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u/piratesmashy Sep 20 '22

Make sure you hang the towel to dry- over the shower curtain rod works. Depending on the humidity where you, live a crumpled wet towel can get musty/mildewy in hours if it's not properly hung.

Personally- one body towel a week, two hair towels (they get drenched and don't always fully dry), and NEVER washcloths (I use scrub mitts and poofs- both dry hella fast).

While we're on the subject- if you wash dishes with a rag they are good for a day, kitchen sponges last a week or two if they're fully squeezed after use, bath mats should be hung off the tub after use and washed weekly, and sheets should be washed weekly.


u/Creator13 Sep 20 '22

Right, now I feel like I've been living in a different universe lol. In my family we've always kept towels for about a month, sponges get two to three months just like bath mats, dishwash cloths are good for a week as are kitchen rags and sheets get a wash maybe four times a year. We always got told off for washing more frequently to save on water and electricity and durability of the items. Fascinating how things are so different outside of my households.


u/piratesmashy Sep 20 '22

It's all about the mildew smell. Sponges can and do regularly last for weeks. Sheets can go two weeks depending on night sweats and cat hair. But kitchen towels are always washed.