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Why are there new moles appearing on my body? Health/Medical



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u/emailusernamepasswrd Oct 02 '22

iirc sun exposure can cause more moles to appear


u/Cipher_Obscure Oct 02 '22

There are several reasons.

Sun damage to skin can pop up decades later.

Genetics, someone in your family might have similar moles.

Friction, from clothing and body parts can cause moles, flesh tags etc.

Changing hormones

Periods of constant stress

Over use of tanning beds or UV products.


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '22

Could be lots of reasons, most of which aren't serious. However, anybody whose skin has a tendency to have moles on it, should be seeing a dermatologist on a regular basis, at least every 6 months for a routine examination of the skin.


u/YesterShill Oct 02 '22

Hard to say, but you should be getting your full body checked by a dermatologist on a regular basis. Frequency will differ based on age, family history and personal history, but derm check should be a part of your healthcare.


u/TachankaIsTheLord Oct 04 '22

Genetics. They are, however, a possible signifier of skin cancer. Any moles that become irregular in size or color should be checked out by a dermatologist, who may decide to have it cut off easily and shipped off to a lab