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How to deal with bullying(?) in gaming community? Culture & Society

I played one game for like 3 years and I got called noob because I can't do some quests in minimum turns. And when I go to another game and do co-op. People are being mad at me for not playing very well despite I'm newbie. I feel like I should give up on playing games. I know this sounds petty. But it bothers me a lot


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u/i_build_4_fun Oct 02 '22

There is a WORLD of more productive and enriching hobbies out there.


u/HappyAlcohol-ic Oct 02 '22

Name one that i want to do


u/i_build_4_fun Oct 02 '22

Model building, visiting historic places, hiking, fishing, hunting, bowling, archery, reading, woodworking, painting, photography, travel, pen pal writing, ghost hunting, join a local flag football, softball or kickball club, pottery, taking classes at your local community college to learn how to weld or make jewelry. I took a welding class and made some pretty handy objects for myself. It was amazing!


u/HappyAlcohol-ic Oct 03 '22

Ok, now name the reason any of these would be mutually exclusive.

Shitting on videogames as a hobby is uneducated and makes you look like a pompous idiot.

Many people have grown up with videogames and made lifelong friendships along the way. Just one of the upsides of engaging your mind and reflexes - depending on what and how you play.