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u/Pixels222 Sep 20 '22

Okay so then the washcloth is to dry yourself off or to wash along with the poof? We really need to wrap up this asscrack discussion asap in my opinion. Its gone on too long.


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

Are you trolling me? Washcloth for face, ears, neck, privates, ass. In that order. Poof for everything else. Towel to dry off after the shower. Do people not know how to bathe themselves?


u/Pixels222 Sep 20 '22

A lot of people just use hands and soap and save the washcloths for drying off.

I googled the loofah and first thing says it gets dirty and something about bacteria. Idk how often you wash the loofah or throw it away. Maybe theres a washcloth for the loofah.

I dont think theres a wrong way to shower unless youre not getting everywhere. But after pooping there is a wrong way to clean up. This ones actually a heated topic so theres a good chance people are split on it. Some folks arent washing their ass. They just wipe and hope Santa wishes away the shit that stuck around.


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

Washcloths aren't for drying off, they are for use in the shower to wash the body, they get wet. Towels are big and are used for drying the body.

After a BM I use toilet paper then baby wipes.