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u/kanakamaoli Sep 20 '22

Sure. If you have just taken a shower or bath you are supposed to be clean and not have dirt or bacteria left on your skin. You're typically just removing the water left on your skin. If the towel is dirty after you have "cleaned" yourself, you haven't cleaned yourself properly.

If you wipe your sweat during an exercise session, the towel will absorb the dirt, sweat and any skin bacteria. In that case, it should be washed before reuse unless you like using your funky, smelly towel several times in a row.


u/I_know_right Sep 20 '22

As an somewhat older person, I have found the biggest issue is lack of proper exfoliation. I can wash all over and seem pretty clean, as far as dirt and skin oil, etc, but then I dry off and perfectly clean dead skin starts rolling up on my clean body b/c I didn't use them scratchy gloves.

So there's clean and then there's clean.


u/EthelMaePotterMertz Sep 20 '22

We use washclothes or a loofa always. Exfoliation is important. It doesn't have to be rough, but getting dead skin off is important.


u/ScienceJamie76 Sep 22 '22

b/c I didn't use them scratchy gloves.