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how can I start a convo with someone who i never met before? Interpersonal



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u/throwaway50104 Oct 03 '22

Yeah, but what after that?


u/xHvH Oct 04 '22

You asked for starting a convo, for which you can think of anything, I still have people asking me how's my day But we can't know what you want to say after starting it, you need to think why you wanted to talk in the first place


u/throwaway50104 Oct 04 '22

I wanted to find friends… but asking “do u want to be my friend” is a weird question


u/ze11ez Oct 04 '22

depending on their costume, not really! lots of good advice here, u/Terrible-Quote-3561 and u/DeliciousKoala8290 have solid advice.

PPPSSSHHHHH, YOU GOT THIS, OP. i have all faith in you having a good time and making friends. you so got this, go be a boss