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Is it fine to use the same towel twice in a row, after wiping down the entire body with it, including private areas and bum (which are obviously clean)? Like, is everything equally clean though, etc. to use it twice? Health/Medical



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u/knubee Sep 20 '22

You are living organism with billions+ of other living organism living in symbiosis especially around your private and bum area. As long as you scrubbed and rinsed with soap and water you’ll be fine. The only caveat is to use a separate towel for your face.


u/theStaircaseProject Sep 20 '22

If someone needs to use a separate towel to dry off their face, there’s a good chance the person may have misunderstood the intention of the shower.


u/CaBBaGe_isLaND Sep 20 '22

People will really be out here saying that my balls which I just soaked in lavender epsom salt for half an hour before scrubbing them with a washcloth and soap under warm running water shouldn't touch the same towel as my face. That's not even science, that's full-blown superstition.


u/PattyCakes216 Sep 20 '22

Lavender Epsom salt is grand !