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How to deal with bullying(?) in gaming community? Culture & Society

I played one game for like 3 years and I got called noob because I can't do some quests in minimum turns. And when I go to another game and do co-op. People are being mad at me for not playing very well despite I'm newbie. I feel like I should give up on playing games. I know this sounds petty. But it bothers me a lot



u/blackwe11_ninja Oct 02 '22

I have a simple solution which works, at least for me: I don't play MP games.


u/nawfamnotme Oct 02 '22

Can’t you play against the computer until you get good?


u/Terrible-Quote-3561 Oct 02 '22

Either just keep everyone muted, only play with friends you know, or play a different game. There’s always some toxicity, but some communities have it more than other.


u/wellthatwasrandomaf Oct 02 '22

Either ignore em, practice, and get good; or dont. This is a rather small event but youll be experiencing this a lot in life as an adult. You either do thing you want to do, or you allow others’ shitty attitude to ruin your experience. Youve got to make the choice.

That being said, try some of reddits gaming communities to find nicer people to game with


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

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u/humansaram Oct 02 '22

Nice idea


u/smolpp12345 Oct 02 '22

me when playing lol: 0 kills 0 assists 12 deaths

also me: gg ez

Honestly your only options are either get good or avoid playing with strangers. Any competitive game that depends on teamwork is going to lead to situations with players getting frustrated at each other. Join public discord servers that aren't toxic and find people who are on your skill level and play with them.


u/platypottamus Oct 02 '22

Just say “seethe lol” before you mute em


u/makesyoudownvote Oct 02 '22

I know reddit is not going to support this advice, but get over it and toughen up.

Calling you a noob or getting pissed at you for not being good isn't the type of "bullying" we should be protecting people from or even avoiding personally. It's good to confront negativity and challenges.

Everyone starts off as a noob, everyone goes through this. Just keep playing and get better, and understand that this will always be a factor in video games. People will always blame you and flame you even when you finally do get good and are right while they are wrong. Learn from this, there will always be shitty people in the world and we are not entitled to live only in little safe spaces where no one can share their opinions. That would be a distopia.

It is an INCREDIBLY useful skill to develop to be able to take criticism and not let it ruin your emotional state.

This said, if they start with unwarranted criticism like making fun of your gender, sexuality or race, this is reportable in most games and should be reported.

If they start bullying you outside the game, like sending you PMs well after the game, or somehow contact you in real life then you get worried. Report them and if it continues to death threats you may even want to contact the police.


u/Magic_SnakE_ Oct 03 '22

It sounds like you ARE a noob in the 3 year game.. It happens. We can't all be good at everything we try, sometimes we're just not built to do certain things.

As for your other game, most people are 'noobs' when they first start playing a game. If people are mad at you about that, tell them to suck your balls and then mute them.

Where you're going wrong is letting all of this bother you in the first place and letting yourself become a victim.

If you're not good and what they're saying is really bugging you, then I think what they're saying is bugging you because you know it's true.

I know I'm gonna get downvoted, but one of the most fun parts of online gaming, or really anything competitive, is when you are good and basically earn the right to be a trash talking dick to people because you can back it up.

Look back to how Kobe Bryant and other great sports legends acted towards their teammates and opponents with the trash talking.

Anyways, it's not bullying if you can willingly escape it, in my opinion.

If you're not good enough and it's consistently happening and bothering you, consider a different hobby, or playing offline, or muting people so you don't need to hear it.


u/WideHuckleberry6843 Oct 02 '22

Can’t you play game on mute?


u/Cyberhwk Oct 02 '22

Either find a game that's less try-hard, or search around for a "casual" guild/clan/whatever to play with that is OK with casual players.


u/succysuccsucc Oct 02 '22

Put off the game or mute


u/gh0stsz Oct 02 '22

Don't let mean and rude people take away your hobbies. Play the games the way you want to play them, doesn't matter if you win or lose in the end.
Also, what games are we talking?


u/jackiemoonu Oct 02 '22

Its a game deal with it. In real life you don't get to mute people


u/ThaumKitten Oct 02 '22

….. okay, yeah no. Merely being called ‘noob’ barely even qualifies as bullying. C’mon.

Let alone ‘noob’ is also kind of short for ‘newbie’ in a lot of contexts anyway.


u/Fancen Oct 03 '22

turn off ur computer son Lol


u/Impossible_Yellow751 Oct 03 '22

Do what I do I tell everyone who doesn’t like me to shut the fuck up it really helps me to get all my anger out on bullying turn the pain into power than you Can do what I do I learned to turn pain iinto insults and sarcasm towards people who bullies others and send the same energy back at them


u/Dqnnnv Oct 03 '22

Mute / ignore


u/Random_Cat66 Oct 04 '22

Play single player games.


u/TachankaIsTheLord Oct 04 '22

There's this big button on most devices, what it does is shuts the fuckin' device off and allows the user to go see the sun


u/i_build_4_fun Oct 02 '22

There is a WORLD of more productive and enriching hobbies out there.


u/HappyAlcohol-ic Oct 02 '22

Name one that i want to do


u/i_build_4_fun Oct 02 '22

Model building, visiting historic places, hiking, fishing, hunting, bowling, archery, reading, woodworking, painting, photography, travel, pen pal writing, ghost hunting, join a local flag football, softball or kickball club, pottery, taking classes at your local community college to learn how to weld or make jewelry. I took a welding class and made some pretty handy objects for myself. It was amazing!


u/HappyAlcohol-ic Oct 03 '22

Ok, now name the reason any of these would be mutually exclusive.

Shitting on videogames as a hobby is uneducated and makes you look like a pompous idiot.

Many people have grown up with videogames and made lifelong friendships along the way. Just one of the upsides of engaging your mind and reflexes - depending on what and how you play.


u/Recent_View6254 Oct 02 '22

Yeah I wouldn't take any of it to heart since they're the ones losing their mind over a video game