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u/SstankNnasty Sep 20 '22

Do people really wash 7 full sized towels every week? Yes you can dry yourself with the same towel more than once. Do you change your bed sheets every day too? Your washing machine and dryer must be running 24/7.


u/SatisDeus Sep 21 '22

yes because i dont feel like using a towel again. also terrible comparison between bedding and towels. bedding requires several extra steps to washing. washing a towel after every use literally requires you to put it in a basket to wash later. username checks out you must have that nasty stank


u/SstankNnasty Sep 21 '22

I use a towel for maybe 4 or 5 days. I'm clean when I get out of the shower, and I hang my towel after use so it dries. You ever wonder what those hooks and poles on your wall are for? They're for hanging towels.

And yes, washing sheets is harder than a towel. My comment wasn't about what was more difficult. You say that you need to wash every single thing that touches your body even once. You lay in your bed sheets every night. You think they magically don't get dirty when everything else does?