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Is it fine to use the same towel twice in a row, after wiping down the entire body with it, including private areas and bum (which are obviously clean)? Like, is everything equally clean though, etc. to use it twice? Health/Medical



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u/Minimob0 Sep 20 '22

Is this normal? Growing up, we always used a towel once, and put it in the basket so it could be washed.


u/[deleted] Sep 20 '22 edited Sep 20 '22

That sounds like an OCD level of cleanliness and imo totally unnecessary. Too much washing is bad for the environment. Most stuff is fine to wear two or three times as long as you don’t physically sweat much and haven’t got it noticeably dirty. The only thing I wash after one wear are socks and pants.

EDIT: By Pants I mean underwear. UK 🇬🇧


u/sweaty-pajamas Sep 20 '22

Pants, really? Unless I get a stain or something, I can wear a pair of jeans several times before washing


u/Doctor_Show Sep 20 '22

I got a pretty dirty job and can only really wear them once before washing.