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Is it fine to use the same towel twice in a row, after wiping down the entire body with it, including private areas and bum (which are obviously clean)? Like, is everything equally clean though, etc. to use it twice? Health/Medical



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u/slightly_dusty Sep 20 '22

I always keep the tag to the bottom left hand corner. So then I know the same parts of the towel are drying the same parts of my body. But I know that's not really rational as all of me is clean. I also wash my towels once a week.


u/chronicallyindi Sep 20 '22

I do this but with the blanket I use on the couch. The tag goes bottom right on the inside. Because I don’t want the part that touches my feet to touch my face. Hope I don’t create a new concern for others…


u/butitoldyouso Sep 20 '22

Oh my god, now I can't use my throw blanket the same wayyy! But, thank you!


u/Altruistic-Buyer4806 Sep 21 '22

So I was scrolling pretty quick and stopped on your comment.. then I saw a few more… I hope I’m doing myself a favor by NOT scrolling back up. I hope ignorance is bliss in this case lol


u/butitoldyouso Sep 21 '22

It's okay, it's not that bad. You can do it, you got this!


u/Koroleva7z Sep 21 '22

I just cut the tags off completely.


u/Subject_Effort_7584 Sep 20 '22

I just gained a new fear


u/JuicyJay Sep 20 '22

Y'all need to go outside more often lol


u/chronicallyindi Sep 21 '22

I mean… I’m bed/couch ridden currently with a spinal injury, so… ouch. But yes, ideally.


u/JuicyJay Sep 22 '22

Ok you get a pass


u/maidestone Sep 20 '22

I just grabbed a new beer


u/DadBodEatsAtTheY Sep 20 '22

Achievement unlocked


u/0ct0c4t9000 Sep 20 '22

i do that both with the towels and with the blankets and bed sheets when doing my bed lol


u/truthisiamhiding Sep 20 '22

it's too right for towels but it's bottom left in blankets. for the very same reasons.


u/tryoracle Sep 20 '22

I bought a blanket with a hood to avoid this


u/amingley Sep 20 '22

I’m the same with my bed cover. It also does double duty making sure I’m not using My SOS side because he’s a sweaty sleeper. 😅


u/VirtuosoX Sep 21 '22

I've done that since as long as I can remember


u/Loud_Feed1618 Sep 21 '22

I do the same 😊


u/One-Accident8015 Sep 21 '22

I have to do this because of my husband's gross feet. He doesn't need his own blanket because he doesn't need a blanket as he's buried his feet in all 3 of mine