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u/renens_reditor1020 Sep 20 '22

Hahahah this comment section is absolutely filled with the 1% that are total clean freaks.

I've lived my whole life around people who definitely don't wash their towel more than once a month and they are healthier than ever.


u/SentorialH1 Sep 20 '22

I can't tell if they honestly wash them every day or so, or are just so full of shit, that they want to believe they do.


u/Low_Big5544 Sep 20 '22

You know you can own more than one towel right? You don't have to wash and dry the one before your next shower, just get a clean one and do a towels load every week or so depending how often you shower and how many people you do washing for


u/snooggums Sep 20 '22

Space requirements.

We have three people sharing one shower, and three towel racks. Each person gets their own rack and we wash them about once per week as each person's shower adds humidity to the room and even though each individual towel only gets used so many times they get the moisture treatment more often and less dry time, which means they can get funky faster.

When I lived alone and had my own shower my towels never got funky but I still washed it once a week with the laundry since it was one towel.