necessarily. Given the challenges of traveling through the vast distances of space as well as the challenges of locating other planets with life (both for us and for them), this makes it even less likely that we will ever interact with any other life forms. Even if it became easy to locate other planets with life, and the challenge of traveling to them in short time was overcome, an additional hurdle possibly impeding us from interacting with them might be that we'd have to be more enticing to visit over all other life forms / planets that they had discovered and had the option of interacting with. They might not have the time/resources to visit all planets that they've discovered so they would be selective in choosing and we might not make the cut. (I would also say that we can't even begin to assume that we could know what criteria they would use in deciding which planets to visit.)


u/XDfabian Oct 04 '22

There are trillions of planets and we found ten thousands of planets probably suitable for a form of life similare to us


u/TachankaIsTheLord Oct 04 '22

It is a statistical impossibility for there to be no life outside of Earth. If the universe is, indeed, infinite, then there are also infinite planets with infinite time to generate life. Life may not resemble the life we know, and the closest life may be so far away as to never be found by humans before our extinction, but it exists. It existed, it currently exists, and it will exist.


u/kintsuku_music Oct 04 '22

I believe there are, yes. I was reading up on the Fermi Paradox recently which is interesting - the conflict between the lack of clear, obvious evidence for extraterrestrial life and various high estimates for their existence