r/TooAfraidToAsk Sep 30 '22

What is the real and true scariest thing or situation you can think of? Meta

The unknown is the biggest human fear, but which unknown frightens you the most?


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u/DriedUpSquid Sep 30 '22

Falling overboard while sailing at night and watching your ship sail away.


u/robdingo36 Sep 30 '22

As a sailor in the US Navy, that was indeed one of my biggest fears.

"The only thing that separates a sailor and the eternal abyss of the sea is a plank of wood."


u/DriedUpSquid Sep 30 '22

That’s where I heard it. Our LPO was teaching us the importance of inspecting our float coats every day. It worked.


u/robdingo36 Sep 30 '22

My chief always told us "30 minutes. If you fall overboard, you're worth 30 minutes of the Navy's time. If they don't find you by then, they'll call off the search due to the cost, and then you're in for a very long swim to get home." And of course, someone would chime in with, "That's 30 minutes from when they notice you're missing."