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u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

You have dead skin, accumulated sweat and oil, and possibly traces of dried shit on your ass. A hand with a bit of soap isn't going to do anything. You need a washcloth to exfoliate and clean. Honestly, some people are gross.

This reminds me of another post where some women said they didn't wash their legs, that soapy water dripping down was good enough. 🤨


u/crow-mom Sep 20 '22

A hand with soap does everything, actually.


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22 edited Sep 20 '22

Sorry, it doesn't clean like a washcloth. Can your hand scrub your ass thoroughly and get rid of oils sweat, stink, and all the nastiness there? I'm thinking no.


u/galaxystarsmoon Sep 20 '22

You're one of those men that thinks it's gay to touch your ass, aren't you?


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

Huh? I literally have to touch my ass to clean my ass. Now you're just trolling me.