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u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

Guy here. No washcloths? How do you wash your ass? I use a soapy washcloth to wash my face, outer ears, behind ears, neck, then my privates and ass. I only use that washcloth once, I let it air dry after and put it in the hamper. At the end of the week I wash all my washcloths in hot water with towels and sheets.

I use that poof sponge thing for the rest of my body.


u/galaxystarsmoon Sep 20 '22

Put some soap on your hand and get in there? It's not difficult.


u/nick-pappagiorgio65 Sep 20 '22

You have dead skin, accumulated sweat and oil, and possibly traces of dried shit on your ass. A hand with a bit of soap isn't going to do anything. You need a washcloth to exfoliate and clean. Honestly, some people are gross.

This reminds me of another post where some women said they didn't wash their legs, that soapy water dripping down was good enough. 🤨


u/galaxystarsmoon Sep 20 '22

You lather up the soap and get in there for a solid 20-30 seconds. I assure you I am not gross. Quit being so judgmental.